How to edit your Memoji in iOS 13 and 14 on an iPhone?

How to edit your Memoji in iOS 13 and 14 on an iPhone

Ways to edit your Memoji on the iPhone along with the latest updates on Memoji and Animoji. Find fun ways to edit your Memoji and Animoji today!

Things You Have to Know About Animoji and Memoji

The past year that when Animoji was first announced, a lot of people fell in love with it. It is a great way to send different texts to the people around you, and express yourself fully, but it doesn’t end right there.

What is fun with having a boring Animoji or a simple Memoji? Well, it is time to take things to the next level.

With the latest wrap-ups, we have tips on how to edit memoji IOS 13 and others. There are the latest security features and latest updates. The new gem in town is Memoji. It will let you create a type of unique avatar that will resemble you. Think of the whole Bitmoji as a whole revolutionary way to create emojis for your friends.

What’s the Major Difference between Memoji and Animoji?

Animoji utilizes 3D emoji that will slowly map your face, which lets you project your voice like an animated robot that will then turn into mouth or smileys. It lets you do things the right way.

Memoji will let you make good 3D avatars that you can utilize in the same way to Animoji. The only significant difference is that your 3D emoji on the screen will look exactly like you!

With Memoji You Can Create Things Like

  • Different skin tones
  • Hair colours and hairstyles
  • Eye colour and different eye shape
  • The shape of your head
  • The shape of your ear
  • Different shapes of the nose and the lips
  • Some jewellery types
  • Some facial hair
  • Different types of eyewear
  • Headwear

The other thing you can do with the Memoji is to duplicate the whole thing and edit it or add extra accessories, or different types of hair, and features, so if you are a person that likes to change your look a lot, then you can opt for Memoji.

Next, let’s look on how to edit your memoji ios 13.  We are now taking Animoji’s to the next level. It is simple to make your own Memoji and modify the emoticons on the Apple phone.  All your Emojis will be altered based on your preference and style.

To assess the Memoji part, it is required to open the Messages section and double click on the section of Memoji. Pick the Memoji which you want to alter and double tap on three different dots to view all the details. There you will find a part to edit, so double click that part, and you will go to the part where you created your first Memoji. These are a few of the tips on how to edit your memoji ios 13.

Memojis were once only usable by users that have the latest apple phones, and the next-gen of iPhones. However, when the latest apple software was launched, now all Apple users can utilize their usage of moving easily customizable characters.

Here we have some golden rules on how to edit your Animoji on ios 13.

First, to edit your emoji, you have let your phone have the latest updates to the iOS 13. You have to double-check your settings on the iPhone before attempting to edit your memoji on iOS 13.

  1. Open the messaging application. Double tap to view your latest chat with your friends or family. Moreover, you can click on the message app to begin a new conversation.
  2. Click on the right apps and click on the Memoji section on the keyboard.

Open up the section of the Memoji.

  • Double-tap on the proper Emoji that you want to make changes.
  • Tap on the top left corner. There are three dots, so tap on them.

Access the edit menu.

  • Tap on “Edit” to make your changes.
  • Browse through the options of the Memoji, like changing different features of the whole face, like hair colour or even an eyebrow.
  • Tap “Done” once you are done.
  • It will shut down the whole section and drag you right back to your keyboard. You should be able to see the changes right away.

Using Animoji in iMessage

It is the same as using Memoji in the message; the only thing that makes the difference is selecting “Animoji” in the iMessage instead of Memoji.

  1. Open Messages and pick conversation. There will be a new Message option where you can click.
  2. Tap on the button “Animoji”, and you should see the Animoji you can pick.
  3. You should be able to see the Animoji you opt to use.

These are tips on ways to personalize your Memoji on your apple phone on the phone that you are holding, we will be moving on to using Memoji and Animoji in your FaceTime. The tips are rather useful for people that want to know how to edit Memoji IOS 13 on their phones.

Once you have made your first Memoji, you can use it when you make a call on FaceTime, provided you have the latest iPhone, like an iPhone X. Which means, your apple phone has to support Face ID, to be able to use this unique feature.

To use your Emojis on a FaceTime call:

  1. Make a video call during your FaceTime, via app or Contacts.
  2. Once the call has begun, double-tap on Star icon on the bottom left part.
  3. Pick the Memoji that you want to use.
  4. Double-tap on the X button to get rid of the effects.

Using Memoji in Other Apps

  1. You can also use another type of Memoji stickers to begin a text message or a new conversation so that your IOS keyboard will pop open.
  2. Double-tap on the emoji button and you will need to scroll through the buttons until you finally locate your Emoji keyboard.
  3. Swipe right to see your whole list of latest Memoji stickers.
  4. Pick a sticker from the list of stickers, and you will see a full set of different stickers. Add it in your message, and you’re good to go!

Final Verdict

Even if you use an Apple phone to send the Emoji sticker to a user that is using an Android device, they will still see the Memoji stickers like the way they show up on your iPhone. However, you cannot do FaceTime with them. However, creating Memoji and Animoji is only available on Apple phones. Have fun messing with your emojis! Thumbs up if you liked the post!


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