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    Sports are a form of meditation, and they offer mental and physical nutrition while also promoting optimism. As a result, most people enjoy games and want to play or watch them as often as possible. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of 6Streams and want to learn more about it. For sports fans, lately this streaming service has been the center of attention.

    In this article, we will discuss the history of 6streams, how it started and how it’s going, who owns it, and some good alternatives of 6stream. You will get everything you need to know about 6Streams here at techboggled. Keep reading!

    Introduction to 6Stream

    6Streams provides a complete streaming platform for sports. The site is entirely dedicated to sports and one can find NBA streams, NHL streams, NFL streams, MMA streams, NCAAF streams, and all kinds of other sports they like.

    This specific website is registered under .TV top-level domain. 6Streams.tv is the official link for their website. Although their name is 6Streams but the logo says otherwise.

    History – How it Started

    You’ll be happy to hear that unlike other illegal streaming sites, all of the games and sports events aired on 6Streams are available for free. Fans can watch all of the games and sports events for free which are generally only accessible via subscription on other websites and sports platforms.

    6streams is an online platform, created for people to be able to watch live sports games for free. The service provides its users with the opportunity to watch all the possible sports events, without charging anything.

    There is not much information available about the creation of this website but we do know that the website is made using WordPress somewhere between 2019 and 2020. We’ll update the info here in case of further development.

    6streams is quite creative and enjoyable in terms of visual branding. The logo, which is based on one of the most recognized sports-world badges ever created, is being used by the platform.

    The 6streams logo is a modified NBA emblem, with the white silhouette of a player with the basketball ball and the distinctive blue and red vertically oriented banner. The only modification here is to the player’s head, which has an Alien-style appearance. Since its inception, the amusing ellipsoid creature has been its trademark.

    The website we’re talking about is named 6Streams.tv but the logo says otherwise. The words “Markky Streams” are written in two levels, with the lowercase of a simple yet elegant sans-serif typeface used for both lines. The big blue “Markky” has a larger font of the words than the tiny red “Streams”.

    Present – How it’s Going

    Today, 6Streamz is quite popular among sports fans and normal audiences alike. In terms of traffic volume, 6streams.tv has about +30,000 unique daily visitors and +50,000 pageviews. The estimated web value rate of 6streams tv is about 900,000 USD. Every visitor generates roughly 2.17 page views on average. That’s quite a number.

    Image Source: alexa.com

    Moreover, Alexa ranks 6stream at 1,585 in the world and it has the most visitors from the United States with 8,685 position in terms of rank.


    Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available right now about the creator or the owner of this website. It appears that the person behind the amazing streaming site prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

    Here’s what we know so far. CloudFlare is the hosting service for the website. Because 6streamz data center and most of the viewers are from the United states, it empowers most of their visitors to decrease the page load time.

    The most recent verification, which was completed on (May 15, 2022) demonstrates that 6streams.tv has a valid and up-to-date SSL certificate from CloudFlare Inc. which expires on May 08, 2023.

    Safety and Integrity of Website

    Is 6stream safe? That’s the question everyone seems concerned about. In line with Google Safe Browsing and Symantec, the domain is quite secure.  There have been no suspicious activities or any malicious downloads reported so far. Those who visit this website should not be concerned since their information will remain completely safe as the site has a valid SSL certificate, which is good.

    From the looks of it, it seems like a pretty secure and safe website to use.

    The Truth Behind 6Stream.xyz

    6Streams.xyz is a different website with a .xyz domain but it also redirects the visitors to the same streaming link that we are talking about. We were unable to discover any other meaning for this term, 6Streams. However, we have a few hypotheses. It might be created by another sports enthusiast that is merely acquainted with the brand name. We’ll update the info as we know more about the matter.

    Social Media Presence

    According to some sources the platform has a strong social media presence with an account on both Twitter and Facebook. Our source mentioned that they have over 35k followers on twitter and the platform’s Facebook page has over 25k likes. Moreover, both the accounts are active and share updates related to the website and sports regularly. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any of these profiles.

    6Streams do have a youtube channel by the name of Markky Streams. The channel has about 2.5k subscribers, as of May 2022 and almost 10,000 views with 6 videos. It’s active from September 30th, 2019 to date. The Markky Stream YouTube Channel is a guide that offers how-tos and tips for sports fans.

    We could not locate any video links or comprehensive information on 6Streams TikTok vs YouTube, which is a shame because it would have been a great topic. Furthermore, the term 6streams tiktok vs youtube has been designated as a keyword that might represent the clip on these two platforms. We were unable to discover any videos.

    6Stream Alternative

    Now that we know everything there is to know about this specific streaming site, let’s take a look at some of 6Stream alternative. There are more than 70 websites that offer free sports streaming service but we have shortlisted only 5 of them based on the quality of the service.

    There’s a website called Markky Streams. If you can’t stream on the original site (6Strams), this option is available and you can find the link on other web sites as an alternative.

    Top five 6Stream alternatives for free sports streaming includes Wiziwig, Streamcomando, Bestsolaris, First Row Sports, and  Crackstreams.

    You can find many other free sports streaming websites but the above websites have the same quality and safety standards as 6streams tv.

    FAQs Regarding 6Streams

    We have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions that are relevant to this article.

    Is 6Stream Safe?

    Yes, 6Stream is safe. They only provide links to the live sport streams, which might be illegal in some countries.

    Is there a YouTube channel?

    Yes, there is a YouTube channel called Markky Streams.

    What are some alternatives?

    There are many alternatives, but the top five include Wiziwig, Streamcomando, Bestsolaris, First Row Sports, and Crackstreams.

    What Sports Can I Watch on It?

    There are a variety of sports you can watch. Once you’ve opened the site, you’ll see sections like NBA Streams and NHLStreams and much more.

    Can I download the content from 6Stream?

    Yes, the content can be downloaded. According to the sources, you can save the videos for future viewing.

    Where can you get access to 6Stream?

    It’s accessible from anywhere on the planet. 6Stream tv is not restricted by a certain area or group of individuals. It is advisable to use a VPN service while streaming on this website.

    What device should you use to watch 6Stream?

    You can stream your favorite sports on multiple devices. Computers, smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets are all compatible.


    So there you have it! Everything you need to know about the free sports streaming website. Do you have any other questions that we haven’t answered? Let us know in the comments below. We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below. We’ll try our best to answer as soon as possible.


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