7 Tips to make your Android Phone Run Faster


    Is your android phone lenient after a few months of use? If that’s a yes, then after months of use, it’s quite usual to face bugs and lags. Is that not frustrating?

    Mid-range or budget telephones are even more likely to lag and freeze. However, there are ways to make your phone run smoother than ever before so that you can continue to play your favourite games or use mastercards.

    Follow these tips to speed up your Android phone, from our expert Evelyn Balyton.

    Update the system of your phone

    Often you see updates with bug fixes and system improvements in order to speed up the entire android system. Some of these updates reduce the app size or improve the memory of the phone. Installing such updates and keeping your device up to date is always a good idea.

    Phone update:-

    Go to Settings-> About Phone -> Software Update->

    Check New Updates

    App update:-

    Auto-update apps by enabling auto-update mode on Google Playstore

    For manual update:-

    Go to Google Playstore-> Hamburger Menu Open->My applications and games->Check for New Updates.

    Restart/Reboot your phone

    Has anybody told you to reboot your device? Well, because it really helps to reboot your phone! It tends to clear all temporary files and closes all cache data apps. It also flushes the android’s RAM.

    Rebooting your phone means giving a new life to your phone. It prevents applications from staggering and increases your phone’s performance. Brands such as Honor and Xiaomi have provided a reboot option to prevent unnecessary bugs and to guarantee a smooth interface.

    Uninstall apps that you don’t need!

    You certainly don’t want to eat your phone’s memory with unnecessary apps. Let’s therefore uninstall these unused apps as they may eat into system resources.

    Brands provide plenty of device space, but RAM is always restricted. You don’t want to run unused apps and jam your RAM. This makes your Android device lent and difficult to use.

    Go to Settings->Apps.

    Go through the list, identify and uninstall apps you don’t need. If you are still doubtful, check the time of each app and remove the time of the screen.

    Clean home screen

    Consider keeping your wallpaper as a static image rather than live screens. Furthermore, make sure your home screen features minimal widgets and removes unused icons. It will make it easier to work and avoid screen freezes.

    Clear cache data

    Now, too much cache can make it run slowly on your phone. This is because apps use cache data to load quickly, but over time this cache data builds up and takes up more space in your android device. It can slow your phone down.

    However, there will be cache data of apps that may not be in use anymore. Clearing cached data from these applications can sometimes reduce bugs. You can also try to remove all the active apps on your phone, which also removes active cache.

    To clear the desired app’s cache data

    Go to Settings->Applications and all Tabs>

    Tap the app to clear its cache data-> Tap Clear Cache.

    To clear all data on the cache

    Go to Settings-> Storage-> Tap on Cached Data-> OK

    Reduce Animations

    Heavy animations can slow your phone down and slow it occasionally. You may have faced this situation, particularly if you’re a gamer. Consider switching off or reducing your android animation level.

    The Developer Options must be enabled to disable or adjust Animation.

    Go to Settings-> About Phone->Systems and look for Build number->

    Tap it seven times, and you’ll get the message you’re a developer. Go back to check Systems Developer Options. Scroll down to find the animator duration, the animation scale and the animation scale for the window. And set 0.5x or off. And set. Set the animations to your personal preferences.

    Factory Resetting Helps! 

    This is probably the last step, if nothing works out. It is a drastic step but is often advised to do regularly if you want to make your telephone longer. Before you reset your phone, make sure you back up important data and information.

    Go to Settings-> Backup and Reset-> Factory Data Reset.

    Here are a few tricks to boost your phone’s performance. Note that the tricks would vary from model to model. If you have any, share your tricks with us!


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