How to play call of duty mobile on PC ?


Over the years, online gaming has become the new trend amongst the young generation. Be it battling games, racing games or games for girls; online platforms have a wide array of games to suit your choice.  

Though call of duty has been in store for long, it is still one of the best games available in the market. 

Are you thinking of what Call of Duty is?  

It is a free battling game which can be accessed through Xbox Live Gold subscription. However, playing on PS4 does not require you to pay for PlayStation Plus membership.  

Though the recent version of call of duty, modern warfare two campaign Remaster, has one-month exclusivity, warzone does not.  

Nonetheless, you can play COD mobile via PC through several ways that are easy to set up. To aid you in the process, we have explained the procedures in detail below.  

How to play COD mobile on PC?  

Here are the steps that are needed to be followed for playing COD mobile on PC:

Firstly, download and install the game loop. You will need a setup space of less than 10MB.  

After you are done with the downloading process, launch and navigate to the game centre, a screen will appear with an outlook similar to this:  

On the screen, you can easily spot the Call Of Duty mobile. If you face difficulty in spotting it out, you can search to find it.  

Once you have spotted it out, tap on the game. From there, you can install with an option present on the right-hand corner.  

This will allow you to download the game in your desktop.  

Now, you can go to the My Game Tab through the option present on the left-hand side. From there. Press on “Launch the game”. 

The game controls will already be in place due to emulator, and you will be able to see the default controller son the right window after launching the game. However, you can set the controls by pressing on the key mapping option.  

How to download GameLoop?  

If you do not know how to download game loop as of yet, mentioned below are the instructions that can aid you in doing it. 

First and foremost, you will have to visit the official website to download Gameloop on PC.  

Then, you will have to tap on the huge yellow download button to install it.  

After this, open the application to look for Call Of Duty: Mobile.  

Once you have thoroughly gone through and followed the guideline, press “finish”.  

Now, tap on the download button present on the COD mobile home page.  

Wait until your game is downloaded.  

After you are done, launch the game loop for further processing.   

Advantages of the game loop  

You can live stream to nonolive and Nimo. 

You can protect your PC from hacking and cheating. 

It supports multiple languages and external controllers.  

You can adjust the controls of gameloop according to your preference.  

How to use game loop emulator?

Gameloop, also known as “Tencent Game Buddy”, is a convenient software to use. All you got to do is install the emulator into your PC. Another plus point is that you can use this Gameloop for other mobile games too.  

Moving forward, you will have to note that Tencent allows you to play the touchscreen games via a specific hardware device. Since Call of Duty mobile uses control scheme, the player is allocated in the same manner. This eradicates the risk of players noisily sliding their thumbs around the screen.  

How to regulate settings through Gameloop?

You can click in three horizontal lines on the top-right hand corner of the game loop software to find the crucial settings that include screen capture location and screen resolution.  


The settings present under the engine are related to the Gameloop window and the game windows’ physical dimensions. To change the game’s active resolution, head over to the Game tab beneath to switch settings.  

Nevertheless, we would recommend lowering the settings to an optimal point for your eyes. This will ensure the smooth running of a competitive game like COD mobile.  

How to play COB mobile via a controller on PC?


There are a wide array of gamepads from which you can choose when it comes to COD mobile. These gamepads include DualShock 4 and Xbox One.  

You can play COD through a controller on PC using to methods: firstly, you can plug in the controller and secondly, you can connect it via Bluetooth.  

Before implementing either of the two methods, you will have to make sure that there is sufficient technology available for Bluetooth option.  

Once you have connected your controller, select the key mapping option using the GameLoop and choose for Gamepad. Lastly, thoroughly check the methods you have selected, and you are good to go.  

It is also imperative to look out for the secondary keys resent underneath the selection option regarding methods. After completing this step, use your mouse buttons to right-click anywhere on the screen. You will then see a blank screen selection that can then be used to map the game via the controller button.  

Continue to map until you are done with the thorough check of all the controls. There is no need for mapping every single button, but it is pertinent to ensure that you have mapped the important buttons which include reloading, aiming, shooting and aiming buttons. Once you are done with it, press saves and load the game to start testing your new setup. Though using the controller is strictly one’s preference, we would suggest otherwise as a controller might lag sometimes.  

Conclusively, COD mobile recognizes the fact that you are operating an emulator, so they put you in a separate lobby for matchmaking. The garena version of the game was revealed in an Instagram post to notify how the players are allocated. It suggested that players using emulator are put against the players from similar kind.

 If you are looking forward to playing with your friends, pairing will be done against players who are operating on mobile using emulators. Though the global version is not clear on the matchmaking process, there is a likely chance that it is done in the same manner.  


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