Getting Started With The Octavia Build All you need to Know


People who wish to optimise their damage output while still employing a passive ability can consider an Octavia build. Harmonic Symphony, as well as her passive talents Greater Invisibility and Amp, will be discussed in this article. The last section of this essay will go through how to get the most out of each of these skills. In addition, we’ll go through some of the greatest Octavia Build gear.

Octavia’s passive ability is Harmonic Symphon

Her Resonator throws an invulnerable rollerball and charms foes within a range while Octavia has active abilities. As more adversaries follow the resonator, the charm radius rises. Charmed enemies are stunned and receive Blast damage for a short period of time. If an adversary has no allies nearby, the Resonator will attract them, causing them to stumble temporarily.

Metronome is Octavia’s second passive ability. The notes of the tune are represented by the ringing lights of the metronome. Octavia will incur damage if an adversary enters this ringing field. If the adversary has little health, the damage will increase. Furthermore, the damage from the Mallet and Resonator stacks, so Octavia will inflict twice as much damage to an adversary with the first one.

The passive ability of Octavia is highly complicated, yet the mechanics are simple to grasp. A player may inspire an ally within 15 metres and acquire 1 Energy each second by casting any Ability. When the player recasts it, the duration will be refreshed. In terms of the music itself, Octavia’s gimmick, which can be found in her armoury, assists you in writing tunes.

The Amp ability, which enables the player to enhance both herself and their team, is vital to a coordinated Octavia’s setup. This build is ideal for agricultural groups and also performs well in survival tasks. It is advised that you use a mobile harm skill instead of Primed Flow during survival assignments. Streamline or Primed Flow are also viable options, but don’t forget to consider Intensity and Energy conversion. Energy Vampire Trinity may assist boost the Octavia Build if you choose it.

Even if the adversary has many respawn places, Octavia is an excellent pick for holding down a region. Her survival numbers are excellent, and she has a large basic Energy pool and efficiency. She has the ability to cover a huge area with damage and successfully hold an area down. Octavia is best used in missions where she must maintain control over a large region.

I suggest starting with the passive ability if you’re new to the Octavia Build. You’ll have a good probability of avoiding opponent respawns if you use this passive ability. It also does a lot of damage, which is a good strategy to prevent being wiped out in a battle. Also, make sure you don’t forget about this skill. Keep an eye out for it and learn all you can about the construction. It’ll be well worth your time.

Octavia’s third ability is Greater Invisibility

Resonator is Octavia’s second ability, which throws an invulnerable rollerball that attracts foes in its path. The effect’s radius expands as more opponents pursue. When you’re on the move or in a tight location, this ability might help you obtain a bonus. You may utilise this passive ability to make a target invisible if you’re attempting to avoid opponents.

Octavia’s spells and weapon attacks inflict sneak attack damage. She delivers sneak attack damage to flanked adversaries while unseen. She may utilise her Impromptu Stealth Attack talent to shield herself in fight in addition to sneak assaults. Cat’s Grace is Octavia’s third ability, and it grants her boosts to DEX, CON, and STR. The magic also makes her immune to cold.

Resonator delivers blast damage to adjacent opponents when activated. It also draws non-charming opponents in the area. Resonator has the added benefit of keeping opponents together by diverting enemy fire away from comrades. The conductor enables Octavia to command the Resonator, while Metronome provides her allies temporary invisibility.

Octavia’s invisibility is dependent on duration and lasts longer than Loki’s. The player must squat in rhythm with the music to use this talent. Each Octavia sings a different tune. Anyone in Octavia’s squad may use Greater Invisibility, and it’s a good idea to use it as frequently as possible.

Octavia’s construction relies heavily on amp. Amp boosts teammates and improves damage. Energy Conversion may potentially increase damage by up to 650 percent. Choosing weapons with an amp effect will boost the buff and sound even more. Furthermore, if you stand in the area of effect, Amp’s impact will be magnified, allowing your squad to hear it more clearly.

Octavia’s initial ability, Mallet, enables her to throw a little ball in her range. When the Mallet collides with an adversary, it does damage to that enemy. The amount of damage reflected is determined on the Mallet’s Power Strength. More harm is displayed when the power strength is higher. Likewise, the more damage taken, the more damage reflected.

Octavia’s fourth ability is Amp

Resonator is Octavia’s second ability. The Resonator fires an indestructible rollerball that attracts opponents in its vicinity. The radius of your Resonator will grow as you seduce more foes. This ability has a large range and is quite useful at ensuring that you deal damage from afar. Amp provides Octavia and her teammates with a substantial bonus in addition to its damaging output.

Octavia has four abilities. Her initial ability, Metronome, provides a temporary benefit to teammates. Resonator, her second talent, delivers a wide benefit to allies in the area where it is performed. This frame is very defensive, as she may utilise the Mallet to hold attackers at bay and her Resonator to instantly inflict damage to opponents in a certain area.

Completing the Anthem quest or getting a Mandachord from Cephalon Simaris will provide Octavia’s blueprint. You may also buy Octavia’s pieces by solving the Plato Crossfire Exterminator’s Music Puzzle or A Rotation Cache. You can utilise Octavia’s fourth ability, Amp, after you acquire these components.

If you’re playing as a bard, amp is a useful talent to have. The Mallet’s damage scales infinitely, Resonator can crowd control a whole area of adversaries, and Metronome buffs your squad. Amp also gives you more shields and energy, as well as an extra polarity slot, making her a more powerful bard Warframe. Apart from that, Octavia Prime is a superior bard Warframe.

The Mallet is a strong area-of-effect talent that may attract opponent fire and kill them. It has tremendous effectiveness and scales with opponent level. It may also be used in conjunction with Resonator to produce a rolling ball of devastation. Octavia Prime and her friends also benefit from the Resonator. It’s also a good choice if you need to keep an area under control.

By acquiring the necessary Void Relics, the Octavia Prime may be improved. There are several sources of Void Relics, some of which may be broken through quests. Below are the finest among them. You may also attempt Coffin come Arma Primaria and Tenora Prime if you don’t willing to grind for them. These two weapons are excellent choices for experimenting with various gaming approaches.

Amp is Octavia’s third ability, and it may help you increase your damage output and revive teammates. Octavia’s third ability, Anthem, is now a tier four ability, and it decreases ambient sounds. This is a fantastic chance to get to know this hero whether you are new to the game or have never played it before!


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