Complete Review of the 2022 Apple iPad mini 6


On today’s show, we’ll be reviewing the new iPad mini 6 (2022), which is very different from the iPad mini 5 . “I downsized my iPad Air” was uttered by Tim Cook at the iPad Air’s debut ceremony, and that’s exactly what the business did later.

Apple has introduced a screen that is extraordinary, a battery that lasts longer, and a fast processor.

Apple’s A15 Bionic processor, which is still included in the iPhone 13 for customers,

By making the iPad mini, Apple has created yet another outstanding tablet that adds credence to the idea of a high-quality pint-sized tablet. When it comes to tablets, the 8.3-inch model is the one that makes you question why you didn’t just get an enormous phone. It isn’t a tablet that can be used to read books and comics, surf the internet, and do other things with just one hand that this audience is looking for.

It’s only for multitaskers and touch typists that the iPad mini 6 is a problem. Is the iPad mini 6 2022 a good investment? Here’s all you need to know about why Apple’s smallest iPad is one of the company’s biggest advances.

In addition, the new iPad mini 6 has a feature that the iPad Air lacks: You’ll want to be in the middle of the screen when you’re on video calls. Is the iPad Mini 6 better than the iPad 9? Is the iPad Air 2022 a better investment? In my iPad mini 6 reviews, I’ll go over these questions and their responses.

It’s only for multitaskers and touch typists that the iPad mini 6 is a problem. Is the iPad mini 2022 worth your time and money? Here’s all you need to know about why Apple’s smallest iPad is one of the company’s biggest advances.


If the iPad mini 6 had cheeks and a nose, I would pinch it. However, the name of the slate may be misleading when compared to the conventional iPad. While it’s a smaller version of the iPad Air, it’s not a micro version of the iPad; rather, it’s a shrunk-down version of the iPad Air.

A Touch ID-enabled power button, no home button, flat sides, and a USB-C connector are found on the side of the device. While the moniker “iPad Air tiny” may be too long for Apple, it is what it is.

This year’s iPad mini 2022, like the iPad Air, will be available in a broader variety of colours than the original iPad. Space Gray, purple, pink, Starlight (which looks like champagne), and other colours are available for the small.

Since the iPad mini 6 is smaller than both the iPad Air 4 and iPad 9 in terms of its frame size, it is more compact than the iPad Air 4 and iPad 9’s frames (9.8 x 6.8 x 0.29 inches). Size-wise, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite and the Galaxy Tab A7 are nearly identical (8.4 x 4.9 x 0.31). (by 0.35 square inches on size and 0.06 inches in thickness).

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (0.81 pounds), iPad Air (4.01 pounds), and iPad 9, the iPad mini 6 is lighter by 0.65 pounds (1.09 pounds). If you had Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s biceps, you’ll be able to operate this tablet with one hand, unlike other high-end tablets that require two hands.

To accommodate the lack of a Home button on the iPad mini 2022, the iPad 9’s Touch ID sensor is located in the lock/power button (like the iPad Air 4). Facial recognition is available on the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, but it’s only on the more expensive iPad Pro models.

I had no trouble setting up Touch ID on my iPad mini, and it worked flawlessly to unlock the tablet and verify my identity for Apple Pay right away.

This year’s iPad mini has a USB-C port instead of the Lightning port, as we had hoped. The Lightning port is exclusively used by the iPhone, AirPods Max, and AirPods case.

It’s unfortunate that the iPad mini 6 doesn’t have the headphone jack that the iPad Air had. My wired headphones still work and I wish the iPad mini six would support them without the need for a USB-C to headphone jack adapter.


As we watched the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer again, I noticed that the iPad mini 6 had one of the best screens for a tablet its size. Aside from Spider-brilliant Man’s red suit, the amber glow of Doctor Strange’s powerful spell (which he promised not to perform) and that of the goblin grenade on the road both looked amazing. Doctor Strange’s winter wonderland living room, the collapsing highway beneath Parker, and Strange’s spell were all fantastic touches.

It’s easier to see text on a smaller screen, but there’s a drawback: if you split your screen evenly across multiple programmes, the text in Safari will be much smaller than on a larger screen. A single-tasking gadget rather than multitasking device, the iPad mini 2022 is the outcome.

As for colour output, the iPad mini 6’s 103.1 percent sRGB output is very close to that of the iPad 9 (105.3 percent) and iPad Air 4 (105.3 percent), as determined by our colorimeter (102.9 percent ). Eighty-eight percent of the colours on the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite are limited.

The iPad mini 6, on the other hand, outshines them all with a maximum brightness of 520 nits. Apple’s iPad 9, iPad Air 4, Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, and others have brighter screens than the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (315 nits on the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite).

There is a display problem with the iPad mini six that some customers find annoying. In portrait mode, it appears that certain units have a “jelly scrolling” problem, where the display scrolls at different speeds on both sides. Apple is expected to address this issue.

 Bionic performance A15

With a six-core CPU, five-core graphics, and a 16-core Neural Engine on board, the A15 Bionic system on chip powers the iPad mini 6. I’m not surprised that the iPad mini 2022 is a fast tablet, given the A14 Bionic’s speed on the iPad Air 4. After I split my screen into 12 Safari tabs and watched a 1080p YouTube video, the slowness was gone.

