How to Remote Control iPad from iPhone

How to Remote Control iPad from iPhone

So, Ok we are surrounded in gadgets from clocks to a calculator to smartphones, they’re everywhere and to further that notion, now we need gadgets to remotely access our other gadgets……………….

Don’t worry sit back relax because we got the best solutions for you how to remotely access your Ipad from iPhone

Controlling a device with iOS built-in is not an easy task, as users spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to protect their privacy. Apple chooses not to support this function. There are some ways to evade this, but these ways come with some challenges. Our top three solutions to remotely access your Ipad through iPhone are:

  1. Switch Control

The switch control feature was introduced in iOS 10, although it inhibits its usability but a groundbreaking remote accessibility feature for a user with physical impairment causing limited mobility to certain disabilities. For this method to work, you just need to have the “remote” device to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the controlling device.

This accessibility feature works in three different principles; one is ‘Item scanning’, the second one is ‘Point scanning’, and lastly ‘Manual selection’

      2. Remote Screen Viewer

Another great option is to use a remote screen viewer like TeamViewer QuickSupport. This app does not let you control your iPad directly but allows you to just view it, Meaning it will only allow you to view the screen of the iPad in real-time, Physical presence is required to perform actions. Can be used for screen recording, gaming, IT manager support online troubleshooting.

      3. VNC Server

Last but not least VNC Server Possibly, this is the best application to remotely access your iPad by installing the VNC server, not just through your iPhone but you can connect a keyboard, mouse even a trackball, On iPad Os 13.4, connect through any network. To connect properly we just need the IP address of the iPad to connect and to set a password, You can find VNC clients online.

But it has two downsides first you need to have a lot of technical knowledge to download and install this application on your phone as it needs an iOS jailbreak, which will also lead to voiding product warranty and making the product vulnerable. Secondly, always use a private IP address instead of a public one as there is always a chance of someone getting access to your iPad and your valuable data.

After going through the article you must have sufficient information on how to remotely access your iPad from iPhone, through various options now. However, there are still a lot of limitations while accessing the iPad through these applications and they need more advancement but still, these applications are more than capable of helping you to get the desired results.


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