Exploring the Impact of Covid-19 on Tourism


2020 was not a good year for tourism. The numbers have increased exponentially in 2022, but the numbers are simply not what they were before.

The numbers of travelers are not the only thing that’s changed. The industry as a whole has undergone a major shift. If tourism wants to stay alive, hospitality needs to pivot.

Here are the main industry changes that have occurred since Covid-19.

Fewer Travelers

  • Simply fewer people are traveling.
  • The obvious reason for this is that, for a while, it wasn’t possible.
  • International borders were closed. Even once they were opened, many people were still hesitant about traveling. It’s still unclear if more waves of the virus will come and how bad they could be.
  • Some people aren’t ready to head back to the road.
  • However, the people who are traveling really want to travel.
  • Remote work has enabled millennials and Gen X and Z workers to travel.
  • If they don’t need to be in the office, most workers won’t be. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to stay at home.
  • Remote workers like moving from one place to the next. As long as they have a good internet connection, they can work from anywhere.
  • There’s also been an increase in luxury travel.
  • Covid-19 didn’t do much to ease inequality worldwide. In fact, the wealth gap has increased and is higher than ever. Those who can afford luxury travel are taking advantage of it.
  • Meanwhile, most are avoiding unnecessary expenses like vacations.

New Trends

  • Road trips are more popular than ever.
  • Many travelers still aren’t comfortable with crowds. If they can go somewhere outdoors, they’ll choose that over a city trip.
  • Business travelers are becoming more particular about what they want.
  • Here’s information from Hotel Engine on some of the latest trends in business travel. Business travel is back, but business isn’t the same as it is before.
  • Business hotels need different amenities than they used to.
  • A high-speed internet connection should be every hotel’s top-priority.
  • Even on the road, business travelers will be having Zoom conferences. Or they might need to do research or send emails. None of that is possible without a good internet connection.
  • Additionally, employees are less likely to share rooms than before.

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  • Bleisure is a blend of business and leisure.
  • Most business travelers have embraced this concept.
  • Ask any business traveler what their main complaint is and it’s that they don’t get to see their destination. It’s a shame to travel thousands of miles not to enjoy the location.
  • Bleisure lets you take a bit of time to yourself.
  • Business travelers might take a day or two of vacation at the beginning or end of their trip. Or they might bring along their family to do some sightseeing.
  • As with all trends, bleisure takes many forms.
  • Hotels should stop placing guests in two separate categories. Business and leisure are not as separable as they once were.

Virtual Tourism

  • Pre-pandemic, virtual tourism would have sounded crazy.
  • Now, a lot of tour companies are embracing the concept. Tourism teacher has a great article explaining the concept.
  • Not everyone is ready to travel, nor does everyone have the chance.
  • Virtual tours let people experience the fun parts of travel without leaving their house. They can also come in the form of self-guided city tours and walks.
  • They can be a great option for tourists who don’t want to mingle with other people. Or they are a great way to plan your next trip.
  • The best way to understand what a virtual tour is like is to go on one.

Higher Standards

  • All businesses should have hand sanitizer at the door.
  • Some travelers still want to wear masks. Hospitality industries need to be accommodating of that. They also need to keep things clean.
  • People who are traveling are going all-out.
  • They are expecting top-notch service and won’t settle for anything less.
  • You don’t need to turn your hotel into a 5-star resort, but you need to up your game.
  • Treat every guest like they will write a review.


These travel trends are here to stay. The world is more connected than ever, and the travel industry is reflecting that.


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