How to Secure Your Home WiFi Router – Best 5 picks


Here Are 5 Simple Ways To Keep Your WiFi Router Safe At Home: Every time you click on a link, a new e-threat appears, therefore it’s critical to take precautions to protect your privacy.

We may use our home network as an example, which can be used as a gateway by hackers and other cybercriminals. ESET Latin America’s IT security researcher recently recommended the steps below to make sure your WiFi router is configured safely.

Test The Authentication of Your WiFi Router

Routing devices provide a variety of remote functions via multiple ports and protocols as we are all aware. By default, these ports may be open even when they are not being used.

As a result, make certain that all ports that are not in use are disabled. These settings can be disabled by selecting the default. However, making a revision by hand or using a technology that does so automatically is highly encouraged.

Run a Vulnerability Test For Your Router

Vulnerability scanners can be found online, and many of these applications automate the process of looking for flaws and offer alternatives and advice on how to resolve them. When scanning for vulnerabilities, vulnerability scanners frequently use techniques such as exploiting flaws in well-known ports, malicious domains, and DNS server reputation to see how secure a system really is.

Check devices that are connected to your WiFi Network

Vulnerable protocols can be exploited by hackers or cybercriminals to get access to your WiFi network. That unknown device can stay connected for as long as it likes is the worst part. Checking devices linked to your WiFi network on a regular basis is therefore advised.

Managing the router also necessitates creating filters based on IP or MAC address.

Update The Home Network Devices

Hackers can now capture WiFi network traffic created between a connected device and an access point, according to a vulnerability recently discovered by a security researcher. Malware can be installed or web pages can be modified if the bad guys get access to the server logs.

As a result, it’s critical to keep your home network devices up to date. Installing router firmware updates is also critical.

Enable Security Options

No matter what kind of house is being used, it’s always a good idea to enable the router’s security features. A security expert recommends that we allow the security choices because they are intended to provide the devices and the network with better and more features.

This is how you can keep your WiFi router safe. I sincerely hope that this essay has assisted you in spreading the word as widely as possible.


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