How Instagram Parental Controls Will Impact App Usage?

    instagram parental control

    A difficult to absorb topic in almost every household is social media. Spouses have problems between them due to overuse of social media, and sometimes parents complain the same with their children. It is not unusual to hear sobbing stories of parents or spouses.

    Let’s face it; the millennial generation likes to hang around with their peers through digital media more than in-person meetings. Consequently, it leads to spending more and more time on electronic gadgets and devices. Nothing more irritates the parents than children not listening to them and wasting time online.

    Kids can become victims of cyberbullying or face other health-related problems due to the overuse of social media apps. Physical impacts can range from eyesight weakness to severe spinal issues due to wrong postures. Similarly, mental issues can include anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, etc. Parental monitoring can reduce the side effects of social media on kids.

    Keeping in mind these problematic issues, Instagram has recently introduced parental control features focusing on teenagers’ safety. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, announced the news on Twitter, stating that he wants everyone to enjoy their time on Instagram while being safe. This statement was applauded by many parents and hoped that this would stay permanently in the app.

    Parental Monitoring Features

    The monitoring features introduced to Instagram users include the following;

    1. Screen Limitation
    2. Reporting Alerts
    3. Distancing Teens From Adults
    4. Inability To Tag Teens By Unknown Adults
    5. Strict Recommendations To Teens
    6. Bulk Delete
    7. Take A Break
    8. Done With Tagging
    9. Activity Dashboard

    Some features are new, and some are just the extensions of previous safety features that are already functional. Let us discuss all of these by one to check what impacts they will leave on the usage of Instagram.

    Screen Limitation

    Parents can now measure their teens’ time spent on the Instagram application. It will help them maintain or reduce the screen time of their tweens. This feature is available primarily in apps to monitor kids’ phones. Still, it is finding its way into social media apps in itself.

    Reporting Alerts

    It will send an instant alert to the parents of kids if they report a person on Instagram. But this feature is an Opt-in experience.

    Distancing Teens From Adults

    Instagram has started to keep the accounts of teens as “private” settings to restrict targeted advertisements and inappropriate content. With the help of technology, restricted adult contact is now being implemented. It will ensure those suspicious adults do not approach the teen accounts. Another step into a restricted account is that unknown adults will not contact the teen if they are not following them. Alerts will be sent to the teenagers, notifying them about suspicious behavior, giving teens the ability to block and report.

    Inability To Tag Teens By Unknown Adults

    Expending distancing teens from adult features, Instagram will disable the feature of tagging of teens by unknown adults. If they are not following the teen, they cannot tag them. It will enable and authorize the teenagers to control who can share on their social imprint. Now kids can escape the embracement of awkward pictures taken by someone at some point in their life.

    Strict Recommendations To Teens

    Instagram is going to implement some strict strategies regarding the recommendations to teenagers. A strict algorithm will be set into the search, explore, hashtags, and suggested areas.

    Parental control app can help a parent look at the search history or browsing history of their child.

    Bulk Delete

    A new feature of bulk deleting the photos and videos from the account is a fresh breeze for people who want to delete their upload history in a single click. It can be helpful to the users who wish to delete their old posts or want to get rid of their digital footprint. We believe that the bulk deleting option is a part of a sound content management system.

    Take A Break

    It is a new feature introduced by Instagram. A user can set an interval reminder by their choice of every 10, 20, or 30 minutes. This feature is out and out for teenagers addicted to watching countless videos like zombies. These reminders will encourage kids to pull back from Instagram for a while and take a chill pill. Parents can set the time limitations for single-day use. Similarly, you can mute the notification for a specified period. Parents will establish rules and structurize their child’s life by restricting social media usage.

    Take a break feature is now officially working in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is also an Opt-in feature.

    Activity Dashboard

    Instagram makes a smooth move by moving all photos, videos, and interactions like “comments and likes” in one place. It will help control, monitor, and manage the digital footprints of an individual’s account. To monitor kids’ phones and their activities only, putting things in one place will be great.

    Educational Hub

    Parents and guardians who like to drive their kid’s use of social media, including Instagram, can find guidance and tips from the Education Hub of Instagram. Parents can easily find educational resources, expert opinions, tutorials, etc., related to social media experiences.

    Ending Note

    Now parents can have the maximum management control of Instagram for their kids. With the Instagram built-in features, a good parental control app may help and work more effectively to monitor social media usage. Instagram is taking initiatives to parental controlling elements and guiding parents on how to use those features.


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