Different Tips For Transferring Your Data to an iPhone

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    Different Tips For Transferring Your Data to an iPhone

    Different Tips For Transfering Your Data to a iPhone

    Apple works constantly to improve its devices and operating systems’ performance. Consequently, Apple fans wait every year for the month of September when new items are released and presented to the public.

    So it’s an exciting experience to buy and to hold a completely new iPhone in your hands. However, you will need to transfer all of your previous iPhone data before you start using it. Some of them are sufficient to use their Apple ID and iCloud backup, but other users want more control over what they choose to transfer.

    To make it faster and easier to transfer files from an old iPhone to a new, today we share six tips on how to successfully transmit iPhone data to iPhone.

    6 Tips for Transfering Your Data to a New i

    Specialized Software Data Transferr

    The quickest and most convenient way to transfer and control data from one iPhone to another is with a dedicated software.

    You can find apps in the Apple Store that save your files without the help of iCloud. Moreover, with an app, you can back-up your data whenever you want and transfer data from your chosen devices easily.

    Use the Quick Start 

    Another fast way to transfer your data from one device to another, using Apple’s Quick Start, is to start using your new iPhone as soon as possible. What it does is take backup on your iCloud phone and boot it on your new device.

    To ensure you have the latest backup of your iPhone files, go to the Settings app, click on your Apple ID at the top of the screen, then go to iCloud, iCloud backup, and select the option called ‘Back-up Now.’ If the new device is activated, you are asked to use your Apple ID to set up the new iPhone.

    Use iCloud

    Quick Start is one of the quickest ways to transmit data from an old to a new iPhone. In contrast, if you want to choose an older backup to transfer files to your new phone, you can use the iCloud backup.

    Turn on your new iPhone, follow the on-screen instructions to boot an older backup until you reach the point that you need to select the WiFi network. After the network has been selected:

    Click on the option “Restore iCloud Backup.”

    Enter your iCloud account.

    Select the backup that you want to boot.

    Transfer Your Files Using a Mac

    There is a method for transferring your files from one iPhone to another using your computer when you own a MacBook or iMac. To get started, plug your old iPhone into your Mac and open Finder. Then, on the left side of the Finder app, find your old iPhone.

    When opening the menu on your old phone, make sure that the “Encrypt local backup” option is selected. After backup, unplug and turn off the phone. Now switch your old iPhone’s SIM card to the new one. Switch on the new iPhone.

    Now, when your phone is enabled, plug it into your computer and start the setup process on your phone. Then select the option “Restore from Mac or PC” when requested. Select the new phone, click “Restore from this backup” in Finder’s Location tab, and select the latest backup.

    Make Sure You Have Enough Space

    You need to make sure that the backup process works properly in order to successfully transfer files from one iPhone to another. The main factor that can cause problems is that there is not sufficient space to store iCloud files.

    If so, you can upgrade your iCloud to a better plan or delete unnecessary apps and photos on your iPhone. It is, however, good to delete unused files on your phone on a regular basis, particularly photos and apps, because some PDF files may only take a few megabytes but pictures and apps may use tens of gigabytes in storage.

    Use iCloud Keychain

    The password manager iCloud Keychain can simplify your life by recalling all your passwords.

    If you use it, you don’t have to worry about whether after buying a new device, it’s a Mac, new iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you will be sure it is enough to log in to your Apple ID and your passwords will automatically be remembered.


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