Gengar and Modest Complete guide to Pokémon natures


The proper Pokemon Natures are determined by their natures. The natures of certain Gengars are Brave, while others are Quiet or Modest. This article will go through the many natures of these Pokemon so you can figure out which one best matches your playing style. Continue reading if you’re not sure which nature your Gengar should have. It’s conceivable that you’ll be perplexed by the nature you’ve been given.

Gengar natures

Gengar in Pokémon games have diverse personalities depending on how they are taught. Its main power is its ability to catch specific sorts of Pokemon off guard, such as Heatran and Tyranitar variations. Despite the fact that this feature is rather gimmicky, Gengar has aged well over time and has experienced several evolutions, including Shadow Ball and Levitate. It also possesses Mega in Generation 6, which is a powerful moveset for defeating Fairy-type Pokemon. It’s also quite quick, and its effects may last long after a knockout.

Despite its terrible defences, Gengar is an attacking powerhouse that can fit with any squad. Dark, Ghost, and Psychic are among this Pokemon’s vulnerabilities, making it excellent for usage with teams focused toward special attackers. Its restricted offensive composition, however, prevents it from using skills like Taunt and Substitute. The Prankster Ability on a Pokemon Natures will also assist it withstand the effects of status moves.

Mega Gengar’s aggressive trapping is a fantastic tactic. It has the ability to demolish practically anything and compel an opponent to trade. You may also give it to an opponent in exchange for their Pokemon Natures. Because the Mega Gengar focuses on offensive trapping, developing a strategy around it may help you win games. This Pokemon Natures may also take use of the Mega Gengar’s abilities to compel an exchange or eliminate a weak opponent.

The top stats for Gengar are Special Attack and Speed. It’s crucial to lessen its Attack for this. You should concentrate on improving its Special Attack stat as much as possible since it is a Special Attack-based attacker. Gengar, on the other hand, may benefit from a Timid or Modest temperament, which reduces Attack while increasing Special Attack. If you want to obtain a Gengar, the greatest plan is to choose the nature that best suits your needs.

Brave nature

The Brave Nature in Pokémon Sword and Shield provides your Pokemon Natures greater Defense and less Attack. Because Rock and Steel types are usually tank-types that depend on their Sp. Attacks, this feature is appropriate for them. The Shuckle, for example, has the highest Defense stat of any Pokemon. However, having Brave Nature on your Pokemon has the drawback of making them slower than you would prefer.

The sturdy, docile, and serious sorts of nature are the others. The latter two varieties have a higher Special Attack than the first two, but they aren’t as effective. With a quick spin strike, a Hitmontop with an Impish disposition may defend his teammates. Lax Pokemon are less beneficial in competitive play since they are more irresponsible. Their carelessness will result in a lesser Defense than their tougher rivals.

Two of the five metrics are affected by a Pokémon’s nature. Natures affects three bases: attack, special attack, and defence. One of these three stats will be affected by using Natures, while raising another will lower that stat. You may pick any two of these attributes in Pokemon GO, and your Pokemon will take on a distinct temperament depending on which one you choose. Red and blue represent the two basic metrics, respectively.

When deciding which Pokemon Natures to use with the Brave nature, search for ones that have a lower Speed. Steelix and Ice Rider Calyrex are excellent Trick Room selections. Gyro Ball users will like their slower rotation speed. Steelix is a fantastic option with Brave disposition when running a Trick Room configuration. This Pokemon has a strong Special Attack and a low Speed, making it ideal for using the Gyro Ball.

Quiet nature

Some teams benefit from Pokemon’s quiet nature. It boosts a Pokemon’s Speed and Defense while lowering its Attack. This attribute is beneficial for Pokemon who do damage and weaken their opponents, but it must be balanced with your team’s other qualities and abilities. The pros and cons of having a Quiet Pokemon Natures are listed below. If you’re on a Trick Room team, you may want to think about this Nature.

For certain Pokemon, neutral natures are also a viable option. They aren’t particularly aggressive or defensive, making them ideal for folks who don’t care about their statistics. A Quiet Pokemon is more concerned with affection than with care. It has a better possibility of winning wars as well. If you don’t want to plan its stats or compute the amount of lives it has, this is the ideal option.

Modest nature

If you’re searching for a Pokemon with a low Attack level, the Modest nature is the ideal option. This type is ideal for Psychic Pokemon who attack using status illnesses rather than attacks. This is the nature to choose if you want to learn HMs or TMs from your Pokemon. The Pokemon that benefit from this characteristic are listed in the table below. This section will go through which Pokemon Natures benefit the most from this characteristic.

A Pokemon with a Modest nature may boost Special Attack while lowering Defense. This kind of Pokemon is good for Special Sweepers since it can withstand a high-damaging attack without sacrificing too much Special Defense. The lack of speed is a downside of Pokemon with a Modest nature, although Bulky Pokemon benefit from having a high Attack stat. Bulk Up is also a viable option for a Pokemon Natures with a low Attack stat.

While Pokemon’s Modest nature isn’t the most difficult kind, it’s a great pick for a solitary mid. When your coworkers are too busy to assist, this job will provide you with the essential support. It will also boost the overall speed of your pokemon. These sorts are also excellent choices if you want to improve your odds versus your opponents. Stay tuned to Hotspawn if you want to learn more about competitive play. In the future, its community-based encyclopaedia will contain more competitive Pokemon guidelines.

Pokemon Natures’ adamant nature enhances Attack while decreasing Sp. Attack. If your Pokemon mainly hits with physical attacks, choose a Nature that boosts Attack while lowering Special Defense. Physical Pokemon will benefit from abilities like Huge Power and a Special Attack ability if they are of this kind. If you’re a special attacker, though, you’ll want to go with a Pokemon with a Modest nature.

Unusable natures

In the Pokemon game, there are 25 distinct natures, and each one affects a Pokemon’s stats in some manner. While certain natures are more suited to certain types of Pokemon, others are more beneficial. If you wish to play competitively, you may better your team’s overall strategy by using the natures of Pokemon of various sorts. The following are some of Pokemon’s most helpful and useless characteristics.

Situational natures: These natures are favourable to a small number of Pokemon, but not to the rest of the party. Basically, Pokemon who utilise methods that profit from slower speed, such as Trick Room, benefit from this sort of nature. Neutral natures, on the other hand, might boost a Pokemon’s numbers in more helpful ways. The usage of neutral natures is restricted, but they are worth considering if you’re looking to put together a team that can take advantage of specific Pokemon Natures’ situational natures.

The personality of a Pokemon is the most important component in determining its stats. Pokemon with various Natures were divided into distinct categories in the first two generations, but those with the same personality had similar stats. By the fourth generation, though, Pokemon of the same sort were grouped together in a new category and renamed appropriately. It debuted in the second generation of the Pokemon Natures game, but was cut from the dub.

Some Pokemon Natures, in addition to being worthless, have the same unusable natures as other Pokemon. Oshawott, for example, has a Rash nature, which implies it has a weak bite but can still fight. Unown will benefit from nature that will help it improve its Special Attack. If you want to use Unown as your primary Pokemon, you should aim to get one with a greater Special Attack.


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