Anker Products Review: Best Quality Gadgets 2021

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If there is a device that can be made into a peripheral device, you can buy one with the Anker logo engraved, which is quite tall. This Chinese manufacturer produces many devices that can expand the functions of laptops and smartphones.But which foods are the best? It’s not 100% scientific, but it’s interesting to understand what the users of Amazon, the world’s largest online store, think because people are more likely to be bullied and leave bad reviews than positive ones.

 Do I have to point out the infamous Hutzler banana knife? Please keep in mind that this is not an anchoring product, but may just be because there is no real practical way to install a USB-C port on a banana cutter.

So, in terms of overall ratings, which products stand out from other products? This is the collective wisdom of Amazon users, whose ratings take into account both the rating and the overall rating. In all fairness, almost everything has a lot of 4.5/5 reviews. On Amazon, the consistency of the score across thousands of reviews shows that it has a much stronger connection to quality than a product with only 3 reviews.

Anker Astro Mini 3000mah Review

Today, we rely on smartphones more than ever. When I go for a walk, I don’t always take my laptop with me. I often rely on my phone to search the Internet, check my emails and blogs. -A company associated with showing my photos to everyone. But because I often use the iPhone, the battery is usually unusable until the end of the day.

 So what are my options? Well, I can close some applications or reduce the use of mobile phones. I can also make a charger and pray that I can recharge it during the day. I don’t like any of these options. At that time I started looking for a portable charger and came across Anker Astro Mini.

Some of you may want to know what Astro Mini does here because it is not mature photography equipment, but the fact is that smartphones play a vital role in the photographer’s equipment because it can help find locations or watch Movie ordering, On the website, you can show someone your portfolio and help you keep in touch with your customers. You can even download a free portable meter app that actually works well. The phone itself may be someone’s camera, and there are many great post-processing applications that can back up these photos.

Why did I choose the Astro Mini? For a while, I wanted to own a portable charger, but I didn’t want to spend too much money. He also didn’t want to carry anything heavy or huge with him. Amazon and I found that the price of the charger is between 13-15 US dollars. Although they have a high rating, I finally chose Anker Astro Mini because it not only has a high rating but also has more than 5,500 reviews so far. Many of them mentioned that Anker has excellent customer service, which I always think is a big advantage. Most importantly, the price of Astro Mini is very reasonable, priced at about $20.

Anker 13000 Power Bank Review

Anker PowerCore 13000 is a power bank with two USB ports and a 13000 mAh battery. The maximum input current is 2 amps, and it takes about 10 hours to fully charge. Anker PowerCore 13000 charges the iPhone twice as fast as the original Apple iPhone charger. iPhone 12, 11, XS /​​ XR / X / 8 + / 7 + 40-50 minutes from zero to 50% speed, provide you with nearly 3 full charge for iPhone 8/7 / 6s / provide about 5 times Charge SE and fully charged iPad 2020, 2018 Pro, Air 3. Anker PowerCore 13000 provides about 2 full charges for Samsung S21, S20, S10 + / Note 9, and nearly 3 full charges for Samsung S10, S9 +, S9, S8, Note 8. It can quickly change from 0 in 50-60 minutes to 50%.

 Anker Powercore+ Mini 3350mah Review

Recently, the market is flooded with these lipstick-sized devices, many of which are mass-produced and low-cost. Anker PowerCore + mini overcomes every challenge and helps keep low costs while providing high-quality components. Micro USB data cable, but if you charge an Apple device, you need to use your device.

Charging capacity and speed:

Anker PowerCore + mini has a 3350mAh battery. Not bad for a power bank of this size. Internally, Anker did not skimp on battery quality or internal use. The product specifications are slightly different. It’s a shame to rely a bit on equipment, especially since it’s clear that Anker goes to great lengths to accommodate the best technology in the smallest space.

PowerIQ technology can also intelligently detect the type of device you are charging to optimize charging efficiency. The Panasonic-Sanyo NCR18650BF lithium-ion battery is as good as today’s batteries-too bad, some reports of overheating and inefficiency are covered in one of the best lipstick-sized portable chargers in the store.


Although I am not a big fan of cylindrical power banks, they are indeed very popular. Having said that, the Anker PowerCore Mini Portable Charger looks very unique and manages to avoid some “sticky” appearance. On the black model, the surface has a smooth, glossy matte finish, and the lines are smooth and clean.


Well, it’s actually nothing more portable than this, literally the size of a lipstick. Based on the reputation of the internal lithium-ion battery and the charging capacity of 3350mAh, this may be the best portable charger for your investment. Power supplies of similar size and weight require higher load capacity. However, in most cases, they are bad items and you will be sad after charging the device a few times.

Anker Soundbuds Digital ie10 Review

At first, it may be difficult for us to determine which products are compatible with new features, especially when a popular product like the iPhone changes slightly. The old 3.5mm headphone jack makes it hard for many people to say goodbye. There are a large number of high-quality headphones on the market that use this sturdy 3-inch 5-mm headphone jack. A new generation of lightning-fast high-tech equipment is replacing our old 3.5mm models.

