5 Most Popular Online Betting Strategies

Online Betting Strategies

Online casino games have become increasingly popular over the last few years and as such, there are a plethora of online betting strategies that have been implemented within online casinos. Online casino games provide the opportunities to implement numerous betting strategies without experiencing any in-person intimidation or being forced to socialize with other players who may be more experienced than you are.

It is important to note that no roulette strategy is wholly reliable, thus, there may be deviation In these strategies that is dependent on the overall rules of the house itself. These variations also depend on the experience that a player has when they are implementing a specific strategy. One of the most inviting aspects of playing a game like roulette is that a player is able to approach this game in whichever way they decide to do so. They simply need to make sure that their bankroll is managed accordingly.

For players that wish to enhance their roulette experience and take it to new heights, this article has outlined some of the best winning strategies at this present moment in time:

The Martingale Method

The Martingale method is one of the easiest strategies to implement. However, you do need to remain vigilant towards the tables in order for it to work efficiently. Experienced players have suggested steering away from this particular style of play as it can be incredibly risky. However, if you have money to burn and are a new player, then you may want to implement this method as it is relatively easy to follow.

Every time that a player loses a spin, they are required to double their bet for the following spin. The idea behind this method of play is that you will eventually land a win and it will be a large amount of money at this point. This may not be the best methodology for those players who are new to the game if they are totally inexperienced. However, it can be implemented easily by relative beginners.

Prior to implementing this method as a beginner, it is advisable to take some time to learn the rules of casino games and how this betting system functions. Whenever you have become more acclimatized to games like roulette, give the Martingale method a try while remaining vigilant of your bankroll overall. 

The Grand Martingale Method

This method is nearly identical to the previously mentioned Martingale method. However, there is one subtle difference. Whenever you lose a bet, you are required to double your previous bet as normal. However, you must then also add on an additional amount which needs to be equal to the amount that was placed on your original bet.

This means that you will be betting large amounts of money, and the wins from these bets will be large inherently. Similar to all of the methods that are mentioned in this article, it is crucial that a player knows how to correctly manage their money before playing rounds of roulette or similar casino games.

Roulette is unique in the sense that it can be easy to make a large amount of money within a shortened period of time. However, it can also easily drain your bankroll within a short amount of time. The most experienced and successful players are those that manage their bankroll correctly and who know when to implement the Grand Martingale method and when not to! 

The Reverse Martingale Method

This betting system is based on a similar principle of increasing bets over a period of time. However, this progression is still structured in order to maintain a level of control. This style of play differs from other methods in the sense that bets are doubled after each win.

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In many ways, this makes far more sense than the original method, and experienced players will tend to double after each win. This also means that you should have a number of chips left to enable you to double up in the first instance. 

The D’Alembert Roulette Method

This strategy is a little more intricate than the Martingale method. As such, it is far more suited to those players who are feeling anxious about doubling up on their bets which can result in some pretty high betting amounts. In this system of play, the player increases their bet by 1 after they have lost a round and multiplies their bet by 1 after they have won.

Over a period of time, bets will increase significantly. However, this increase will not be as drastic compared to other doubling strategies. This means that this approach to play is far more cautious than other online betting methods. This cautious approach should allow players to extend their money further while allowing them to obtain a good understanding of how the method works and what changes they need to implement to improve their overall style of play.

The Fibonacci Method

This is an incredibly interesting system of play that can be applied to online casino games like roulette. This method is only applicable after winning a round for the first time. Bets need to be placed on even numbers only as this equates to a 50% chance of winning your spin.

The overall value of your bet is based on the number that is contained within the Fibonacci sequence, which should be followed successively. This is a more conservative method, yet it is actually a pretty interesting and fun method to implement for casino games.


To conclude, this article has outlined numerous ways in which you can play online casino games and the most popular strategies that are implemented. I hope that you have found this article to be insightful and informative.  Thank you for reading.


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