How to clean your iPhone speaker? Best Ways


The iPhone is a robust mobile phone that is portable enough to be carried anywhere. It has distinctive features that facilitate its users immensely. Not to forget the impressive outlook. However, its cleanliness is as imperative as charging it. 

 Did you wonder that the speakers placed at the front, middle, and bottom are highly sensitive to minor damage or particles, whether it is dust, makeup, or any dirt particle?

 This might sound terrifying, but It has all sorts of bacteria swimming around it. Though we can clean the iPhone’s screen and body with a wet cloth or even with a handkerchief, we seldomly clean the iPhone speakers. This poses two potential damages; highly infectious and dirty and reduction in the quality of sound. This will lead to a reduction in sound volume. As a result, when somebody will call you, it won’t be easy to comprehend their words. 

How to clean iPhone speakers?  

Are you looking for ways to clean your iPhone speakers without damaging them? We have stated several methods of doing it below:

Method# 1

Scrubbing your iPhone speakers with a soft toothbrush, one with soft bristles, is highly recommended.

 It is important to clean the iPhone speaker ports with a toothbrush. Using a circular motion movement, you can clean and remove the clogged makeup or dirt particles out of it quickly. To make things easier, cut or trim the toothbrush bristles to half inches and dip the tips into a solution of alcohol; place these toothbrush bristles inside the ports and clean from top to bottom. This will remove the stickled or attached dirt from the ports. 

However, please do not press the bristles around the speaker’s axis, as it might damage the speaker completely. This process is most commonly used for cleaning the iPhone speaker. A little pressure and gentle gingers can help to clean the speakers.

Method# 2

You can also clean the iPhone speakers with paint tape. It May sound a little new, but it is worth using.

 Painter’s tape is a blue tape used by painters while painting the walls. It consists of an adhesive that is pressure sensitive. This pressure-sensitive adhesive is highly beneficial for cleaning the small holes of your iPhone speaker.

 It would help if you did is to cut a small piece of the blue tape, roll it or turn it into a cylindrical shape, making sure that the cylindrical part has a width equivalent to the index finger of everyone and the sticky part of the blue tape is positioned outwards. 

Once you have slipped the tape over your finger, gently press it inside the iPhone speaker. The tape will accumulate all the gritty material from your speaker ports. Always check the tape after each placement of it into the ports. If you feel that the speakers are still not thoroughly clean, remove and cut the tape to use it again.

Method# 3

Blowing the debris out of the speakers is another option for cleaning the speakers.

 Have you ever heard of compressed air? This is canned oxygen, which is blown into the iPhone speakers for cleaning the lint and dirt out of them. I’m sure this one is easy, and everyone can try this one. 

It is simple. 

Use the canned air according to the directions mentioned in it. Project the nozzle of the canned air towards the speakers at a distance mentioned according to the canned directions. And then comes the easy part. Release the canned air into the speaker, and you will remove all the dirt from the speaker.

Method# 4

This involves the process of cleaning the headphones jack.

Firstly, connect your iPhone with headphones and restart it. Then, connect or plug the iPhone headphones into it. 

You might hear a sound that gives us a false signal. This means that the headphones are dirty and incorporated with dust. 

The dirt is transferred when headphones are plugged into the speaker port. They convey their dirt particles into the speaker’s port. Therefore, it is best to clean the headphones before you plug them into the iPhone.

Method# 5

The next thing to use is a cotton swab.

Take a cotton swab and remove one end of the cotton. For removing that end, nip your thumb over it and then pull it apart from the swab to remove the cotton ball away. 

The same procedure is to be carried out at the other end but gently. Nip it so that it becomes loose and then twist it at the long axis of the swab. After this, push this part of the swab into the speaker gently. 

Now, push this inside a few times to clean thoroughly but never damp the cotton balls before cleaning the ports of your speaker.

In this way, your iPhone earpiece will become cleaner than before!

youtube video link: 

Nonetheless, if you still face issues, we recommend exploring speaker fixes. You can do it by following the steps mentioned below:

First of all, check the audio level in the settings. For this, go to settings, click sounds and drag the “Alert and Ringer” point towards the increase portion.

 Then, check whether the sound is sufficient or not. If not, contact the Apple website. Also, you can check the Ringer on the button placed over the side of your iPhone. 

If changing Alert and Ringer’s sliders over the settings still haven’t increased the level of sound, the next best alternative is to restart the iPhone. 

To switch your iPhone off:

1. Press the side button of the iPhone for a few seconds.

2. After the screen goes blank, press the side home button again for some time.

3. Once it is on, try the sound part and audio.

If the problem persists, contact Apple. 

You can do this by clicking over to the Apple website and look for repairs. Click set up for repair, and after that, click Apple. 

You can then press the point stating “physical damage” and click the button that mentions unable to hear.

After that, open the next screen and click the built-in screen. Though there will be several options, click the particular option that suits you well. 

Conclusively, cleaning your iPhone speakers can be a bit tricky. However, our detailed insight on How to clean iPhone speakers will make it easier for you. Read our guide thoroughly, and you are good to go!


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