Is XNSPY free? Difference between cp.xnspy and XNSPY login.


For over two decades, mobile phones have become a crucial part of our lives. We depend on them and their functions for almost every activity. Texting, calling, and sharing pictures, files, and more are the significant activities a phone can perform. But, sometimes, you might have to keep a check on the activities happening on your children or your partner’s phone. For which, you can use spy apps.  

Have you ever heard of Xnspy?  

It is a mobile spying app that offers various features for spying. Be it Android or an iPhone, XNSPY can work on all. XNSPY can serve several purposes for individual and commercial users. 

 The app has been up for usage for a few years, but the latest version has several features that distinguish the new version from the previous ones. 

 The new version 6.0.1 was recently launched with compatibility for iOS and Android operating systems.  

If you are thinking of spying on someone through XNSPY, we can aid you. Read below to learn how to install this new version on iPhone and Android, along with the difference between cp.xnspy and XNSPY login.  

Is XNSPY free?  

Though XNSPY is one the best monitoring app, they do not have a free version, unfortunately. You can subscribe to their packages to avail of their exceptional services.  

The pricing range starts from $8.33/per month. Also, they have pricing plans that you can subscribe to. The basic edition is priced at $29.99/ month, and the premium edition is priced at $35.99/ per month. Nonetheless, you will be offered a free trial once you have subscribed. 

Features of XNSPY  

Before getting into the login process, let’s have an insight into the outstanding features XNSPY has to offer.  

  • Catching Call log and contacts history  

An essential part of spying is to know who the targeted person is contacting. Only then will you be able to catch anything suspicious. 

XNSPY can help you get access to the targeted phone’s call log, the ingoing and outgoing calls history, and the contact. You can remotely check the details that are presented in a reader-friendly manner.  

  • Recording phone calls and surrounding  

This one is beneficial. 

 XNSPY offers insight into the contacts, but it helps in capturing audio of phone calls alongside the surroundings.  

What could be better than knowing where your child or partner is and who are they conversing with?  

  • Accessing the SMS and chats  

Besides these, XNSPY will help you access the targeted phone’s SMS history from messages and other chatting apps. In this way, you can keep a check on what your child, partner, or staff is up to. Catch them before it’s too late! 

  • Email activities and online activities  

Tracking the browser history and email history is another exceptional feature XNSPY has to offer. So, you can keep an eye on the online activities and email exchanges via XNSPY.  

  • Checking multimedia  

XNPSY provides access to the gallery, files, and all the documents present in the targeted phone. It would help you monitor the multimedia to gauge your child or partner’s daily activities and interests.  

Getting GPS location 

With XNSPY, you can get the targeted phone’s location anywhere and at any time. Are you suspicious about your partner or your child?” tracks their site to find out where they are.  

  • Monitoring social media apps  

Social media is the new trend for a decade. There is a wide array of activities, including communication, via social media platforms. To monitor your child, partner, or employees’ social media activities is equally important as watching other things. 

XNSPY gives almost every social media app, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and much more. You can access the private conversations and exchange of multimedia via XNSPY login.  

  • Giving instant alerts  

XNSPY keeps you updated with the latest notifications that pop up on the targeted phone. These alerts work 24/7.  

How to login to XNSPY via an iPhone 

iPhones have a unique technology called iOS, and so their functions and operations are different from Android. Therefore, the No Jailbreak iPhone version of Xnspy has another XNSPY login procedure than the Android version as compared to iPhone.  

To login into the targeted iPhone, follow the steps mentioned below.  

  • Firstly, tap on the Settings icon present on the home screen of the targeted iPhone.  
  • From settings, press “iCloud.”  
  • Before moving on, you will be asked to sign in to the account. 
  • Once you have entered the information, it will take some time for iCloud to verify the credentials. 
  • iCloud has several features that you can toggle except for “keychain.” Also. Make sure to turn the “backup” option on.  

After you are done setting up your iCloud backup on the targeted phone, move on to creating your account on XNSPY.  

  • Log in to the XNSPY web account using to link mentioned below. 


  • After logging in, it will lead you to the dashboard. From there, click on “XNSPY for iPhone.”  
  • Finally, add the iCloud credentials of the targeted iPhone, and it will be paired. 

 You are now good to go for monitoring an iPhone! 

How to login to XNSPY via Android  

Do you want to monitor an android phone? Here is what you have to for XNSPY login:  

  • Register yourself on the website. 
  • Once you have registered, login credentials, installation link, and procedure will be sent via email to you. 
  • Install it on the targeted Android phone. You will need 15MB of space for it. 

So, that is how you set up XNSPY login for a targeted android phone.  

The difference between XNSPY and cp.xnspy  

Although spying apps require you to download them onto the targeted phone, however, XNSPY offers the option to monitor the targeted phone without downloading the app. 

On the android phone, you can either access your online XNSPY account through your laptop or through the utility app that is available for android subscribers.  

You can also use XNSPY without a target phone. Using XNSPY without a target phone means that you do not need the phone in hand for XNSPY to run smoothly. XNSPY can work without rooting the target device.  

To avail of the services of XNSYPY without downloading the software, you can follow o options.  

Firstly, you can use the android device manager that is installed on an android phone. It is also known as “Find My Device.”  

Secondly, you can use the google timeline, which is present on your google account by default. However, the target device must be connected to the internet at all times for it to work.  

Benefits of XNSPY 

Being a user of XNSPY, you can derive several benefits from it. Some of these benefits are mentioned below.  

Transparency for 24/7  

You can access XNSPY free 24/7. Whether you want to watch the browser history, call log history, or multimedia files, XNSPY can help you at any time of the day.  

Safe and secure 

XNSPY is safe and sound monitoring that you can trust. Any activity shown on the dashboard will be encrypted from one end to another without interference.  

Enhances productivity 

If you are an employer, you can quickly check your employees’ activities during work hours via XNSPY free. In this way, they might avoid doing activities unrelated to the job and focus more on work.  

Offers complete control  

Once you have a grip on the targeted phone, XNSPY can offer you total control of it. You can conduct thorough research via XNSPY and access almost everything present in the targeted phone.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q. Can XNSPY be detected? 

Ans. XNSPY free is perfectly compatible for all the device, be it Android or iPhones. It requires one-time access or XNSPY login to monitor the device.  

Q. is there any free spy app?

Ans. Yes, there are. LetMeSpy is a free spy app that allows you to monitor other people.  

Q. What is the best free spy app?  

There are several best free spy apps like spyzie, spy human, and SpyEra. However, XNSPY can be considered as the best out of them all.  

Conclusively, XNSPY and cp.xnspy, both versions are considered to be excellent for spying on someone. Due to the various features, it has, you can monitor anyone using this app. Xnspy is a good option if your primary target is listening or knowing about the targeted person’s calls. This app will provide you with all the data related to it. However, Xnspy is not just a call tracking app. You can use XNSPY to monitor text messages, track emails, watch multimedia, access browser history, and tracing GPS locations. Aside from this, you can view messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp chats. XNSPY free has many remote features that let you control the phone from a distance. Though XNSPP intrudes on a person’s privacy, it does provide a detailed insight into the targeted phone.  


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