How to take a screenshot on iPhone 7? Detailed guide


Screenshots- a new trend in the growing world it is. 

Screenshots, also known as screen captures, are snapshots of what is displayed on the screen. Whether it is a tablet, laptop, android, or iPhone, you can conveniently take screenshots with just a few clicks. 

As technology is advancing day by day, there are new features introduced by various digital companies. Apple, a renowned name in the mobile market, is found to be continuously on the go. Steve Jobs founded Apple in 1967, and they have successfully made their name in the market throughout its operations. They have several advanced features to facilitate their users.  

Amongst them is taking screenshots on iPhone 7.  

If you don’t know how to take a screenshot on iPhone 7 as of yet, we are here to help you.  

How do you take a screenshot on iPhone 7 via buttons?

screenshots directly from your iPhone is the right way to preserve moments and chats, keep a record to refer to it in the future, and snap a problem you face digitally.  

Though Apple has a range of iPhone generation, iPhone 7 is one of the best ones with iOS 10, 4.70 inches of display, and 32 GB of storage.  

Are you thinking of how to take a screenshot on iPhone 7? Stated below are several ways of doing so.  

take a screenshot on iPhone 7 through buttons 

Detect the buttons.  

Firstly, you will have to look for the buttons needed to take a screenshot. There are three buttons used for this purpose; Home button, volume button, and lock button.  

The home button is located on the face of the phone. Aside from this, the lock screen button is located on the right-side of an iPhone 7. Whereas the volume button is located on the left side of an iPhone 7.

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If you are using any other model, the placement might be different. These buttons are the only ones present on the outlook, so you won’t face any difficulty while finding them.  

Once you have found them, move onto the next step.  

  • Take the snapshot  

Open the display you want to capture and the following:  

Put one finger on the home button and the other on the lock screen. After the placement, press them simultaneously.  

The other method of taking a screenshot on the iPhone 7 is to press the volume up button and lock button together.  

When you use any of the two methods, the screen will display a white flashlight to signify screen capture, and you will hear the voice of the camera shutter. After a few seconds, the screenshot will be taken, and it will directly save in your gallery.  

Easy, isn’t it? 

However, timings are crucial. If you press the lock button before pressing the home screen button, your iPhone screen display will shut down. On the other hand, if you click on the home button before clicking on the lock button, it will activate SIRI. Moreover, pressing the volume button beforehand will change your media volume. 

So, make sure you get together to take a screenshot on iPhone 7.  

Edit the screenshot 

Sometimes you may want to change the way your screenshot looks, so iPhone 7 offers the option to edit the screenshots as well.  

Once you have taken a screenshot, you can tap on the thumbnail to edit your screenshots. From there, you can crop, zoom in, zoom out, or highlight stuff in the image. Do you want to annotate a vital text or crop some useless information out? iPhone 7’s editing feature will help you through. 

When you are done with the editing, click on “Done” to save it. You can also delete a screenshot after you are done editing.  

View and share your screen capture

After the screenshot is saved in your camera roll, you can view it through the Photos app. you can identify the photos app through its icon of colored flowers.  

To find your captured screenshots, scroll down in the photo stream, and you will find the recently captured shots.  

Since most of the time, screenshots are taken to share something with someone, the iPhone provides an option to send the screenshots to others. 

If you want to share them with anyone, tap on the thumbnail or a box on the bottom-left corner. This will give you access to the options for sharing the screenshot via Facebook, Instagram, text, or Twitter.  

How do you take screenshots on iPhone 7 using assistive touch?  

Assistive touch is a feature in iOS that allows your home button to float around your screen display. You can drag the button anywhere and use the button to perform four functions: tapping, double-tapping, 3D touching, and holding it down. Nonetheless, assistive touch can perform another vital activity; you can take screenshots through it. Here is what you have to do:  

  • Activate your assist

To turn the assistive touch on, you will have to follow some easy steps.  

First of all, go to your settings app and tap on “general”. Then, click on “accessibility” and switch “Assistive touch” on. Now that assistive touch is activated, you can effortlessly perform touch-based tactics on iPhone 7.  

Open up the Assistive touch menu. 


After activation, the menu will appear on your screen in a grey shape that will resemble faded circles. You can hold and drag the icons around the screen from the menu and use them for various purposes. Once the icon is out, it will persist until the assistive touch is disabled. However, to take a screenshot, you will have to follow some other instructions. 

  • Take the snapshot

Though assistive touch offers several options, you will only need the device icon for screenshotting. You can locate the device icon with an iPhone silhouette on the right side of the menu. You can adjust the volume, lock the screen, or rotate it via the device button.  

To capture the display on your iPhone 7, click on the “more” option and tap on the screenshotting button found on the right-hand side of the menu. Once you have pressed that option, your screen will turn white for a few seconds and make a shutter camera noise if your phone is not silent. After that, your screen will be captured.  

Make changes to your snapshot. 

Just like before, you can edit your screenshots on iPhone 7 via the thumbnail. If you want to highlight an important text, crop some useless stuff, or zoom out, iPhone 7’s editing tool can aid you in doing that.  

  • View the screenshots and share it 

As we have mentioned earlier, your screenshots are saved in your camera roll, also known as the photos app. To open your screenshot on iPhone 7, click on the photos app icon and scroll to the photostream’s bottom to find the newly captured screenshot.  

Furthermore, you can share the screenshots taken via assistive touch with others. All you have to do click on the box found in the lower left on the screen. It will provide you with an option to share the screenshot through various social media sites, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, and much more.  

How to record a screen video on iPhone 7?  

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Interestingly, iOS has a unique feature that allows screen recordings. This means that you can capture the videos and movements displayed on your iPhone7’s screen for as much time as you want.  

For recording your screen, you will have to follow a few steps that are easy to comprehend.  

  • Activate the “screen recording” option 

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Firstly, you will have to enable screen recording through your settings. You can find the settings icon on the home screen. Once you have located the gear icon, click on it to access the settings menu.  

After reaching the settings menu, scroll at the very bottom, and tap on the “control centre” option. From there, click on “customize control” and enable “screen recording”  

  • Click on the recording icon 

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Once you have activated “screen recording” an icon will appear in your notification bar. For recording the screen, you will have to press it. Before recording, it gives you an option to switch the microphone on or off. You may choose what you deem right.  

If you want to stop the recording, go to the control center and press the circular red icon. Your recording will stop.  

View and share the screen video  

After you are done with the recording, it will automatically save into your camera roll, and you can view it whenever you want. 

Also, you can share screen videos through different social platforms. To share it, you can press the same thumbnail or box used for sharing screenshots.  

Are you still confused? Watch this video for better clarification. 

Whether you are a beginner or an old iPhone user, our guide on how to take a screenshot on iPhone 7 will surely help you capture or record your screen effortlessly. Be it your favorite meme, a fight via chat, or a glitch in any of the websites; you can conveniently screenshot it for future reference.  

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