How Can I Remotely Access Another Computer For Free 2020

Remotely Access Another Computer For Free 2020

Wondering! How to remotely access your computer for free, No need to look any further as we will be discussing our top pick for a remote desktop tool and some runner ups.

So, Imagine you have left home for work, you have a business meeting and suddenly you remember there is some important information at your home desktop. Now imagine if you can simply, share your desktop screen through your phone, Or take over the keyboard and the mouse and can have the full-on live real-time experience, not just that you can even use options like Ctrl+Alt+Del, PrtScr, and F11 which can be sent to the host device with a single press of a menu button.

For those of you who don’t have a clue for what a remote desktop is, it is a piece of software or an application that will allow you to remotely access your computer through another device whenever and where ever you want. This piece of technology was built for IT support personnel to remotely gain access to computers connected in a shared network, But increasing tech culture has influenced tech companies and the average user to have the vivid imagination to remotely access a computer through smartphones or tablets on the go.

Our Top Pick

1. Chrome Remote desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop service makes it very simple to get any computer windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and even Mac at any time anywhere in the world without any hassle from desktop or any mobile device with just one click. The only requirement is that both devices ‘the client’ and ‘the host’ have Chrome installed, Its user experience is so great, it is almost like as if you were sitting right in front of it clicking and scrolling around.

Chrome Remote Desktop is useful in remotely signing into your work or personal computer from anywhere and if you plan to peek into someone else’s system, can be anyone your friend’s, co-worker’s or even your mother’s, who needs hand-on help! troubleshooting without being in the same place.

How to install?………. It is very easy getting this service up and running, you need to download and install an extension on your chrome, grant access by creating a unique PIN from your host device, later which can be used to log in from your client device it only takes seconds and it does not even require chrome to be running on your host device or even logged in………


2. Microsoft Remote Desktop

3. Splashtop

4. Mikogo

5. TeamViever


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