Lucidsound LS31 Wireless Review: A Best Gaming Headset

lucidsound ls31 wireless

The lucidsound ls31 wireless is suitable for gaming. The microphone on this headset is excellent for online gaming with friends. You can also use the dials on the cups to adjust the game and chat audio volumes. The USB dongle reduces latency to a bare minimum, allowing you to wear the headset comfortably during extended gaming sessions. This gaming headset is also extremely versatile because it can receive audio wirelessly on consoles and PCs.Gaming headsets are different from regular ones. In addition to durability and comfort, gamers have specific headset needs.

You want a consistent microphone between games. Hours-long comfort. Switching games’ controls. If you’re playing competitively, you want hardware clarity to match.

LucidSound LS31 Universal Wireless Gaming Headset

Most people picture a gaming headset like the LucidSound LS31. The lucidsound ls31 wireless is an impressive improvement over the LS30. The Lucid Sound LS31 mainly accomplishes its goals.

Gamer personalities vary. Some gamers only care about comfort and microphone clarity, while others want to be immersed in their games. The LucidSound LS31’s features are compelling from top to bottom for their intended audience.

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Build & Design

The LucidSound LS31’s metal frame gives them a high-quality feel. The headband is fully contracted, and the LS31 measures 7.9 x 3.9 x 7.9 inches. Adjusting each ear cup from the headband increases the height. They’re modern, stylish, and expensive-looking.

They look good despite using standard parts. The LS31 has 50mm drivers, 20% larger than most full-size headphones. More significant drivers affect the LS31’s soundscape in almost every way.

These drivers prioritize tone clarity. Gamers need high-performance headsets. 50mm drivers contribute to other sound qualities. Bass tones are louder and more prominent.

Audio Quality

Windows 10 and Xbox One support LS31’s Windows Sonic Surround. It doesn’t support different surround sound features outside those platforms, an LS41 part. Virtual surround sound improves the target location on these platforms. It also helps when someone mumbles into a bad microphone.

Over-ear, closed-sound headphones are what most gamers want. It blocks outside noise so you can focus on gaming and prevents headphones’ sound from leaking. This isolation helps people focus in noisy environments and is convenient for others. It’s not the best way to get a spacious sound from music, but it’s best in noisy environments.

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Microphone Performance

The lucidsound ls31 wireless microphone is also noteworthy. Dual microphones are used. The fully extended microphone on a flexible boom is the most noticeable. The LS31, a Bluetooth microphone, hides a second mic on its chassis. Pinhole-sized and half-an-inch above the boom mic.

An effective noise canceling setup. With two mics, your headset can filter out any background noise while you switch between apps. It’s common knowledge that players with access to multiple microphones have an advantage in games.

The LS31 lets you hear your own voice. It checks sound and clarity. Multiple microphone monitoring makes it easy to tell if you’re too quiet or loud.

The LS31 can stream games well. You never need to shout, and setting microphone levels are manageable as you switch VOIP clients.

The LS31’s microphone could be used by stockbrokers shouting in a crowded room. Most gamers don’t need the best microphones because they don’t play in airports. Consumer-grade microphones are fine in quiet or lightly active environments. Depending on your needs, weigh these features.

Battery Life

The battery life of the LS31 is up to 20 hours after a full charge. Depending on many factors, the hours could be anywhere from ten to twenty. Everything is included, from the volume to the mic being used. Regularly, the LucidSound LS31 can last for close to 20 hours.

If you use a louder volume and an open microphone, the battery may last 18 hours. The storm won’t interrupt your game, which is essential. Battery issues shouldn’t arise unless you use it heavily and don’t recharge it.

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Connectivity and Ease of Use

The LS31 has quick-access controls for easy use. Quick access buttons let you toggle music or calls without separate remotes or interfaces. Convenient, gamer or not.

The LucidSound LS31 isn’t Bluetooth-based, which is rare. Instead, it communicates wirelessly via USB. Uncompressed, lag-free audio results. Vocal clarity is superior to Bluetooth. Bluetooth connections aren’t supported, so don’t expect them.

Game-Facing Comfort

Gamers need durability. You don’t want to stop playing because your headset hurts. The lucidsound ls31 wireless headset scores 9/10 for comfort. What’s good?

The over-ear style is basic and uncomplicated. Over-ear headphones are the most popular choice among gamers. The ear cups of the LucidSound LS31 are soft and oval-shaped for maximum comfort. Memory foam makes them great for long playtimes.

It’s thick and durable. Two layers of stitching keep the padding wide, making the headband flexible and durable. Smooth memory foam skin makes the LS31 comfortable in most situations.

The LS31 has two weaknesses. First heat transfer. Memory foam absorbs heat, while the LS31’s plastic-like fabric doesn’t. Expect sweat if you wear the LS31 for six hours in a hot room. Second, weight.

Room for Improvement

Metallic construction means ear cups don’t swivel. This rigid design makes the LS31 vulnerable when handled roughly, thrown in a suitcase, and crushed under other objects. Because these headphones are over-ear, the lack of a swivel is less of a durability concern.

Weight is different. Consider $1,000 headphones. Nearly all are made of cheap plastics. These brands have researched how headphone weight affects comfort.

Simple: aim for half a pound. That’s heavy enough to feel on your head but not so severe that removing them is a relief. The LS31’s metallic construction looks great, and they’re durable despite lacking a swivel. As they near one pound, many people won’t want to wear these headphones for more than six hours.

Comfort with headphones around this weight is rare, and sensitivity to weight differences varies. Consider this if you plan to wear the LS31 for eight hours straight. You may want to put them on your shoulders between listening sessions.

Other Considerations

The LS31’s removable earcups are another plus. This makes them easy to clean, which is essential for any quality gaming headset. Universal transmission works with Xbox, PlayStation, and PCs. The LS31 comes with an EVA case.

Who Should Choose the LucidSound LS31?

lucidsound ls31 wireless

LS31 has some simple advantages. Perhaps for mic quality. Streamers may like their professional style. Or for lag-free, uncompressed gamer-friendly audio.

The LS31 can fill many roles. In some cases, a higher price indicates higher quality. It is exemplified admirably by the LS31. They don’t have every universal wireless gaming headset feature, but they’re close. They’re worth a look for wireless enthusiasts who aren’t wed to Bluetooth.


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