Increase And Improve Your WiFi Speed At Home – Best 6 picks


    How to Improve WiFi Speed at Home: How to Boost Your Internet Speed: What’s the last time you asked your ISP to boost your internet speed? Rather than giving up, why not utilise something that has been proven effective? When it comes to WiFi, there are a few quirks in the router that can slow down the connection.

    When utilising a computer or a mobile device, you’ll need wifi. In any case, there could be several explanations for the bad reception, poor wifi speed, or other issues you’re encountering.

    How To Increase And Improve Your WiFi Speed At Home

    Several strategies will be discussed in this post that will help you raise your home WiFi’s speed. Take a look at this:

    WiFi Position Is The Most Important Thing

    The router’s location is arguably the most critical factor to consider when trying to improve your WiFi signal. WiFi’s signals travel in all directions since they’re so widely dispersed. It’s thinning out as it goes along. To ensure that all of your devices receive the right signal, locate the WiFi in the centre and at a somewhat high elevation.

     Placement of antennas

    WiFi antennas are the subject of numerous urban legends. In the end, it doesn’t matter how you look at it. However, positioning one WiFi antenna vertically and the other horizontally perpendicularly works most of the time.

    As a result, one of the two antennas will be in parallel with the antenna of the device that connects to the network, which helps the internet move more quickly over the wire.

    Avoid Interference

    Wi-Fi routers in the surrounding area may not be the main source of lag. Wifi signals can often get tangled up with other electronic devices like cordless phones, microwaves and other devices. One option is to get a dual-band router, or simply choose the channel of your cordless phone before purchasing it.

    You can also try to minimise the presence of any potential stumbling blocks by closing any doors and windows.

    Check out if any outsider is connected

    Smartphone apps make it easy to hack any WiFi network, therefore there’s no such thing as a secure WiFi network. As a result, look for anyone related but not a member of your team and cut them loose.

    Using DIY tricks

    We just published an article on how to use a beer can to boost your WiFi connection a few days ago. To improve your WiFi network’s signal, go to this article.

    Update The Firmware Of Your Router

    In order to increase network speed or range, router manufacturers frequently release software updates. Another reason is to apply security updates. If the router’s firmware needs to be updated, you can usually do so by going to the administrator’s website.

    There are only a few things you can do to improve your WiFi network. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and please spread the word about it as widely as you can.


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