How to Play Stardew Valley, A guide on Trappers


Tappers are a sort of NPC in Stardew Valley who can process raw materials into processed form. Tapping trees for sap is only one way Tappers can assist you in your farming endeavours. We’ll go through what Tappers are and how to use them in this guide.

What exactly are tappers?

Tappers transform raw ingredients into finished products. The Tapper, Deluxe Speed-Gro Tapper, Quality Speed-Gro Tapper, Preserves Jar, and The Keg are the five types of tappers currently available in the game. Each tapper will use particular resources to create their own items. Trees can be tapped for sap, which can then be used to make syrup or liqueur in a keg. Grass cuttings can be run through a tapper to generate hay, which can then be fed to your animals.

Is there a reason to use tappers?

There is an advantage to using tappers aside than being able to swiftly change raw resources into processed ones without needing to visit the spa or use community centre bundles. The Community Center’s Bundles can unlock a certain number of enhancements for each type of Tapper.

When the Preserve Jar achieves level 5, it will receive its first upgrade, however the Deluxe Speed-Gro Tapper must reach level 7 in order for its goods to receive improvements. Before you may buy and enhance kegs, you must first upgrade your house and earn 500,000g in revenue.

How do I go about using Tappers?

Once Robin moves in on day 2 of Spring year 1, tappers purchase stuff from her shop. Simply install them where they may be conveniently accessed, such as near your house’s entry or near the barn, to make use of them. Then interact with it to bring up its menu, where you may add objects to be processed.

If you’re going to clear some trees for farming, tap each one first before cutting them down. It is recommended that you do not cut down trees near tappers because this will eliminate their input sources, rendering them unusable until they are restored.

I have no idea what Tapper does.

When players hover their cursor over tappers, tooltips appear that explain what each tapper can do. Hovering over the upgrade arrows on the machine itself while it’s turned on will reveal how much computing power it has.

How do I make Tappers better?

You must purchase the bottom two levels of each tapper from Robin to upgrade your Tappers. Then, once the update is complete, you must move them inside your home, where they will be transformed into ‘cloned’ versions of themselves. It will take seven days for them to be usable again.

What are some of the advantages of updating Tappers?

When compared to their non-enhanced predecessors, each upgraded tapper will produce 3 more pieces in their respective products. This means that tapped trees at level 4 create a total of 6 pieces, but leaving this machine on for an extra day and not tapping any other trees produces 9 pieces after 7 days.

Upgraded tappers have increased processing power, which allows them to take in more raw materials before stopping. The Preserve Jar requires less time to process its products, whereas the Kegs produce more.

What do Tapper Upgrades entail? How can I get access to these?

At levels 5, 7, and 9, the Preserve Jar has one improvement for kegs, two upgrades for milk and mayonnaise, and three upgrades for pickles. It will take one day after upgrading your house (500k earnings) before you can purchase the first upgrade, which will allow you to purchase kegs from Robin’s shop menu. Each improvement raises the price of each jar by 500g, bringing the total to 4kg.

Stardew Valley Robin Shop

At levels 5, 7, and 9, kegs have one improvement for milk, mayo, and pickles, respectively. Once your residence has achieved level 3, you can find the first keg improvement in Robin’s shop menu. Each upgrade raises the price of each jar by 500g, all the way up to 40kg.

The Preserves Jar also has two enhancements that allow it to create at least four pieces of each product each tree tapped (up from 2 pieces). Three further enhancements to the Deluxe Speed-Gro Tapper boost the amount of hay generated by clippings while also speeding up the processing time.

The Tapper’s Trade

Stardew Valley’s labour system includes the Tapper profession. You can reach level 4 of this profession by leaving your tappers on for seven days without turning them off or otherwise interfering with the process. While your tappers are operating, you can do other things, but each day that passes will only provide 1 experience point as long as they are turned on.

Players will receive one ‘Tapper Product’ every day in their mailbox after 7 days if they have an active Tapper machine on-screen. Depending on which machine has been updated to its utmost level (or whether it is at maximum capacity), these items are created by Preserve Jars or Kegs. When the Preserves Jar is upgraded to the highest level, each jar/keg requires either 8 pieces of fruit or vegetables. Depending on which oses are attached, kegs can yield 3-8 goods per keg.


Stardew Valley is a fantastic game that will have you engrossed for hours. Tappers can help you gain more of your favourite things, livestock, and even money! If you want to understand more about tappers and what they do, check out our blog entry on the subject. Keep in mind that improving a Tapper will boost its efficiency, allowing you to tap quicker and unlocking a new profession known as “The Tapper Profession”! We hope that these pointers make your time in Stardew Valley as enjoyable as possible!


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