Ed Headphones Step By Step Guide

ed headphones

ED Headphones

A pair of on-ear cans that sound equally strong and detailed across the audio spectrum.

Two handmade 40mm titanium drivers deliver exceptional mid and high-frequency clarity. 

Equally as essential is the fact that the bass sub-chambers in each speaker are ported, allowing for a surprisingly deep and robust low end to be produced.

The plug’s brilliant silver coating and the carefully chosen thick-gauge signal wires aid in a clean signal transfer from the amplifier to the speaker. 

The sound is constant thanks to the non-removable wire.



Driver Type: Dynamic (Titanium coated diaphragm
Driver Size: 40mm
Freq. Response: 10Hz – 27kHz
Weight: 245g
Max Input Power: 800mW
Pressure Level: 105dB/mW
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Cable Length: 1.6m
Plug Type : 3.5mm
Supplied Adapter:  



Suppose the brilliant blue plasma paint job runs up the sides of the headband and the cyborg zombie heads adorning the earcups. The Iron Maiden–styled Maiden Audio logo on the left earcup turn you off. In that case, you can probably stop reading this review now. But if you look at these headphones and believe the style would be just as beautiful on the side of a van, continue.

The metal arms, shaped like a quarter circle, may be rotated 90 degrees to lay the earcups flat. The band around your head is a robust metal strip covered in plastic at the bottom and cushioned foam at the top. The lower section may be extended or retracted using secure click stops from the headband. The earpads are similarly softened to the headband and are made from foam rings coated in a leather-like substance. They aren’t the softest headphones I’ve ever used, but they were broken in very quickly.

We’ve Had Some Issues With The Cables

Cloth covers the 5.2-foot wire that leads to the ED-silver-plated PH0N3S’s 3.5mm connector. At around midchest, the wire splits into two shorter cords, one going to each earbud. The place where the cables attach features an in-line microphone but no phone controls. They’re accompanied by a leather case and a 1/4-inch adaptor for use with other headphones.

Surprisingly, the cord is fixed to the earpieces for such an expensive set of headphones. As the cable is the most vulnerable to wear and tear, most high-end versions have a detachable cable (and typically include more than one) that can be readily changed. Separate plug-ins for each ear make the line of the ED-PH0N3S appear even frailer. Both earcup cables could easily get caught on anything and be pulled hard enough to break the connection. After seeing firsthand how easily the lines become tangled on the metal arm the earcups pivot on, the problem became all the more irritating.


In keeping with its heavy-metal heritage, the ED-PH0N3S headphones pack a serious punch. Our bass test track, “Silent Scream” by The Knife, sounds rich and thumpy, without any sign of distortion, even at the highest (and potentially dangerous) volume settings.

As expected, listening to Iron Maiden’s “Run for the Hills” and “The Number of the Beast” while testing the headphones produced impressive results. In “Run For the Hills,” the drums are significant without overwhelming the rest of the mix. At the same time, in “The Number of the Beast,” the screamed guitars and vocals are well-balanced and incredibly energising despite the drummers’ less noticeable presence.

The whole frequency spectrum of Miles Davis’s “So What” is reproduced accurately by the ED-PH0N3S. While the upright bass is relatively robust, it doesn’t drown out the other instruments or obscure quieter sounds like string plucks. The consistent cymbal and horn have a lot of presence but need to be more brightly and sound clean and crisp. Because of some sculpting, the piano’s middle frequencies are lowered relative to the lows and highs, making the piano’s notes less prominent. Although it’s not totally flat, the sound is really pleasing.

The ED-PH0N3S is displayed in the fullness and clarity of Ninja Sex Party’s “Symphony in P Minor,” despite the mix being much more essential. The music starts with a classical piano arpeggio that is sharp in the highs and rich in the lows. At the same time, Danny Sexbang’s baritone voice is given a luxurious warmth while retaining some subtle sibilance in his singing.

If you’re an Iron Maiden fan and have always wanted Eddie on the side of your head without getting a tattoo, go no further than the Maiden Audio ED-PH0N3S. It’s too bad you can’t repair the cable because it has two weak points right where it connects to the headphones that are sure to break with casual usage. That shouldn’t be the case in headphones that cost $300. 


Please elaborate on what makes these headphones ideal for hard rock and heavy metal.

Designed with Steve Harris’s full participation, these cans have clear highs and lows and enough room in the midrange to do justice to the nuances and dynamism of rock and metal.

Can you tell me about the merits of titanium motors?

Steve insisted on having them made out of titanium since it is one of the most complex and lightest metals available and produces a sound that is both pure and precise.

Instead of the standard Gold, why did you choose Silver for the contacts?

Silver is the finest conductor since it is the most neutral and does not provide any aural character. The cables’ fabric jackets offer additional shielding for the transmitted signal, and their multiple-strand conductors ensure optimal performance.


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