How to increase the Battery Life [Android and iPhone]


Battery is a very important mobile device component. Save the battery in an emergency situation helpful to you. We shared useful content here to save your battery life.

Battery Saving Tips:

Follow the following instructions to extend your battery backup.

Data Connection

If you don’t use it, don’t keep on your mobile internet data connection. You can use Wi-Fi data as much as you can because a cellular Internet connection drains more batteries than a Wi-Fi connection.

Uninstall unnecessary apps: Uninstall apps you don’t use or very seldom use because unnecessary apps are draining the battery and affecting your smartphone performance. Also, don’t use low battery performance booster apps. It is therefore advisable to uninstall these apps.

Turn OFF Siri or Google assistant if you don’t need it

It’s a good idea to keep Apple Siri and Google assistant running in the background and draining your battery, if you don’t use it, or less often. For longer periods, it saves your battery.

Use Battery Saver App

You can use a battery administration or battery saver application to some extent improve your battery backup.

Use Dark and Dark Wallpapers:

Dark theme

Dark wallpapers are helpful in saving smartphone batteries, particularly on smartphones with AMOLED display panels. Don’t use live wallpaper because it constantly drains the phone battery. The dark theme is the same for the saving of batteries.

At present, almost every smartphone and app has a dark mode to save your battery life. This works best in AMOLED screens than other screens.

Haptic feedback vibration

Haptic feedback is a function that ensures that your smartphone vibration comes with calls and notifications whenever you touch the screen. Please turn OFF vibration of haptic feedback because more battery is needed.

Turn OFF Auto-rotate

Auto-rotate uses Accelerometer (or Sensor/G-sensor orientation) and runs all the time when Auto-rotate is enabled. So continue to turn OFF Auto rotation to save more time on your battery.

Reduce the brightness of your smartphone

In bright and sunny environments, this is not recommended. Try to use a low to medium brightness smartphone when you’re comfortable, since the display of a mobile phone consumes a great deal of battery power.

Location permission

Don’t always allow all apps to be located. This option can only be used when the app is used for location permission.

All these tips can help you effectively save your phone battery.

Following all these points you can increase your battery backup in normal conditions, but these points will help you to survive with your smartphone if you have difficulties.


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