How to Fix Sound On Your Smart Phone – 7 Fixes


Have your speakers on your Smart Phones stopped working?

Don’t you worry there are quick fixes to get you going soon, look at our 10 troubleshooting techniques to fix your phone.

Mostly smartphones in 2020 are build to last. Companies today are competing on high standards, their products today mostly comes out after rigorous testing. These smartphones have very high build qualities and well-performing software despite the price tags on them.

The first step is to Locate problematic speakers on your phone:

Today smartphone companies have come up with multiple speakers other than your earphone speakers. Locate which speaker is problematic. In some cases, Companies try to hide speakers to give the phone a modern and stylish look. One or two speakers other then your earphone speakers either placed on the upper side of your phone or lower side or one on both sides.

For your earphone dial up a call when it connects you should hear a clear voice on the earphone located upper front side of your phone. If this is not the issue put the call on the speaker to check if you hear a clear loud voice coming out either from the lower or upper side of your phone. Not all smartphones have a third speaker, if you have it on your phone you can play stereo music or search 8D music online to play. This will help to find and then confirming which of your speakers is not working.

Once we have identified the problematic speaker we can apply these 10 troubleshooting techniques which can help you fix your Smartphone:

A Simple Reboot:

We can start by doing a reboot or restart on your phone. This reboot will close all the background apps on your smartphone and give your phone a clean slate. This is necessary In case of any crashed app or currently running app in the background with any bugs not letting your speaker sound out.

Sound variations:

Next, you should head for your sound settings to look that you haven’t accidentally put your phone on do not disturb mode or any silent modes.

Another step would be to ensure your sound is turned up by increasing sound from side-mounted buttons. Press these to max out the sound and dull down the sound once or twice to check if these are working properly. These might not be functional due to hardcover on your phone or these might be broken due to any accidental damage.

Most of the smartphones today have out of the box protection covers or you might have put any aftermarket protection cover which is too hard.

The cover might be in the way not letting out any sound or some soundcheck if this cover is in the way or not by removing the cover and playing sound.

Headphone output:

Many of the times after unplugging your headphones from the audio jack the phone remains in headphone mode. This happens because your phone was unable to process that your headphones are disconnected and the speakers remain disabled on your phone.

This problem is usually resolved by a simple reboot, but if that doesn’t happen you can try a free app named “DISABLE HEADPHONE” it will let you forcefully disable headphones with flicking a switch and force your phone to turn off headphone mode and play through speakers.

Bluetooth devices:

Bluetooth connected speakers, wireless headphones, or any other Bluetooth devices might still be connected to your phone make sure to put your phone back to speaker mode to play sound on speakers.

Cleaning the grill:

Smartphones tend to gather dirt over time, this can affect their sound output, Try to remove any obstruction possible.

This can be done by simply blowing on the grill by mouth, by vacuuming it, or by scrubbing it with a toothbrush. Don’t push this too hard or else you might disturb any fixtures inside.

Water damage:

If you have accidentally damaged your phone with water turn it off immediately and let it dry for a while. Other methods can be by blowing hot air from the grills, there is also an app “ SPEAKER CLEANER” which play vibrations on your phone to let water out this is a tested way and it surely works wonders.

A hard reset and professional help:

If nothing works to get your speakers working again you can perform a factory reset to set off any chance that your phone has any setting issue or in-app bug. Lastly, book an appointment with a professional if these fixes might revive your dead smartphone but the phone might be damaged in a way that sounds or speaker quality wear out with time.


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