How To Increase Likes On Facebook? 10 Proven Ways


Facebook is a great way to connect with people and share information. The popularity of Facebook has grown in recent years, so it’s no wonder how many people are using the site! But if you’d like to drive more traffic your way, we are here to help. Whether you are using Facebook for personal purposes, having more Facebook likes and reactions to your post is very important. 

10 Tips to Consider

  • Keep Facebook Page Updated

When you have a Facebook page, you must keep it updated. To ensure that your page is updated on time, set up a posting schedule to auto-schedule your posts. This will ensure that you keep your post updated with new content.

  • Share Interesting Posts on Facebook

Think about new and interesting posts on Facebook and share them with others. When you share valuable content, others will like it. So if you have some great information, tweet about it and share it as a status update so that your friends can also benefit from it.

  • Add Comments to Your Own Posts

Do you know that adding comments to your own Facebook post is another way to gain attention? In addition to liking someone’s page or just scrolling down their wall, adding comments is also a good form of connecting with people. When you start a new status update and you leave a comment on your own post, it will gain more attention.

  • Re-Share Interesting Content on Facebook

Suppose you want more Facebook likes and comments, re-share interesting content on Facebook. When you share important information, the information must be well-written. This will help drive more attention toward your page. In addition, it is good to share a post with several people so that they can also benefit from this information.

  • Use Other Social Media Platforms

We are busy nowadays, so it isn’t easy to get time to review our Facebook profiles daily and like what we see there. So to have more likes on Facebook, make sure you also use other social media platforms to connect with people.

  • Give Away Freebies

Another way to get more likes is by giving away freebies to your fans and followers. Many other Facebook pages use this technique, which works well for them. Give away something that is worth sharing, and your fans will love it! This will help you in getting more likes on Facebook!

  • Use Powerful Images

The most effective way of gaining attention on Facebook is by using a powerful image. If you post an image with some value, it will help attract the attention of the person who is looking at your page.

  • Use an Eye-Catching Image

When you post an image, make sure that it is eye-catching. A cool-looking image will catch more people’s attention and drive more exposure to your page.

  • Post Only Quality Content

When you post a new status update or photo update, make sure that it is valuable enough to be shared with others. When you post only quality content on Facebook, you can always expect that your fans and followers will also be interested in your posts in the future. So don’t just hope for more likes to come; work toward getting more likes by posting awesome content!

  • Use a Good Tone

The tone is one of the most important things to consider when you are posting anything on Facebook. The tone should be professional, friendly, and engaging, as this will help you get more likes. This will also help make your posts more valuable to others so they will want to share them with their friends. With these steps and tips, you can expect to get more likes on Facebook!

Precautions to Take While Using These Tips

When you are using these tips to get more likes on Facebook, there are a few things that you must remember:

  • Don’t try to use any of these tips negatively. Instead, try to keep the tone and message positive, as this will help increase your like count.
  • Only do one posting at a time, as this will decrease the number of views and likes you get on your page.
  • When you share some nice post that is worth sharing on Facebook, make sure you are also sharing some of your own posts as well so that people can see what you have posted in detail and also know what kind it is about!


One of the most important things we need to consider when we want to get more likes on Facebook is ensuring that our posts are valuable enough. What people see and like is the only thing that matters when increasing likes on your page. So, make sure that your post is well-written and interesting to read so that more people will start liking you as well


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