Best Gaming Hardware For Professional Gamers


If gaming is your pastime, you simply cannot continue to play multiplayer games or even online table games with your obsolete PC and other hardware. Professional gamers who you admire don’t just sit under a tree in their garden, live-streaming from PCs propped up on wooden crates.

You can’t either. But don’t worry if you’re worried about going over budget. We’re not asking you to invest in a stylish leatherback Italian gaming chair like the ones you see in pro gaming movies. That’s simply too much of a show. It’s one of their ruses to draw in spectators and make them look like serious gamers. Instead, consider the hardware and accessories your PC will require to keep up with the rapidly evolving gaming industry.

Professional gamers equipment

Pro gaming chairs are not only big, but they are also not among the most attractive pieces of furniture you might have in your home. These chairs are way too expensive for the level of comfort they deliver. Furthermore, because their on-camera use boosts the company’s brand visibility, professional live streaming players frequently acquire them for free. Instead of stressing yourself out over overpriced stuff, focus on investing in the equipment that expert gamers utilize in their hardware setup and that actually makes a difference.

What Hardware Requirements Should Your Computer Meet?

Rather from simply decorating your battle station, you should concentrate on hardware components that will provide you a significant competitive advantage over your fellow gamers. Let’s investigate further.

Mouse and Keyboard

If you’re serious about gaming, you’ve probably already got a decent graphics card, but what about your peripherals? Your pro-gamer lifestyle will not be served by only having the latest NVIDIA graphics card. Nothing is more frustrating than a sluggish mouse or stuck keys that impede your game play and make you feel like a ‘noob’ in front of your peers.

Selecting a gaming mouse is a decision that warrants serious consideration. It’s important to focus on key parameters such as DPI, IPS, and tracking speed. Additionally, the design and comfort of the mouse should not be overlooked, particularly if you’re a gamer with larger hands. In such cases, finding a mouse with the appropriate size becomes crucial. This pivotal peripheral device can truly amplify your gaming prowess when chosen wisely.

gaming keyboard

To ensure a seamless gaming experience, make sure your keyboard and mouse are made of high-quality, long-lasting components. If you’re looking for a nice mouse on a budget, Logitech might be the way to go. With eight customizable buttons and optional wireless support, the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a popular choice among professionals. With configurable LEDs and illuminated capabilities, keyboards are another valuable tool for every gamer, improving your gaming experience and providing you an aesthetic feeling. Consider the Redragon Kumara K552.

Accessories and Headsets

If you want to be a professional gamer, you’ll need to invest in a nice headset. It may also eliminate the requirement for a separate microphone purchase. Headsets are often the difference between efficiently communicating with your teammates and uncovering opponent locations and strategies. If you’re playing solo and don’t want to use the headset all the time, you should also have a nice pair of speakers on hand.


Hearing is one of the most underappreciated ways for determining opponent positions and predicting movement. Professional gamers will even wait quietly for the enemy’s footsteps, pistol reloading, and other important sounds that will determine the eventual winner. HyperX appears to be the clear leader in the headset market, and many professional gamers prefer it. Even if they are a little pricey, their quality will compensate you handsomely.

Essential Monitor and Desk Equipment

The emphasis in modern games is on speed. You’ll get knocked out early if you don’t have the quickness and perseverance to take down your opponents swiftly. To play games at a high frame rate, you’ll need a PC that can render your games at a high rate all the time. Is your monitor, however, capable of producing those frames? A crowded table and insufficient space for adequate hand movement can throw your hitting streak off.

When it comes to monitors, anything less than a 60 Hz refresh rate should be avoided. However, nothing beats using a 144 Hz refreshable display with a good resolution and size to fulfil your gaming requirements. Make sure your PC table has holes so you can properly organize your cords.


Remember that pro gamers’ gaming equipment is usually sponsored by numerous companies, so trying to imitate their setup would merely blow your cash. As a result, only purchase components that will improve your gaming PC’s performance.


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