Could These 10 Be the Best Globalize Alternatives In 2022


Alternatives to Globalize will be discussed in this essay. In addition to SDL Trados, Globalizelt is a translation management software for large and small organisations. All of these services are included in its Windows products. The online translation management system (TMS) offers quality control, translation statistics, and cooperation on a single platform. Additionally, its cutting-edge internet software provides round-the-clock, seven-day-a-week translation services.


Another piece of translation software enables translators to translate and localise content for a number of different gadgets and platforms. Its high-tech features make it unique. For SMEs and commercial agencies, TMS was designed. This online platform delivers translation metrics, project monitoring, machine translation, and resource management all in one location thanks to its cloud-based translation management system (TMS). You may localise your assets in several languages thanks to the inherent integration of this programme with well-known content management systems (CMS), support portals, and code repositories. Additionally, smartling is a fantastic choice for a wide range of organisations, including B2B and B2C.


This is an alternative to Globalize. The most recognisable term for programmers. It is possible to communicate with your translators directly using a translation management system. This tool includes an in-context editor, which is responsible for evaluating the translation’s context. Thus, it provides a better understanding of how to prevent grammatical errors. PhraseApp TMS is integrated with a number of advanced tools, including GitHub and Slack. When it comes to a translation management system, this one is among the best in the industry.


Cloud-based translation management service Wordbee is a popular choice for many. Advanced CAT tools are compatible with this software’s web-based solution, which does not require installation. The Wordbee translation platform has a sophisticated API that lets translators interface with the preserved data. With the use of a virtual team collaboration platform, translation was made easier, more efficient, and more transparent. Because of its end-to-end technology, it is possible to manage complex multilingual projects with real-time communication, high quality standards, and automation. It has processes in place for corporate documentation, games, marketing materials, and apps, among other things.

Plunet Managing Director

In addition to Wordbee, Plunet Business Manager gives language service providers all over the world a high level of automation and adaptability. Translation, quality management, and accounting are all integrated into this web-based platform for this TMS software. Translation benefits small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Additionally, this online translation management system offers CRM marketing management, workflow management, and billing. This is an alternative to Globalize.


Smartcat is one of the best-known Al-powered systems. Through the use of glossaries, dictionaries, machine translation engines, and translation memory, their cloud-based service connects languages with organisations and customers. As a result, these features can be used to expand localization services to meet worldwide needs. Quick and contextual translation is provided via a hybrid human-machine technique. In addition, Samartcat’s translation management system speeds up the process of localization by a factor of 3.


The most well-known brand in the localization industry is Lokalise. You can use it to manage translation and localization projects in an automated, time-efficient and transparent manner. Using a cloud-based translation management system, Lokalise allows all members of the team to view localization projects whenever and wherever they choose. CAT capabilities including as glossary construction, translation memory, machine translation, and quality assurance automation are incorporated into this system, which further boosts output and efficiency. GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab and other integrated tools have made the translation and localization dream a reality, according to all reports. It’s used by more than 2,000 companies as their principal localization method.


Memosource is another computer-aided translation management system (CAT). As its name implies, Memosource was designed to be used by people all around the world. It’s a cross between traditional machine translation and artificial intelligence. This system uses machine translation (MT), which is one of the most useful skills in today’s fast-paced world for saving time and money. As a result, it first checks to determine if the text has previously been translated by a machine. Because of the useful characteristics of its TMS software, Memosource is one of the most reliable localization solutions. In addition to 500 languages, it has over 30 machine translation (MT) engines.


This is an alternative to Globalize. In the localization industry, MarsHub is a well-known name. In other words, it’s a one-stop shop for all things localization management. Translation memory and glossaries are included in Marshub’s cloud-based translation management software. In addition to its remarkable TMS capabilities, a centralised system allows project managers, translators, business owners, and developers to communicate and have simultaneous access. As a business management solution, this system provides custom procedures for each project.


It’s a one-stop shop for difficult-to-solve problems. The software developed by this company is well-known in the field of localization. There are many advantages to using this tool for localising a mobile app, desktop programme, or website. Language file formats like XLIFF and YamI are made easier to manage with this tool. An in-context editor and glossary are also part of this system, as is continuous localization, translation memory, and an automation process. With Transifex’s cloud-based TMS, native human translators, and content management systems, the company provides hassle-free global services.


Translation management software Crowdin contains features such as project tracking, authorization management, quality control, translation analytics and translator database as well as workflow management and localization automation. Consequently, the company’s TMS is hosted in the cloud and sold as SaaS software for the management of the translation process in the cloud. In addition, it has been developed by a number of technology companies, including Huawei and Avast. The Crowdin TMS has allowed these companies to deliver translation services in nearly every country on the earth.. This is an alternative to Globalize.


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