How to take a screenshot on HP laptop – Detailed Guide


Have you ever heard of screenshots or screen captures?  

Well, in modern times like these, screenshotting is very common yet very convenient. Whether you want to show website edits in a meeting or capture your family picture via skype, screenshots will surely make that happen.  

If you are still not aware of what screenshots are, worry not.   

They are snaps of what is displayed on the screen. Be it a mobile, tablet, or laptop; you can effortlessly capture the screen. Thanks to technological advancement!  

Many digital companies, along with HP, have emphasized improving this specific feature. Hewlett-Packard, commonly known as HP, is one of the most popular companies that deal with technology, e.g., laptops and mobiles.   

HP has a range of advanced features to improve the user experience. These features include maintaining PC’s health and organizing files, connecting parts that allow pairing with other devices, and taking screenshots on HP laptop, mobile, or tablet.   

Excellent ways of taking screenshots on HP laptop  

If you are seeking to learn how to take screenshots on HP laptops, here’s a comprehensive guide on the best ways of taking screenshots on HP laptop.   

Capturing screen via keyboards  

Keyboards are bliss, aren’t they?   

As for screenshotting, they can make a relatively complicated process than you think. HP keyboards are intricately designed to aid users in various functions, including screengrab.   

As for screenshotting, thoroughly have a look at your keyboard. At the top right-hand corner, you will find a key named “PRTSc” or “PRTSCR. Though the name of the key may differ from model to model, it serves the same purpose of taking screenshots.   

Once you have located it, click on it to instantly take a screenshot. It will save automatically into your laptop’s files.   

Further, several keyboard combinations help you take a screenshot on an HP laptop:   

Window’s logo + PRTSCN  

Windows logo key + ctrl + PRTSCN  

Windows logo key + Fn + PRTSCN  

Nonetheless, these essential procedures might work well on some HP models and work inefficiently on others. All you have to do is, try it to know it.   

Also, this process might be different on different windows.  

For Windows 7, the screenshot is captured and copied into the clipboard. You will have to use Paint or Word to save it.   

For Windows 8 and 10, a screenshot is automatically saved to your files. To open it, go to your default folders and click on “screenshots”. Although a number will label the picture, you can change it to a name that pleases you.  


While this was one way of taking screenshots on an HP laptop, there are several other ways of doing it.   

Tools for taking screenshots on the HP laptop.   

Keyboard shortcuts might be an effortless way of taking screenshots on an HP laptop, but a range of tools make it simpler for you.   


What is better than having screen capturing options and editing options in one place? Yes, we are talking about SnagIt.   

Here, you can conveniently take a screenshot and adjust its brightness, contrast, or sharpness using the SnagIt editor.   

To take a screenshot on an HP laptop, you will first have to download the app and sign in. After this, a red circle will appear on the side of your screen. Whenever you want to take a screenshot, press that red circle and click on the camera icon that appears on your screen. To record the screen, press the video camera icon.   

Once it is captured, you can always resize ad edit the screenshots as per your liking.  

FonePaw screen recorder  

Whether you have an HP laptop or any other desktop computer, the FonePaw recorder can record the screen or capture it quickly.   

You can take a screenshot of the entire page, a specific area, or a separate window with this tool. Like SnagIt, FonePaw has the option of editing your screenshots.   

To avail of the services of this tool, you will have to download it. After it is installed, go to the homepage and click on the camera icon. You can also take a screenshot with the comfort of your keyboard. Just press CTRL + ALT+C, and you are good to go.   

You can always drag the cursor to the particular area you want a screenshot. Adding tools will further allow you to add annotations or highlight essential lines.   

Apart from the screen capturing facility, you can record a video of your webpage or a webcam video for various reasons while screenshotting essential chunks of the recording.   

Snipping tool   

 The Windows snipping tool in an HP laptop is a cherry to the topping.   

It provides the option to screenshot a whole page, a customized area, or an open window alongside the option to add annotations and save them in a PDF, JPEG, or PNG form.   

To make the snipping tool appear on your screen, press the Windows logo key + R and write “snipping tool” into the search box. After this, press “ok” and snipping tools’ interface will pop out.   

Then, press “new” to choose the type of screenshot you want. Are you confused here? Well, screenshots have formed too: free-form, rectangular, window, or full-screen.   

Once you have chosen the type, go to the delay function, which allows you to decide when to start capturing. You can either choose to capture the screen without delay or take a screenshot after 1 to 5 seconds.   

At last, you can use the editing tool to beautify your screenshots.   

Super screenshot  

Do you want an app for proportioned grabs? We highly recommend fantastic screenshots.   

The awesome screenshot has the option of grabbing a specified area of the screen alongside additional features, e.g., Adding annotations.   

These features enable easy to share, which allows relocation of the image into different files.   

With awesome screenshots on board, you can easily preserve essential documents, files, and images.   

Webpage capture  

What to do if the webpage extends beyond the screen? It’s easy; use webpage capture.   

It is a web-based application that allows a full-screen grab of webpages. Also, it will enable the capturing of the screen through the webpage URL. All you have to do is put in the URL of the page and wait for some time. Once it is captured, the image will appear on the screen to adjust the picture’s quality. After this, you can save the image online or on your computer.  

To conclude, now you know how to take a screenshot on an HP laptop. However, you will have to try and test. In this way, you can find a convenient way for yourself. Other methods of taking a screenshot on an HP laptop are simple. Still, webpage capture remains on the top of the list due to its distinctive features.   


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