Best Apps to Boost your Internet Speed on android


Android is the hands-down leader of the mobile OS marketplace. While other mobile operating systems are limiting you, Android offers more options and customizable features. Another characteristic of Android is the size of its app ecosystem.

Feel free to browse the Google Play Store and you’ll discover applications for any task. You can also download programmes to boost your internet speed.

Thus, if you’re searching for Android apps that can boost internet speed, you’ve come to the perfect place. In this piece, we are going to highlight a few of the greatest applications for increasing your internet connection speed.

Best Android Apps to Speed Up Internet

Free downloads were found for most of the apps mentioned in the article. But some of them do, so you’ll need to subscribe. Let’s check out the finest apps to speed up your Android internet connection.

Internet Speed Meter Lite:

Internet Speed Meter Lite displays your internet speed in the status bar and in the notification window, letting you know how much data you’ve consumed. Using your phone, you can track network connection while it’s in use, and that will help you manage your data usage and control the apps you use to increase your internet speed.

Network Signal Speed Booster:

This application will optimise your phone’s 3G/4G and WiFi connectivity with a single click, making it faster. Numerous mobile devices have been checked for this app’s functionality, and it’s been verified as working on many of them. After you use this software, you will notice a considerable uptick in velocity.

Speedify – Faster Internet:

Speedify improves your Internet speed and the reliability of your Internet connection. To increase your bandwidth and keep you connected, just integrate your Wi-Fi and cellular connections. With Speedify’s seamless switching between Wi-Fi and cellular connections, even a bad Wi-Fi connection won’t interrupt your calls.

Samsung Max – Data manager:

Samsung Max, your Android smart assistant, assists in personal data protection, security maintenance, and app management. This application gives you details on the applications that are consuming extra data and slowing down your internet connection. And to boost the speed of your internet, you can pick up the programmes and uninstall/force stop them.

DNS Changer:

Changing DNS is simpler with DNS Changer. it is both WiFi and Mobile Network Data Connection compatible. The DNS changer includes the following options: Open DNS, Google DNS, Yandex DNS, and more.

My Data Manager:

The Internet speed-boosting app that I use is not actually My Data Manager. It has different functions. The app lets people make choices about their cellular data use. The programme makes it easier for users to spot apps that drain data in the background. It operates quietly in the background and logs all app data use.

SD Maid:

The Android optimizer known as SD Maid allows users to keep their devices neat and tidy. Users may handle numerous features of Android apps and files with tools that are housed in the app. The app management tool indicates which apps are using the most data. Users can also stop programmes that slow down their internet, which is made easier by the app.

Firefox Focus:

Maybe you’re curious in what a browser does to speed up the internet. Now, let me inform you, our web browser doesn’t block advertisements, third-party trackers, or caches or cookies. This has the side effect of using more data and making the internet load slowly.

But Firefox Focus is not one of those browsers. It stops advertisements, web trackers, and does not save your browsing history, cache, or cookies. Web pages will take less time to load if you cut out these components.


Android also has several processes or apps running in the background, just like the Windows operating system. Though Android is often enhanced by such programmes, we could do without them. These apps have the ability to run in the background and are internet-connected. To eliminate all those applications, we’ll have to utilise an Android firewall programme.

Without root access, NetGuard is one of the top Android firewalls you can use to stop apps from accessing the internet. So, if you turn off all of the background apps and stop them from transferring data, you’ll see a significant gain in speed.


Not every Android smartphone can use NetGuard. In the event that you cannot use the NetGuard firewall programme, you can look into AFWall+. Nevertheless, AFWALL+ does not function on unrooted Android smartphones, unlike the NetGuard no-root firewall.

AFWall+ is similar to other Android firewall apps in that it allows users to limit internet data usage by applications.

So, these are the most effective Android applications for speeding up the internet. These programmes should be useful to you. I hope you share them with your friends. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any additional questions.


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