What is Joinpd, And How to Join the Peardeck Presentation on Joinpd?


If you are a student, you will require this Joinpd. It’s no secret that many students have difficulty in school, yet many still hope there must be an easier way to learn what they need.

Before you use JoinPD to share your presentation with your college students, you should know what it is. Here’s an overview of Joinpd, how it generates code, and who uses it. Continue reading to learn how to study more. Learn how to obtain the Joinpd software as well. Then read on to discover its many uses and advantages. The following articles will make it easier to profit from this software program. We hope you find this helpful information.

What exactly is Joinpd?

The Peardeck join can be described as a tool that allows students and teachers to connect for online classes and attend live presentations. The teacher’s responsibility in this platform is to simply create a presentation after signing in and then send the invitation link to the relevant students of that subject.

The United States makes extensive use of this well-known instructional tool. Incorporating this resource into the Student Support Portal Group is a viable option. You can also access and use it through its official website, www.joinpd.com. It appears to be a dynamic and helpful tool for students at the social and personal learning stage.

This platform assists students in developing a positive attitude toward learning. It also fosters a sense of belonging to the community or the value of community. If you haven’t attended any Peardeck classes or are unfamiliar with how to use them, Have no fear; everything you need to know is right here.

The best way to Generate Joinpd Code

To learn how to generate a Joinpd code, go to the search bar and type “Joinpd code.” Once you’ve arrived at a web page, try the title and outline. Check your spelling, and then click the link to learn more. The code must then be entered into a presentation or a study module. After you’ve generated a Joinpd code, you must enter it into Joinpd.

The joinpd system is intended for educational institutions but is not limited to them. People can use it whenever they need it as long as they have an account. As long as you have a Pier Deck account, you can share questions and respond to them with other customers on the system. Create a Joinpd code, however. Follow the steps below. You will learn how to write Joinpd code in just a few minutes.

To obtain a JoinPD code, first, create an account on Pear Deck. This interactive presentation software program fosters classroom communities by facilitating related classroom expertise. After signing up, you can create a presentation by following the steps below. You can now use your presentation in your Pear Deck displays as soon as you receive it. Simply make sure to share it with your coworkers and students!

Create an Account on Pear deck via joinPD.com

You can start by creating Google or online slides if you want to create an account on this platform. Simply sign in to your Google or Microsoft 365 account to do so.

  • Let us go over the Peardeck account procedure step by step.
  • Simply go to the official website peardeck.com and sign up as a teacher.
  • You will then be prompted to configure your account.
  • Simply click the Authorize button.
  • Choose a location for storage. It could be your Google Drive or a single drive. You can also accomplish this by entering your Gmail account and username and password.
  • It will necessitate some permission, which you should grant where necessary.
  • Then enter your school’s school code / Postcode, or simply search for your school’s name by entering the first few letters; if you do not find your school’s name, do not worry; enter any 5 digits and click next.
  • You can now begin or restart the latest version of the Peardeck add-on by selecting one of the options listed below.

The best way to use Joinpd

If you want to use JoinPD for group presentation creation, you can do so in a few different ways. The JoinPD platform is available both online and as a mobile app. Each option allows for real-time collaboration and includes collaborative drawing, commenting, and the importation of sketch paper or whiteboards. Signing up for JoinPD doesn’t have to require a Google account; a Microsoft account will do just fine.

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One of the primary benefits of JoinPD is that you can share your displays with your students. You will be able to create an interactive presentation and give your students a unique entry code to view your lesson. Then you can keep track of the student’s progress and solutions. It is also possible to restrict access to each student’s account so they cannot change their solutions without the trainer’s permission. This makes instructing extra environment friendly. But what if the scholars do not behave as you expect?

One of the most critical features of JoinPD is that it allows teachers to use interactive learning tools without interfering with teacher-student relationships. You will be able to add a Google Drive presentation, after which you will enter your college students’ responses. It is also possible to select various instruments such as quizzes, movies, and audio information. You can then inform your coworkers of the findings using electronic mail, text message, or online social networks. Academics can use JoinPD to work together.

