How To Take Long Scrolling Screenshots [Android & Windows]

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Hey, are you looking for ways to scroll long in Android & Windows?

Every Android smartphone user knows how to take a screenshot by simply pressing the button (Volume Down + Off) and the new Android phones are equipped with a screenshot button. And you can take the screenshot in windows by pressing the buttons (win+prt sc). Everybody knows that, very common.

But the problem arises, if you have to take a long screenshot of WhatsApp conversation or any large screenshot webpage that does not work the normal screenshot method, then there are many best third party screenshot applications and software that can help you take a longer scrolling screenshot on Android smartphones and in windows. Here in this article, we will give you the best methods and software for taking long scrolling screenshots.

( Best Third-party Android Apps for Long Screenshots )

Long Shot ( Best For All )

Here is the first Android application (long shot), which allows you to take a long screenshot, whether it’s your private conversation or a full-size webpage top-to-bottom shot, and by using the long photo you can also stitch photos and make them a long screenshot; in the app there are three auto scrolling options, speed mode, and manual capturing.

The best feature I love here is that you can stitch many images vertically or horizontally into a long image without losing any kind of image quality.

Screen Master ( Best for Web Capture & Stitch Photos )

If you wish to use long screenshots of your web pages then I recommend you use the screenshot master, which will quickly take the screenshot by clicking just where you should start and where you should end or you can take full screen capture by a single click.

As long as you’ve shot here, you can pick up various images on a long screen and have more options to cut, edit, sticker and focus on the main portion.

Take Long Scrolling Screenshot In Windows PC

Like Android, there are some best third-party screenshot apps here in Windows, through which we can take the best screenshot with the free use of Windows PC, You can take a screenshot using this third-party software by scrolling a webpage or any other screen. I tell you the best applications for a screenshot.


This is the best long screen capture software to capture anything on screen. Most software does not have an option to edit or enhance a whole screen, a particular region, scrolling windows or any active window. However, here you can edit or enhance your picture comfortably and use graphical tool to improve the effects.

What I liked best about picking are tonnes of great options than any other software. If you want to have a freehand shot, you can either take a colour shot from the screen, and you can also use pickpicks and there are many other great options that separate them.

Full Page Screen Capture ( Chrome Extension )

This is another great way to make a full-size screenshot using the Chrome extension (Full Page Screen Capture). If you’re using Google Chrome, you can take every webpage screenshot in a second by one click. You don’t have to use any software, just install the Chrome extension and click on it to take any screenshot.

You can also use the shortcut key, Alt+Shift+P, to take the screenshot if you don’t want to click on the icon. You can download the image or PDF further. This extension made it easier to use the window screenshot.


Here is the great software (Snagit) for you to perform several tasks, such as capturing the entire screen, customised screenshot, editing images, screenshots and capturing video capturing. It’s advanced professional software. However, you have to pay for it if the programme does not allow you to use and experience the software during a test period. If you are professional in capturing screens or recording screen video, Snagit is your best software.

The best part I love is that there are many options and quick editing that makes your work extra quickly. In addition, the software has a large number of screenshot sharing options, so do not worry about social sharing.

Wrapping Up: Scrolling Screenshot In Android & Windows

Scrolling screenshot is the best way to capture the whole page image in one frame; you can take a screenshot in Android & Windows using third-party apps, and I prefer to always use Google Chrome to take the screenshot as fast as you can. Tell me which application or method you like the most.


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