How to Rename Photos and Album on iPhone and iPad


Ten years down the line and memories will be all that you have.   

Therefore, it is imperative to capture the best moments of your life. However, more important is the preservation of those memories.   

With a technologically advanced time such as these, saving and renaming your photos is not difficult at all. Follow some simple steps, and you are good to go.  

Thinking of how to save and rename photos on iPhone? Here is what you can do;   

How to save photos into albums on the iPhone and iPad?  

Though photos are saved into the gallery as soon as they are taken, keeping them in an album might be tricky. Nonetheless, do not stress out.   

To save and rearrange photos to an album:

Swipe left to open the sidebar.

Once you are there, click “create album” under “my albums”.

After this, name the album and choose the photos you want to amalgamate into a single album.  

That is all!  

Also, if you feel like adding pictures to an existing album, that is no difficulty either. All you have to do is open your gallery, tap select, click on the picture thumbnails, and press the sharing button after that. Tap on “add to album”, choose the album, and it is done.   

What could be better than your assorted albums from different occasions? You can sit back and live through them on one fine day.   

Rename your Photos and Albums   

If you love to be organized, you might have kept your mobile that way too.   

The assortment of pictures on IOS devices is an excellent way to keep things intact. Also, some image editing apps like Snapseed often create their albums in your gallery. Youths favorite; Instagram does that too.  

It may not bother you as much, but sometimes, you may consider renaming these albums along with others. In this case, you will need to hustle a bit.   

Although IOS devices work similarly, renaming your albums might require slightly different steps for an iPhone and iPad.   

On iPhone  

Firstly, tap on the option “album”. There you will find a choice of “see all”. Click on it and wait until you are led to the option of editing.  

From there, you will see options of rearranging, deleting, or renaming your album. Amongst them, press “rename”.   

You can then re-type any name you want. If the album is related to a specific event, e.g., a picnic, you can name it accordingly. Are you a fun-loving person? You can add a bit of emojis to spice it up.   

Once you are done with renaming your album, tap on “Done”. There you go; your old album will appear with a new name in your gallery.   

On iPad  

If you have an iPad or perhaps an iPad pro max, here is how you can rename your photo albums.   

To open the sidebar, you can either swipe on the left edge or tap on it. Once the sidebar is visible on your screen, click on the option to edit.   

Similarly, it will lead you to choices of relocating, deleting, creating, or renaming your albums.   

Since you are looking to change the name of the album, click on “rename”   

After this, choose the name that pleases you. Whether it is a fun album or just a screenshot’s folder, name it with something interesting.   

After you are done with renaming, click done, and your album will successfully be renamed.   

How to rename photos and albums on iPhone using the Photos app 

The process of renaming your albums on the iPhone and iPad is not rocket science. The photos app has made it easier to organize picture folders.   

But first, you will have to get the photos app to your home screen. All you have to do is drag the color wheel icon to your home screen. If you have not already selected, select my albums from the bottom menu bar. Afterward, tap on see all.   

Now that you will be able to see all of your albums click on edit. Please tap on the text you want to erase and not the album itself. Use your keyboard to erase the existing name and type the new name.   

Once you are done with it, the press did on the upper-right hand corner. For reconfirmation, click on “Done” once again.   

It is similar to the usual drill. However, the photos app makes the process quicker, and you can easily access it through the shortcut added to the home screen.   

 As the trend to snap each picture increases, Apple is mainly focusing on this aspect and improving it to aid their users. One such updates include the new features of photo tabs.  

Photo tabs now can assort the pictures in a timeline and show you photos from a specific period when needed. Moreover, it gives you an option to identify your friends and family. It will then make separate folders with their names. Whenever you take a picture with them, it will automatically allocate the image into respective folders. If you put on your friends and family’s birthdays, the Photos tab will come up with their picture collection from your gallery on the big day.   

Interesting, isn’t it?   

Furthermore, new editing options will help you in making your pictures more aesthetically pleasing. The editing tool will provide auto adjustments that will change the brightness level, exposure, and contrast in your photo as per your liking. Aside from this, the crop tool helps you change the picture’s perspective and angle; Giving it a whole new look. The video editing tools, on the other hand, helps in trimming and tuning your video. You can cut down on false starts and awkward endings to make it more appealing.   

To conclude, the new technological update has made the world a better place. Renaming your albums, editing your photos and videos, relocating your pictures into different albums, and you can make adjustments to your photos in a matter of seconds and with a few touches only.   


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