How to charge Apple Pencil – A detailed guide

How to charge Apple Pencil

Well, an Apple Pencil is one handy perfect thing that goes well with iPad users. You as an iPad user can make most of this tab because if you are creative you can sketch, scribble, write and add footnotes with an Apple Pencil. There are three types of Apple Pencil, 1 and 2. Both were released to the public in the year 2015 and 2018 correspondingly. With an Apple Pencil, one doesn’t have to use their fingers to point or pinch on the iPad pads the work is done with the Pencil. In other fancy words, your soft fingers are swapped by a stylus called the Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil works wonders for the folks who are creative and state-of-the-art with their job and its associated skills. So if you wish to or if you are determined to purchase an Apple Pencil for your iPad first take a look at our article. We are explaining the simple things that come with an Apple Pencil regarding price, how to charge both versions of iPhone and how long it takes to charge .

Price and availability

The best website to look for Apple Pencil is the Apple website itself. Though the prices you spot at Apple websites are similar to the ones spotted with local retailers but with the Apple website you can always find the original and genuine ones. The price of the Apple Pencil is approximately 96 dollars whereas the price of Apple Pencil 2 (129 dollars) is slightly higher as compared to Apple Pencil 1.. Though from local retailers you can have Apple Pencil 2 inscribed for free.

Apple Pencil vs. Apple Pencil 2

While selecting the ideal Apple Pencil you must look at the model of your iPad. With iPad model 11 you can purchase an Apple Pencil but if the iPad model is 12.9 go for Apple Pencil 2. Both the Apple Pencil are handy and beneficial but there are some differences between the older and new version of the Apple Pencil.

With Apple Pencil 2 there is strong magnetic radiation that retorts the Pencil to the side of the iPad without much hassle and charges wirelessly. Whereas for Apple Pencil you have to plus the Pencil into the tablet so you can see it is pretty difficult to charge or power-up. Though both are charged efficiently the process of charging is a little different for both and care must be taken not to overcharge.

Apple Pencil two exhibits a double-tap function. And by clicking at the lower portion of the stylus twice you can switch back to the previous Apps or tools that you had been using. Also with the double-tap in action, you can switch on the eraser while sketching or handwriting. And not to forget the double tap also activates the color palate so you can see how proactively this Pencil works. Everything is in hands while working. However, with the Apple Pencil, you can’t use this feature since the double tab action is not present within the stylus. Also the charging time of Apple Pencil one and two varies but not very much.

How to use an Apple Pencil        

Once you have purchased an Apple Pencil according to your IPad model here are some guides you must see on how to use and charge the Apple Pencil.

  • How to connect an Apple charger

Well as compare to headphones connecting an Apple Pencil is much easier as most of the work is done by the iPad itself and that too automatically. Make sure the Bluetooth of the iPad is connected because if not the Pencil stylus won’t work. To open the Bluetooth mode on go to setting or tug the control center down with your finger and tab at the Bluetooth option to switch it on.

However, once the iPad Bluetooth is switched on now it’s time to switch your original Apple Pencil. Remove the end of the stylus to showcase the lightning connector and connect this to the lightning port present on the iPad. For Apple Pencil 2 you can magnetically connect the stylus to the iPad pro strips.

You only have to tap and Apple Pencil 2 will automatically be connected to your iPad pro. It is as simple as it is written, for both Apple Pencil 1 and 2.

How to charge Apple Pencil        

Once the Bluetooth is on both ways and the Apple Pencil is connected charging becomes super easy as you just simply leave your Apple Pencil connected or plugged into the iPad. As per your choice, and Apple Pencil comes with an adapter as well, so you can charge it with an iPad charger if you wish to. You don’t have to leave your Apple Pencil to be charged for hours because charging is relatively quick 

Once your stylus is connected or plugged into the iPad it will inform you how much battery is remaining. So this way you will have an idea about how much charging is to be done. And that’s how you charge an Apple Pencil.

How to Charge Apple Pencil 2

The Apple Pencil 2 is much easier to charge because it has a magnetic attachment to the side of the iPad and it charges wirelessly as mentioned above. This is much easier as compared to Apple Pencil charging since that required plugging into the lightning port.

How Long It Takes To Charge  

Next question that pops up is how long it takes to charge Apple Pencil?

Whatever the charging method is it takes about 15 minutes for both the Pencils to get fully charged. However, if you are short of time in 15 seconds you can receive 30 minutes of exclusive charging.

Apple Pencil Tips and Tricks

If you are new to the gadgets or Apple Pencil you must first know some easy tactics and rules of using an Apple Pencil. With Apple, the Pencil doesn’t press it so hard over the iPad screen and be gentle because the iPad itself understands the amount of pressure your stylus is applying over the screen tools. So in easy words be gentle with the stylus and pressure.

Next, the charging should be done carefully. For both Apple Pencil charging must take no longer than 15 minutes therefore carefully charge and always place the stylus and iPad down to the flat surface so that no falling occurs.

Note not all functions are performed with the stylus, for example, you have to use your fingers for bringing or pulling the control center down and up.


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