2022’s Best Gallery Apps For Android


I’ve put up a list of the top Android gallery apps. Let’s have a look at the list in more detail, shall we?

If you look around, you’ll see that Android devices are now in the hands of practically everyone. There are currently a large number of smartphones on the market that are powered by the Android OS. In addition, the RAM, CPU, and camera capabilities of smartphones are improving.

Despite the fact that their cameras can’t compete with DSLRs, smartphones are the preferred device for recording moments. Take a look at the pictures you’ve saved to your phone’s Gallery app. It’s a great place to look for pictures. Another option is to use one of the several photo-editing applications available for Android devices.

Having a Gallery app on our phones is a wonderful idea because we have so many photos. In spite of its usefulness, Android’s default Gallery app is slow and ugly. Not only does Android’s gallery app lack crucial features like bulk deleting, moving, and so on.

 Foto Gallery

If you want a dedicated gallery app that is both light and fast, go no further than the Foto Gallery app for Android devices.

What on earth are you talking about? Android’s Foto Gallery is a full-featured Android gallery app that enables you transfer photographs, hide or exclude private folders, add new folders, and so on Gallery app users can also select from a variety of colour palettes.

 Simple Gallery

On the Play Store, it’s one of the best and lightest gallery apps. Simple Gallery also has a plethora of useful features for managing and organising your photos.

There is a built-in photo vault where you can store your photos. In addition, you can resize and trim your photographs using this programme.

Best Gallery

An Android photo management app that’s only been released for a short time may be accessed on Google Play. What on earth are you talking about? The Best Gallery app has photo management features like as gesture support, sorting options, and rapid search.

In addition, you may cut, rotate, resize, and apply filters to your images using Best Gallery.


Among the best Android photo-editing apps, this is one of the most popular Piktures can be used to access photos, movies, and other media.

For Android, Piktures is one of the best photo-sharing apps out there. The programme can also be used to access cloud storage providers such as Google OneDrive and Dropbox.


1Gallery is an excellent gallery app for Android devices. Organizing your photos in the gallery app on Android is a breeze. Using 1Gallery, you receive a lot more than just typical photo and video management capabilities.

1Gallery lets you edit photographs and movies, store them in a vault, and more. The Android version of 1Gallery offers the same customization options and picture widgets as the iOS version.

Google Photos

It’s no longer uncommon to find Google Photos pre-installed on most Android devices. To refresh your memory, Google Photos is a popular gallery app for both Android and iOS.

Unlimited storage for photographs and videos is provided through Google Photos, a cloud storage service. In addition, Google Photos serves as a repository for user-supplied images.

Gallery Go

In terms of Android photo and video galleries, Gallery Go is hands down the best out there. People, nature and self-portraits are all included in the Gallery Go app, so you don’t have to manually categorise your photographs.

In addition to the normal photo management features, Gallery Go includes photo editing tools. Offline use of the Gallery app on Android is made possible by the app’s small size and light weight.

 Memoria Photo Gallery

You may find it on Google Play as one of the top-rated gallery apps for Android. All of your photographs can be accessed quickly thanks to Memoria Photo Gallery’s Material design.

Memoria Picture Gallery now includes a picture vault for archiving your albums and images in case of disaster.

 Photo Album, Image Gallery & Editor

The Photo Album, Image Gallery & Editor software may be downloaded from the Google Play Store. In addition to its wide range of capabilities, this app’s popularity on Google Play can be attributed to a number of other factors.

With Photo Album, Image Gallery & Editor, you can create and manage photo albums.

 F-Stop Gallery

You won’t find any ads or in-app purchases in the free version of F-Stop Gallery. The programme provides all of the necessary capabilities for users to successfully manage their photographs and videos.

With the help of the free F-Stop Gallery app you can tag your photos or videos, organise them into folders, and bookmark your most significant images and videos.

Final Words

These free gallery apps for Android will help you better manage your images. I’d appreciate it if you could let me know if you’re aware of any other Android gallery apps that are like this one.


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