Android Games [2021] – Best Games Under 10 MB


No doubt there are tonnes of Android games to play, but if you want to enjoy the real fun and fascinating gaming experience, then you have to come under the age of 10 MB of Android games, the main reason we like to play in 10 MB of games is because my web data and storage space will never be wasted.

Moreover, several tonnes of low MB games are updated every week. But with the greater availability of less than 10 MB games for android it is very difficult to choose the best game, I choose the best and the latest android game with 10 MB to play here.

 Snail Battles: Action game under 10 MB

Did you play a lot of action shooting games and get bored? No more, here are new android snail battles, within 10 MB, you should play. Here in the game you’re going to experience the new gameplay, and if you’re just like me, you’re going to love endless mode with various levels of activity. This game has great pictures and different weapons to kill monsters, but don’t forget to pick coins to upgrade heroes, weapons and new adventure items.

 Retro World: Open world game under 10 MB

Here’s another less than 10MB game that takes you to the 90s Gaming Console System which is a great 2021 Android game experience, the game is like Super Mario, but not exactly that, retrospective game is like an open world adventure space, where you have to solve a quest, puzzle and kill enemies to live if you like a game which has a history and secret world with different l.

 Portable Soccer DX Lite: Sports game under 10 MB

For sports under 10 MB for android, the portable soccer Dx is the best game to choose from. This gives you the ultimate football experience with superb controls, good graphics and a variety of game modes, such as world championships, friendly matches or Pk Match. The best thing and my favourite thing I like in the game is that you can pick your favourite team, and if the level is hard to win, you don’t need to miss the game.

Stickman Fight: Fun fight game under 10 MB

Fighting is also an incredible in-game category, however in less than 10 MB it’s pretty hard to find the best game with fun in the fight, here stickman fight comes in where there is no usual fight or heros, the game is stunted with amazing stunts and fun stick man who has 6 different fighting styles. In addition, you can now play 90 more levels each level is much more difficult and has a new gaming environment. Besides that game control, it is so easy and easy to play, you should try a stickman fight.

Zombie Road Racing: Ultimate racing game under 10 MB

Here is a fascinating 10 MB racing game you’ll love. Where you have to race and save your life between the zombies. The game has a racing adventure. In the game there are different environments where you can race my favourite desert. Plus to improve your race, collect coins, then upgrade your car parts, and here you can also customise your car by having different collections, you’re supposed to try zombie road racing if you’re looking for fun with racing.

Parking Jam: Addictive game under 10 MB

Here is another most exciting and addictive game to play for Android in under 10 MB, where you only have to park the car, but when you have lots of cars in the queue and are randomly parked, it is now the main job to park the car without having to touch any other car in a certain time. The game is truly addictive and gives you a realistic driving experience with various difficult levels.

Pinball Pro: Popular game under 10 MB

Here’s the best known and interesting game in categories for video games, whether you have played on PC or not, in the Android game, this game will give you the experience of an amazing game where you just have to press and hold on to boot a ball to continue with the process. It’s a 10 MB offline timepace game you can play, the game has many different flip machines to win various prizes, so that you can’t get bored with one.

Bunny Skater: Adventure android game under 10 MB

Here’s another best Android adventure game with 10 MB in the list, which is basically a skate game to skate in various challenging situations. In the game, the skating game is made more awesome by over 71 challenges. In addition to this, your look and skateboard can also be customised from the shop and you won’t miss collecting carrots between the way you increase the score point. If you need good graphics and gameplay then you should try the bunny skater game.

Zombie Smasher: Challenging game under 10 MB

If you are looking for a tough game under 10 MB then here is a zombie smasher, where you simply have to smash zombies in your way, but it isn’t that easy that it seems to be, because you kill more zombies, the level becomes harder and then you must kill multiple zombies quickly otherwise you lose the game.

Shadow Skate: New game under 10 MB

You want great graphics and incredible gameplay in 10MB and then you should play shadow skates, it’s a skateboard game where you must play different levels, with amazing movements skyscrapers. 4 lovely skate environment with 40 difficult levels that make the game ultimate to play. The game includes fantastic graphics and an incredible control of the game.

Wrapping Up: Top Games Under 10 MB For Android

Playing the best Android game in 10 MB gives you ultimate experience of a low size. In addition, we have included all of the best 10 MB of Android games available for download at our playshop. You should try every game in the list, which are our favourite time killer and takes up less space on the smartphone.


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