 For example, ANKER SoundBuds Digital IE10 can be plugged directly into the Lightning port on your latest and greatest Apple device, eliminating the old headphone jack on previous models. Rent audio directly from your phone, active headphones with active noise reduction without external batteries, and other creative lightning-powered accessories.

We believe that the first thing to consider when buying a product that works with Apple devices is its compatibility. As we all know, the iPhone will catch fire (although not as frequently as the Samsung Note 7s), and even discharge charges when used with incompatible products. ANKER SoundBuds Digital IE10 does not take this risk because it has been certified by Apple MFi and is specially manufactured for iOS.

 Anker 12000mah Review

This is the most popular rugged external USB charger to date. Charge your smartphone 4-6 times and 2-4 times at a time. More importantly, it loads fast. Most external batteries, including the first-generation Astro, can charge up to 1 amp, while the second-generation Astro can charge your device up to 4 amps instead of 1 amp. What does this mean in the real world? It takes about 2 hours to charge iPhone 5, while most mobile power sources require 3-4 hours, and wall chargers require 1 hour and 40 minutes.

You can charge Astro with anything that plugs into a power outlet, computer, car, or portable solar charger with the included USB cable. The best part is that it can charge three devices at the same time. When you want to save money and weight. Pay attention to the Anker Astro Mini 3000mAh. Its charging speed is not as fast as the second-generation Astro, and it can only charge a smartphone 1-2 times, but it has a flashlight, and its weight and cost are about 1/3 of that.

 Anker Astro 3e Review

As I continue to explore the options available for external charging of our phones, I am trying to find a product that can expand the capacity limit while taking up very little space. Astro 3E is currently one of the leading suppliers in this field. This portable device measures 142 x 71 x 15 mm, weighs approximately 240 grams, and fits easily into a pocket/wallet. With a smooth piano finish and a round power button on the bottom, it can even look like an old smartphone 🙂 Indeed, it is not completely light, but it has such a large capacity (10000 mAh, 3.7 V, 37Wh true) And 15mm thick, I found it very portable.

Astro 3E provides a micro USB port input that supports 1.5A fast charging from an external battery, which is very important so that you don’t have to wait all day for charging and starting over. If you use a 2A USB power adapter, it can reach 10k in about 8-9 hours. There are 2 ports labeled “Apple” and “Android”. I didn’t notice any difference. Both my Note 2 and Nexus 7 can be charged from either port in AC mode. What makes it extremely flexible is that each of these ports can provide up to 3 A of current. Each of them will charge you super fast. Ports You can also charge two ports at the same time, but the total current must not exceed 3 A. Therefore if you have two Note 2 or Note 2 phones and the latest iPad, the internal circuitry of the device will be activated automatically. Close to avoid damage. A great function to protect your power bank and charger.

Anker Astro Review

Anker is the leader in portable mobile phone chargers, and for good reason. Anker Astro E1 provides incredible storage capacity and performance for your device. In his own words, this “bar-size” external battery provides an impressive charging speed and is equipped with unique PowerIQ technology.

Charging capacity and speed:

Anker’s PowerIQ technology means that the Anker Astro E1 mobile power bank will effectively detect its connected devices and optimize power delivery for maximum efficiency. This technology basically determines whether it is connected to the Galaxy S4. Or iPhone 5 or iPad Then change your payment method to recharge your phone or tablet as soon as possible.

Some customers complain that in some cases the payment rate is lower than advertised. As a result, Anker’s support team responded quickly and left a deep impression on the whole. Anker Astro E1 also provides an 18-month warranty, which is a good endorsement seal of Power Bank Expert.

From the outside, the external charger looks very unique. The corners are rounded and the surface is bright and smooth.  The slots are close together on the plane of the device. This may not be the most attractive portable charger, but from an aesthetic point of view, it is still worth the competition.

Anker Bluetooth Transmitter Review

How often do you want to “cut” the cable and use headphones or speakers without a cable? How about listening to your laptop or TV wirelessly with an existing pair of headphones or BT wireless speakers? Of course, there are many scenarios, but usually, they involve 2 independent Bluetooth devices, a receiver, and a transmitter. When you combine these two functions in an ultra-compact software package, you will get the Anker BT Tx / Rx module.

It should be noted that it is Bluetooth 2.1 that supports A2DP and AVRCP protocols. As a result, the sound quality drops, but only slightly, but your audiophile headphones will definitely not sound like wired headphones. Being able to test the wireless range from 30 to 33 feet according to the specifications is another thing to consider: if wired headsets have a built-in remote control/microphone, they will not work when connected via a Bluetooth wireless device that can only hear audio.

In general, I find this device very useful and practical because it combines 2 separate devices in an attractive small package. Check out Anker’s 18-month warranty and support-less than $30, great value for money.


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