Best Photo Editing Apps for Android


These are the best background eraser applications for removing the background from an Android image

All of us took beautiful selfies or photos with our friends, and would like us to change the background later. Or there’s an unwanted object other times that we want to erase. A few years ago, a professional photo editing software installed on a PC and a great deal of time and effort to remove the undesirable background of the image were needed. Mobile apps have been developed for all that work with a few taps by the arrival of smartphones with powerful processors. You can remove the background of your images in seconds with the background remover app, and save your images in high quality without being an expert in graphic design.

Which application is best for background removal?

We took all gorgeous selfies or photos with our friends and later wanted if we could change the background. Or there is an unwanted object that we want to erase at other times. A couple of years ago a costly professional image editing software installed on a PC and a lot of effort and time was needed to remove the unwanted background of the image. Mobile apps have been developed to do all that work in a few taps with the arrival of smartphones with powerful processors. With a background remover application, you can now remove background information from your images in seconds and save your photos in high quality without being an expert on graphic design.

Which application is best for background removal?

Over the years, the Google Play Store has released several background eraser applications. We have reviewed and listed the best background remover applications for android below.

Background Eraser

The Background Eraser is one of the best background eraser applications. It starts with a page with a link How to Use and FAQ and a photo loading section, which shows how the developers are direct and helpful. The interface of the app may be a bit technique, but it’s not too complex. It offers the tool for auto, magic and manual selection to clear your finger background. The Magic mode hits the spot between Auto and Handbook that removes the background quickly from the image to obtain a transparent background. If you make mistakes, the repair tool can restore those parts. It also has a clever tool that shows how many changes you can undo right below the button.

You can manually delete the background using a sliding finger or a lasso tool. When you want to remove the original background, you can choose what your background colour is. Overall, this is the ultimate android smartphone background eraser tool.


TouchRetouch is easily one of the best Background Eraser app with over one million downloads. The app is great for touching photos and removing unwanted backgrounds with good results. Just upload your picture and click on the remover to immediately remove lines and wires. You can also delete unwanted objects simply by marking them with a brush or lasso tool.

When you use the brush tool and choose what you want to remove, your edit area will be slightly above your finger because you’ll be blocking your hand. This allows it to be used on small-screen phones. You can modify brush size, use the Delete tool to delete parts of your choice, and undo your actions whenever you like. Furthermore, its Blemish remover helps you permanently fix blemishes by touching them. Finally, the app includes tutorial videos, which can be received at $1.71.


Pixomatic is a professional app that allows you to instinctively edit your photos without training. It uses an exceptional Cut tool for background removal. Once you have chosen the Cut tool, you will receive a brush which you can use to mark the edges of the image you want. You can adjust the size of the brush if your front picture is small or if the edges at the bottom of the page are less defined. Once you have completed the marking, click Next, and the app adds a rose filter automatically to the background and you can choose to cut it off if the selection is perfect – usually. If not, you may delete parts or select the brush to add additional parts. The Inverse button can switch things up and help you instead to remove your first image. Furthermore, Pixomatic has a 1-tap function that erases background automatically and converts it to a new one.

Remove & Add Watermark

Remove & Add Watermark is a great app for adding or removing watermarks from your photos and videos. When you open the app, you will have to select an image or video, and then a screen to remove or add a watermark. To remove a watermark, only its area must be marked (rectangle or lasso select). The selection can be a bit rough, so you can zoom in to better results. To remove the logo from a video clip, the duration of the applied effect can be specified.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

The Adobe Photoshop Fix is an app built by Adobe, a photo editor. It has over 10 million Play Store downloads and is easy to use. Although the app includes several useful photo editing tools, it is especially useful to remove the background from an image. The app lets you manually remove the background from your image. It also has the tools to emphasise elements in the picture or in the background. Elements can also be copied and pasted in other areas of the image.


PicsArt is one of the best and best-known photo editing apps for the Free Background Eraser application. With its background eraser, you can remove images and backgrounds in seconds. To remove a background, when you open the app, click on the “Fit” tool. Click on the eraser after that, select your desired colour and delete the original background from the top of the screen with the eraser.

In contrast to most other applications, the brush size and opacity and hardness can be determined. You can select the Select tool by clicking on the Eraser if you don’t want to use a brush for manual selection. The Select tool allows you to select objects, such as background, head, hair, clothing and much more automatically. Picsart also has a decent collage maker to create a superb framework for composite photos.


PickU is an all-in-one photo editor that also works well as a photo cut-out editor. The app is ideal to remove pictures, blur and add filters and effects. You can automatically remove backgrounds and change them with a stunning template with the Background Eraser. All you have to do is select the object you want and it’s accurately deleted. The app also contains several background types, including Emoji, Nature, Frame, Border, and more. The positive reviews of the app demonstrate how satisfied customers are.


PhotoRoom is better for removing background photographs. In recent times, the background editing application has received an incredible number of downloads, mainly due to the ease of use. The app separates your picture from the background with impressive results by using a single tap on the magic eraser, even with images that have similar background and foreground colours. You can then select any background that meets your needs. You can save the photo in png format to expert photos and keep the background transparent for use with other apps after editing. The only drawback is that it leaves a watermark in your photo which you can remove if you subscribe.

Auto Background Remover

The overall design of the Auto Background Remover app aims to simplify the process of background and background removal for users. You only have to wait a moment after selecting your photo when the app automatically erases the background. If you want to restore your picture, it offers an offset scale and a brush size scale. You can then choose between more than 50 beautiful HD backgrounds. The Background Changer app is totally free of charge.

Cut Paste Background

Cut Paste Background is an app that enables users to edit photos with a single click. The app can remove the background of the photo automatically. The AI methodology of the app also allows it to deliver perfect corners, making the result very professional. You can also erase things manually, but use is a little complicated. Although the background is removed well, there is no tutorial for using its indirect interface. First of all, you have a substitution background, whether it’s a solid colour, gradient, cloud, text or a stock image. Next, you must select in the bottom right an unexpected cutting tool. The drawing tool is default and you must draw over your foreground. The app merges your selection with the background after you have finished. The problem is that the first selection comes naturally before the replacement for the background, confusing users is selected. It is a great app, however, if you want to instantly add a bokeh effect to your photos.

The above list includes the best applications for android background removal to erase the background from any photos in your phone. Also, if you use a specific application to erase the background and remove object, then share your comments with us.


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