The Geekbench 5 multi-core general performance test for the iPad mini 6 scored 4,540, beating out the iPad Air 4 (4,262, A14 Bionic), iPad 9 (3387, A13 Bionic), and the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (3387, A13 Bionic) (907, MediaTek MT8768T).

While playing a quarter or two of basketball, we were able to watch the Knicks and Heat play in NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition. In the first round of the playoffs, I was reminded of Trey Young’s triumph over New York when I saw Coach Tom Thibodeau’s rage.

Live Text, one of Apple’s machine learning technologies, benefits from this speed. By holding your finger down on a picture, you can select text within it. This is one of my favourite new features in iPadOS 15. Everything on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and my iPad Pro 2020 functioned just like it did before on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and my iPad Pro 2020.


The iPad mini six’s two speakers are capable of producing a remarkable amount of sound for its size. On Paramore’s “Hard Times,” where guitar and drums could be clearly heard, I knew what it was capable of when I heard it recreate Hayley Williams’ voice.

Grandtheft and Keys N Krates’ EDM single, “Keep It 100,” contained some (but not all) of the lower end of the sound spectrum when I played it to check out the bass. While the bass on Pusha T’s “Come Back Baby” rumbled, there could have been more.

Using the iPad mini 6 in landscape orientation provides stereo sound, just like the iPad Air 4. but not in portrait

Apple Pencil 2 but no Apple Keyboard

Aside from being able to accept the amazing Apple Pencil 2 ($129), the iPad mini 6 does not have the iPad Magic Keyboard that we enjoy on the iPad Pro 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch models. Due to the iPad Mini 6’s 8.3-inch screen’s modest essential sizes, this is most likely the case.

As a result of this, the iPad mini’s ability to work with the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation is nothing short of remarkable. Apple Pencil’s original Lightning port had to be inserted into the iPad’s bottom to charge, which was never easy. Instead, the iPad mini 6’s flat edge sides clasp magnetically into the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen, allowing it to be charged wirelessly.

Just as before, the Apple Pencil 2 allows for quick input with low latency. Scribble, an iPad feature that translates handwriting into text, benefits from this speed as well. When you write with the Apple Pencil in a text field, that handwriting is turned into real text. As for my chicken scratch handwriting, it works just well.

In addition, the iPad mini 2022, like other tablets, supports Bluetooth keyboards, something I wish it had. My Logitech MX Keys and Master 3 worked fine when I tested it. Because I don’t have to use my lazy brain to do the simple math to find out what time it is for my colleagues all over the world, I decided that the iPad mini 2022 would be the ideal size for a second screen on my desk.


As tablets get smaller, I can see why people would want to use one as a camera. The iPad mini 2022 is a great illustration of this. There are two 12-megapixel cameras on the front and back of the phone, allowing it to take high-quality photos of my living room cacti and the dark purples of a dying protea flower.

A new 12MP FaceTime HD camera has replaced the iPad mini 5’s 7MP camera, which is just as important, if not more so. Apple’s Middle Stage technology keeps you in the centre of the frame even if you’re moving about in front of the camera during a Google Meet session, according to my coworkers. It’s cool and, in my opinion, works better than the $169 Logitech StreamCam’s auto-framing capability.

My skin tone and the shade of blue of my t-shirt were both appropriately captured by the selfie camera. That little bit of stubble was clearly visible, even if it isn’t the finest sensor I have ever seen.

For example, the iPad 9 has a less-than-sharp rear camera (12MP front, 8MP back), the iPad Air 4 has a 7MP front camera, 12MP back camera (no Center Stage), and the Tab A7 Lite has a 2MP front camera, 8MP back camera (no both).

 Life of the battery

Apple claims a “all-day battery life” of up to 10 hours on a single charge in its advertising, however our tests show that they are inflating their claims (again). In our Wi-Fi-based battery test, the iPad mini 6 lasted 10 hours and 56 minutes, which is impressive for a tablet with so many pixels to illuminate (continuous web browsing at 150 nits till it dies).

The iPad mini 6 from Apple While the larger iPad 9 (11:59) lasts a little longer, the iPad mini (10) outlasts the Air 4 (10:29) and the Tab A7 Lite (10:07). We think there’s room for a larger battery in this vehicle.


iPad owners will be debating whether or not to update to the new iPad mini this fall, and I fully expect a flood of questions in my inbox. The iPad mini 2022 is an excellent choice for those in the market for an iPad mini 6 tablet with a large screen. Even more demanding apps should be able to operate on the Apple iPad mini 6 because of its powerful A15 Bionic CPU.

If you don’t mind paying an extra $170 for a more powerful battery, the $329 iPad 9 is a good option. Do you expect to type a lot? But if you’re interested in the iPad Air 2020, expect to pay an additional $100, plus an additional $299 for the Magic Keyboard. An 8-inch tablet for less than half the price of an iPad Mini 6 is an attractive option. The $159 Galaxy Tab A7 Lite’s screen, performance, and battery life all fall short of the iPad mini 6’s.

The iPad mini 2022 is an excellent one-handed tablet for reading books, watching television, and watching movies.