Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Project Management Tool


As a project manager, you can attest to the importance of having a tool to help you deal with the toughest aspects of project management. There are so many things to organize and schedule and some of these tasks require a bit of automation to make it easier. Imagine having to maintain a physical calendar to remind you of all the meetings and places you have to be. That seems like an almost impossible task given how fast and complex things are. However, with a project management tool, you can easily automate such scheduling across the board, meaning your schedule will be shared to everyone in the team and this makes thing seven more feasible and easy to accomplish. 

How Project Management Software Helps to Make Work Easier

Project managers require a raft of project management tools to make their work easier. A project starts from its inception by identifying objectives and the best path towards realizing the set targets. The project management software therefore provides digital tools for organizing, scheduling, tracking, budgeting and even monitoring of resources allocated for the project. Resource management is one of the most difficult aspects of project management because it could either lead to wastage or underutilization of resources. As project manager, you will need to account for each second, time and personnel you utilize towards your project and therefore you need some aspects to be automated, and others you can delegate in an efficient manner that makes your work easier.

Popular Project Management Tools

Project Management tools could either be digital or analogue, but they function to make one or several aspects of project management easier. Tools are designed to make work easier and therefore as you shall recognize from these digital tools, there is a common goal towards creating avenue to manage complex tasks. Examples of popular tools are:


Workzone offers a balance between complex project management tools and basic, user-friendly tools for beginners by offering an easy to use interface that gives you options the more complex your project becomes. 


Wrike is mobile app software designed to help project managers to track their time and tasks. It is slightly pricier than the others in the list but it offers prioritized project management resources for a project of any size.

Popular cloud-based system

Monday.com is perhaps the most popular project management tool for its innovative interphase. As a cloud-based system, Monday.com helps businesses to manage daily tasks, schedules, and project by using color coded boards that track the development of any particular task. It is also optimized for collaborations and communication between members of the project team. 


Spreadsheets are a common feature in project management and Smartsheet is one of the most sought after tool because of its interface which is developed around spreadsheets. It offers excellent analytics, through its dashboard reports and other tools such as Gantt charts and other automation tools. 

Overall, there are many other tools such as Jira, Asana, Liquid planner and these offer different levels of resources to make your work as project manager easier. 


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