5 Must-Know Marketing Tips for Successful Virtual Conferences


The impact of virtual conferences cannot be overlooked today. It is an essential tool for connecting and fostering meaningful interactions with people. As per a common notion, the success of any virtual conference is measured by the attendees’ engagement. But it is not always the case. There are conference organizers who do not make conscious efforts to engage with their attendees.

In this blog, we will have five exciting marketing tips to make your virtual conferences and events as engaging and impactful as possible. What sets a flat meeting apart from a successful one is active and engaged attendees.

Choose a conference management tool with customization options:

Select a conference management tool or software that permits you to customize it in a way that increases the chances of engagement. 

Software that is user-friendly and offers several types of widgets and interactive tools will leverage the participation and interactivity of the attendees and offer them much more than listening to renowned speakers.

Having distinguished speakers at your virtual conference is crucial–both for impact and promotion, but it is not the engagement solution. Your conference management tool should have built-in options to encourage attendees to engage more by participating in polls and Q&A sessions.

Make it more accessible.

This engagement trick is often left unnoticed by organizers but is an impactful one. One of the most effective ways to improve virtual conference engagement is by increasing its inclusivity and accessibility. You can do this simply by translating your content into different languages. People from other parts of the globe attend virtual conferences. Your attendees will have a better chance at interaction if the content is translated. 

Translation of the conference content increases your potential for future sales as well. 

Promote interactive real-time sessions.

Virtual conferences should not be one-sided. There should be instances in your forum where the attendees get a chance to have interactive real-time sessions. In these sessions, the attendees should be allowed to share their experiences, post questions, and voice concerns.

There are conference management tools available that make sure that the conference is conducted smoothly with adequate audio and video handles. Conferences should serve a purpose that can only be achieved when the attendees and hosts share insights and ideas. 

Create polls for engagement

One of the best ways to engage attendees is through using polls in your conferences. Polls let the organizers know what the attendees feel about their brand, service, or product. They can use this feedback to their marketing benefit.

Polls conducted during the conference can help attendees share their opinions and provide helpful feedback. The organizers can then evaluate the feedback and set up their next event better. For instance, if the poll results show your attendees’ interest in a specific topic that was covered during the conference, then you can include that topic in your next conference to increase engagement. 

Opt for gamification

Gamification is a new hit in the virtual conference landscape. It refers to mechanics usually related to video games in a no-game setup. Gamification adds a fun element to the conferences and thus improves engagement from the attendees.

For example, the attendees can win points for visiting a virtual booth. They can win a prize once they have accumulated enough points. This way, the attendees will interact with the interface, benefiting the organizers.

You could also give points for participation in activities like polls and questions. In this manner, your audience knows they should be attentive and pay attention to the session because a survey may be taken at any time.

Use mobile app

Making your virtual conferences accessible by mobile can increase your attendees’ engagement. 

We all know that during a virtual conference or meeting, phones can be a significant source of distraction, but you can avoid this by making mobile interaction easy and seamless. 

Moreover, mobile apps can give potential attendees more information about their event and brand. For example, how do users engage with sessions when using a mobile device? Do they talk to attendees more often now? These points should also be considered. 


Virtual or hybrid conferences can be a great tool to engage your potential audience and increase your business. There should be some conference registration ideas that you can put to the test for your events. 

Attendees are looking for value for their time and wish to be engaged in the mechanism of your business. Make sure that you provide them with meaningful information with every interaction in the digital space.


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