How to Register for a Peardeck Class Login

It is now possible to pair a professor with a student using Peardeck.

  • You should visit the official website at app.peardeck.com/join.
  • When prompted, enter your login details on the login page that appears.
  • You will be taken to your account’s login screen and dashboard when you click the submit button.


You’ve probably used joinPD.com if you’ve ever used a presentation software program like Google Meet or Zoom. This interactive presentation software program enables you to include a presentation and audio and video recordings. It also means you can track student responses and see how each student is doing. The best part is that you can add as many displays as you want and view them all from one convenient dashboard. It also means that you can create your own questions and assessments for use in the classroom.


To share a presentation with your students, simply upload it to the JoinPD website and provide a login code. Once the students have registered, they will receive the production link and login instructions. There are also explanations and suggestions for academics on the site. When you’re ready, you can begin teaching your classes online. Your students can view and interact with your displays at their own pace. They will enjoy being able to see your types and collaborate with you in ways you could never have imagined.

freemium service of Peardeck

Pear Deck is a service that is available for free. Educators and institutions of higher learning have access to a wealth of no-cost materials. the other option is to pay for a premium membership. Pear Deck integrates questions into presentations using slides. This system is entirely hack-proof and safe to use.

Peardeck defining features

It has numerous features that can assist teachers in a variety of ways. It allows the instructor to assess the student’s development.

video presentation tool

To help educators, Pear Deck has developed an intuitive video presentation platform. You can launch any program or website if you know how to use it. A comprehensive manual is available to help teachers make the most of Pear Deck.

Teachers can create presentations and share videos for their students on Pear Deck. The teacher will need presentation templates if he wishes to design a lesson around a new topic. You don’t need to look elsewhere because Pear Deck already offers a collection of templates that may be utilized for this purpose. You can see it on the official website of the pear deck.

Pear Deck’s training session is open to both new and seasoned educators. This seminar is intended for educators and administrators. There are pre-recorded webinar sessions available to assist you in getting started. These sessions include the following:

  • Pear Deck is a Google Slides add-on.
  • Pear Deck accelerated Google Slides.
  • Pear Deck presentation software is available online.

All the courses described above are open to both novices and advanced students.

Active learning

Pear Deck is a fantastic resource for active learning. We term it “active learning” when students participate in class discussions and hands-on practice. Pear Deck keeps students engaged and actively studying by utilizing a range of games and exercises.

In a regular classroom, students sit and absorb knowledge. A more dynamic learning environment inspired the group projects.

How Do I Listen To a Presentation?

When a teacher uploads a presentation to JoinPD, the delegate will get a code to use during the Q&A session with the students.

On the other hand, the instructor has the authority to limit and supervise the students’ actions.

Teachers like JoinPD’s ability to prevent students from amending their comments after they’ve been submitted.


How Do I Join Joinpd Com?

If you find yourself in this group of people, here is your answer. You can quickly join Joinpd in three ways: through the 5-digit code, the link, or your email address.

How Do I Obtain The Joinpd Code?

If you’re wondering or thinking about how to get the Joinpd code, don’t worry; the instructor who gave the presentation will quickly provide you with the Joinpd code. This is how you obtain the code.

How Do I Participate In A Pear Deck Session?

The option can be chosen from a drop-down menu. To make student logins mandatory, select that option. You need to turn it on (green). Students will enter the Session Join Code at joinpd.com or click the Session Join Link when you present your lesson. They will need to use the same email service you specified in the Settings section in order to sign up.


The joinPD e-learning platform allows educators to share their classes with their students from the comfort of their own residences. Individuals can watch course videos online, and professors can create displays and send entry codes to their contributors. Academics can control their students’ activities by limiting what they can do in class, such as improving their solutions. This performance makes instructing with JoinPD a breeze and makes creating engaging lessons a breeze.


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