Best Cloud Storage Apps For Smart phone Users


You now have cloud servers available to upload files directly and save them for the long run at very low cost. Many of you must be aware of and have used the cloud services.

This article will share a list of the best Android and iOS cloud storage apps you can freely use. You can easily access the files stored on the cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, etc by means of these

Best Android and iOS Cloud Storage Apps

So, let’s take a look at some of the best Android and iOS cloud storage apps.

Drive Google

The product of this Google has been installed in almost all Androids and Chromebooks, making it easy for people who already use the other services of the company.

The Google Drive App provides unlimited space for storing pictures, automatic sync, fast file sharing, and document editing tools (texts, spreadsheets, and presentations).


Well, Dropbox is one of the top-leading Android and iOS cloud storage applications. It offers free space of 2GB. Users can upload backups, photos, videos etc via free space.

The mobile app allows you to manage the Dropbox cloud storage data. You won’t believe it, but the Android & iOS cloud storage app supports 175 different types of files.

Microsoft One Drive

Onedrive is now part of the newest Windows 10 operating system in Microsoft. If you have a new Windows 10 installed, then OneDrive is integrated. Moreover, several Microsoft apps can integrate data across devices with OneDrive.

OneDrive also has iOS and Android apps and is a popular cloud storage service. It provides 5GB of cloud storage for free, and you have to buy the service afterwards.

Just Cloud

It is one of the safest online storage. When we speak about its storage capacity, it offers home users unlimited storage.

Cloud is the best way to back up your file as cheaply as possible. It also comes with mobile applications to enable you to easily manage and browse mobile files on your phone.


The best thing about this app is that this app offers free data storage for users of 10GB. It also contains several premium packages, of course, but the free ones seem to be enough for basic use.

Box has Google Docs support, Microsoft Office 365 support, etc. It’s one of today’s popular cloud storage services.

Amazon Drive

This is one of the most recent storage apps you can use. Amazon now offers this service in its drive app, where you can store your data fast and securely.

All your data can be uploaded and managed. In addition, you can choose free and paid storage plans.

MediaFire Cloud Storage

This is another best app on the list to save or access the stored files. This app is a free service that allows you to place all your data in a single place to access it anywhere.

You get 12GB of free cloud space with the free account. You can upload backups, photos, videos, etc with free space.


Well, Mega is another popular cloud storage service, which is used mainly for file sharing. The great thing about Mega is that it provides 20GB of cloud storage free of charge. In addition, the app can also be found in the iOS and Android app stores.

To save your file, you need to create a free Mega account. Mega also has an integrated media player that directly play media files.


This offers 1GB of storage for your free schedule and the premium plans begin at $12.50. The great thing about Tresorit is that it takes security very seriously, and it encrypts every file you upload.

Tresorit allows you to store nearly every file type on its encrypted cloud server when we talk about file compatibility.


It’s one of the only cloud storage applications that Android users want. Guess what? Guess what? Users can explore, analyse, manage and clean up their cloud and device storage with Unclouded. Google Drive, OneDrive, BOX and Mega are supported by Unclouded.

These are some of the best Android & iOS cloud storage applications. These apps must be installed in the respective app stores. I hope you were helped by this article! Share it with your friends, too.


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