Because call recording is such a specialised function that few people use it, it was omitted from the standard iOS distribution. Even so, it’s usually for a very essential reason if one arises. This is easy enough, so let’s have a look at a few options and see which one works best for you.

Apps for the iPhone

The App Store has a wide range of options, some of which are excellent while others are downright embarrassing. Here are our picks for the top three:


Record call has all the features you’d expect from such an app, including the freedom to record calls in any direction, the ability to keep audio files on your device and play them back in full, and the ability to organise and share recordings.

You’ll only have to fork up $1,99 a month to get started. Additionally, you’ll be able to use the app for free for a period of three days.

Recording Device for Reverend Phone Calls

This is one of the more unique free options. It allows you to record all calls, regardless of who is on the other end, and download the audio files soon after. Human translators are also available as a transcription service.

The only drawback is that it’s limited to US phone numbers exclusively.

Software to record phone calls

You can start recording a call that is currently in progress while still having access to all of the regular capabilities of its competitors. This is a useful feature.

The app, on the other hand, is prohibitively expensive: it costs $10 for 300 minutes of recording, $5 for 150, and $1 for 30 minutes. Furthermore, the company’s server houses all of the recordings.

using Google’s voice assistant

Users of iPhones may not immediately think of Google services because Google is more closely linked with Android. Google Voice, on the other hand, continues to function on iOS devices and is both free and incredibly simple to use. It even protects you from the police, as both participants are alerted by audio at the beginning of the conversation that it is being recorded.

  • Calls made and received are not recorded.
  • making use of a separate audio recorder

No third party is required and all files are stored on your recorder (which is not directly connected to the internet) so no one can access them. This is by far and away the most dependable method. However, these gadgets are pricey, costing at least $30 for a decent one. If you want to record phone calls, you’ll also need an accessory that connects to the iPhone’s earphone port, Bluetooth, or has a dedicated external microphone.

You should seek authorization to record if your jurisdiction requires it, and consult your lawyer about the local regulations if you are unsure.


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