How to Improve your Home WiFi Performance – Best 3 Tips


You don’t need much time to set up a critical wireless network in your home. A WiFi network’s visibility can also be reduced for several other causes. It’s possible that home Internet users aren’t aware of the opportunity to manage and govern a private network and to continuously improve and secure it. However, a decent Setup connected to your existing router can enhance the efficiency and security of a wireless and dependable home network in your apartments for rent in Newark, NJ, in the other direction.

What would be the next step for Extender Setup

  1. Take an Ethernet cable and connect your existing device along with range extender.
  2. Turn both devices on and wait for the solid green power LED to appear.
  3. If they are blinking, don’t proceed further; just stop here for a little while.

What more can we do for New Extender Setup?

  1. Instead of stressing, you should simply press WPS button on your new gadget, wait for two minutes, and then set it back to forward motion (apply the same process on your router as well).
  2. The stable lights are now visible, so you can begin moving forward. Begin browsing the internet on any of your smart devices (computers, laptops or cell phones).
  3. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll be asked to enter your default username and password to verify your identity.

Genie Setup: Secure your Home Network

To access your WiFi network from a distance, enable a smart remote-access option on a smart phone or tablet. This software feature enables you access and control over your home network to diagnose problems, as well as capabilities like guest access to secure your network, traffic control, and map transmission, among others.

Increasing the frequency with which you provide WiFi System tips might improve its performance

1. Update and adding a Device

Wi-Fi systems are built to last for a very long time. As current technology advances, many network administrators are contemplating upgrading their ageing equipment. The newer WiFi networks tend to be speedier and more stable than older networks, which tend to slow down after a short period of time. If this is the case, we would like to encourage our valued user to upgrade all of their electronic devices on a regular basis and be informed of the latest and emerging WiFi technologies in their area.

2.Place your router in the Best Location

It’s common for people to place their wireless gadgets in places where they feel most at ease. Microwaves, cordless phones, and Bluetooth speakers, among other things, could bring down their entire network, which they are blissfully unaware of. The same frequency as a router can be picked up by metal appliances, so keep your gadget out of their reach. All of them can be shut off when they are not in use if you cannot get rid of them all. When it comes to your home network, smart gadgets, and router, these are the big disasters that cause disconnects.

3. Adjust the WiFi Channel Number

The interference of a channel can have a significant impact on the functionality of your WiFi and home network. When it comes to transmitting signals from one location to another, WiFi tools are very similar to televisions. Most routers come preloaded with the same channel (the default), and most users aren’t interested in making any changes to the channel. Third-party devices or other electrical gadgets using the same channel or operating at the same frequency may cause radio interference here. This bothersome situation can be fixed by changing the WiFi channel from the default to your own selection.


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