How to clear cache on iPhone – Best Methods

Clear Cache on iPhone

Wondering how to clear cache on iPhone? Well, the process is pretty easy to do. Clearing cache is the easiest way to free up memory or if you want to speed up your iPhone. And there is a simple way to do it.

What is cache?

The cache happens to be your iPhone’s memory collection for particular apps, such as the Safari browser and third-party apps like Facebook, Spotify, and Tinder. Nonetheless, when you start to clear your iPhone cache, you should know that the action will erase the data for any of the apps whose cache you decide to clear. Curious? This is what happens during the cache clearing process on an iPhone:

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The data that you delete are stored by the apps. In a vast number of cases, the apps need this data for proper functioning. This data also assists the app in remembering your preferences and settings along with the files you have saved to them. So before you decide how to clear iPhone 6 cache, think: Do you need this data?

Cleaning Cache – How important is it?

Just because the smartphone is getting slower does not necessarily mean it might be getting old (it might also be a slow network). It means that your iPhone might be chockful of too many useless app data and files. This means that you need to clear your iPhone of all the cache that is stored on it. It takes up space and also impacts the phone speed and performance.

Cached data includes all the images and files that your smartphone has hoarded in its memory. These also include scripts and passwords that your device keeps to enable easy access. Now, in theory, these features should be making things easier for you. Not to mention faster. Moreover, your iPhone should not be asking you for your password or other information. 

Although Apple has not commented on the matter, the tech community has an opinion on why your phone becomes slow: backed with too much cache data. This leaves us with one question. How to delete cache on iPhone 6?

You should make a habit of clearing your cache. You would see for yourself how it keeps your phone operating at full capacity. When you clear your Phone’s cache, it can speed up your phone, give you more storage space, and prevent your phone’s chances of crashing.

Wondering how to clear cache on iPhone? No need to worry. The process is quite simple. Even those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy, or iPhone-savvy for that matter, can do it themselves.

If you think you haven’t given your iPhone it’s much-needed sweep, today, we are going to discuss some simple steps, some of the best ways to clean cache on the iPhone.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone

You can manually delete information from your iPhone’s cache by deleting the cache files from the apps and browser. Also, another way to do this is deleting and then re-loading the apps to automatically clear the cache from your iPhone.

Method # 01: How to Clear iPhone Cache: Safari

The first method that we will discuss is improving your iPhone’s performance by clearing Safari’s cache.

You can do using these steps:

  • Go to the Settings > Safari. Now, scroll down and tap on Clear History and Website Data.
  • Tap on the Clear History and Data button.
  • Now, go to Settings> Safari. When you have opened the Safari settings menu, scroll down to the bottom.
  • Tap on Advanced> Website Data.
  • Lastly, tap on Remove All Website Data.
  • Then, Remove now.
  • Doing this step is going to clear your Safari cache. You should know that this step is going to remove all of the website data, browsing history, and website cookies. If you wish to keep any of these, then you could go for deleting cache for the third-party apps that you are using.

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Method # 02: How to Clear iPhone Cache: Third-party App

You can clear the cached data for apps other than Safari. These include native and third-party apps. This includes you deleting an app or deleting an app in an attempt to clear its data and then reinstalling it.

No matter what your goal is, here is what you have to do:

  • First of all, go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage.
  • Scroll down to the list of the apps and tap on the one you want to clear.
  • Next, tap the Delete App button. Tap it twice to confirm the action.
  • If you wish to reinstall the app, without the data or documents that you have deleted, you can reinstall it from the App Store.

Repeat the above process for as many apps as you would like to clear. Make sure that you do not clear data of anything that you wouldn’t want to keep.

Method # 03: How to Clear iPhone Cache Temporary Files and Cleaner Apps

If you are thinking about how to clear cache on iPhone 6s, we bring you two more recommendations. These are also helpful in clearing up space on your iPhone quickly.
The first step is to restart your iPhone and remove temporary files and short-term data the apps stored.

If you are thinking of how to clear cache in iPhone 7 plus, you should know that all models are not created equal. Remember this as you start with this method. Each iPhone has a distinct method of powering off as well. Usually, iPhone users have to hold the power button and then slide the power-off option on the screen.

The second method you should know about how to clear your cache on iPhone 6s plus is with a cleaning app. These apps are designed for this particular purpose. Although your best option should always be to default to Apple-based solutions for the Apple products. Be careful when you are using a third-party cleaner and know that there are risks involved in it.

When you clear cache on your iPhone, it gives you more storage space while allowing you to resolve ant operating issues. This way, you are going to have more room for running software. Since the occurrence of storage getting filled up is fast and frequent, make a practice of clearing out your cache so you can enjoy optimal performance and functionality.


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