Microsoft Minecraft remote connect Quick Fix

Microsoft Minecraft Remote Connect


Online games- the trendy entertainment it is.   

Over the years, gaming Technology has developed and become interestingly better. You can play various games online or otherwise via PC, laptops, and mobiles.   

One of such games is Minecraft.   

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game with over 100 million users from all over the world. Microsoft recently bought this game, which is now developing and managed by the company itself.   

Thankfully, Minecraft Is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. You can find it effortlessly in the respective App stores.   

However, the game might have some bugs that cause an interruption in your gameplay. These interruptions may even cause issues while connected to the Minecraft servers in the multiplayer.  

Are you facing issues while you are trying to sign in to your Microsoft account? Worry not.   

 The https://aka.Ms/remoteconnect is a common issue for most Minecraft users who play via Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. So, our guide will aid you in fixing this issue.   

What is aka. Does ms/remote connect issue in Minecraft?   

The aka. ms/remote connect issue is more common than you think it is. Though active Minecraft users often face this problem, most do not know a permanent solution that works efficiently.   

Since this game is quite entertaining, people keep playing it despite having multiple issues. If we say Minecraft can build high customer loyalty, it wouldn’t be wrong. 

Anyways, it does not matter which platform you use for playing Minecraft; you are bound to face aka. Ms/remote connect error. Millions of PS4, PC, Nintendo, and PS4 players have reported the same issue.   

Why does connect issue occur?  

There are several reasons why you face this issue.   

The main reason for getting the HTTPS //aka ms/remoteconnect to connect message is changing your device. A lot of users switch devices due to a lack of required features that offer ease. If you are about to change your device, you are going to face the Microsoft login bug.  

As a result, you will not sign in to Minecraft with your Microsoft account. You will continuously receive an error message to notify you, e.g., HTTPS //aka ms/remote connect, enter Microsoft Code.  

Aside from this, another purpose of facing the HTTPS // remote connect sign in error might be because of Crossplay.  

Although Crossplay is available in Minecraft, you will need a Microsoft account.   

Furthermore, the game files play a crucial role for several players. Corrupt game data can cause you various issues. Not to mention how It can be a problem on every platform.  

You can check the data issues via your device. 

 For PC users, it is simple to resolve this issue. Reinstallation can be a quick fix. However, saved files can become corrupted sometimes. That will lead to several problems. Henceforth, It is advisable to keep backups regularly. 

These are the reasons why players face the remotely connect issue. It can become an issue for the long term if you do not get rid of it immediately.  

How to link Minecraft to Microsoft account?   

If you are thinking of how to link Minecraft to Microsoft account, we are here to help.  

Once you have your Microsoft account handy, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below to link your Minecraft to your Microsoft account.   

  • After opening up Minecraft on your games console, press sign in. Then, you will have to link your Microsoft Account to it.   


  • From there, you will head over to a page that will require you to Putin an enter code. Upon seeing it, enter the code into this box. The code will be available at the bottom of the login page. After entering the code, click on “next”.   


  • Finally, it will ask you to confirm if you would like to connect the two accounts. You will have to allow it to access the personal information from Minecraft on other services. If you are comfortable with this policy, click “yes” to allow it.   

At last, you will have to refresh your screen to access Minecraft via online multiplayer.  

Quick fixes for aka.Ms/remote connect issue  

Without further delay, let’s get into the solution bank for aka. Ms/remote connect issue.   

Resolving XBOX crossplay issue  

If you play Minecraft on Xbox devices, download the game from the official play store. Whether you use Xbox One or Xbox 360, you will have to download Minecraft via remote play. Only this way you will have a smooth experience.  

 To obtain the remote play code, you will have to the link provided as follows

Once you visit this link, you will get the code. Also, make sure you have the Microsoft account login credentials along with their free-to-use Microsoft account.  

After this, you will have to begin remote play on Xbox. The process of doing so is easier than you think.   

Visit this link – from the device you want to access the feature of remote play. For access, you shall have a Microsoft account.   

Once you reach the site, you will have to enter the remote play code. You can find the code on your Xbox screen. The Minecraft game will get loaded after you have entered the code.   

So, that’s how you can quickly fix this issue on XBOX\  

Resolving the error on PS4   

Aside from XBOX, a remote connect issue can occur on PS4 as well.  

Though these steps are a bit like Xbox, you can follow the instructions below to fix this remote connect error on PS4.   

Firstly, visit the official PS store to fix the remote connect issue.  

 Once you are on the website, search up for Minecraft and download it. Make sure to opt for the paid version.   

After the purchase is made, open the game through Microsoft account. You will receive the remote connect data after logging in to the account.  

Saving the code from PS4 is crucial to run the remote play feature. You can do it quickly.   

 Also, Visiting the website of remote connect to fix this error is highly recommended.  

Restarting the console  

If you did not restart your console to resolve the issue, we suggest you check if the error goes away. Many internet users have already approved this method as workable and straightforward for getting rid of the error. 

Create a new account on Microsoft 

If you have switched your device recently and face this problem, the previous Microsoft Account that you used on Xbox is conflicting with the PS4. 

To fix the HTTPS remote connect error, you will have to create a new Microsoft account. 

After this, you can use the remote access feature to fix the remote connect bug effortlessly. 

Also, you can download the Minecraft Texture packs. These can be found in the Minecraft store. 

 However, the question remains; will you be able to visit the store?  

Maybe not. Therefore, creating a new account on Microsoft is more efficient and effective. 

Signing out of the previous device 

though Microsoft claims that the game is Crossplay compatible, you are only allowed to log in to one device for playing Minecraft at a time. Thus, you will have to log out all of the previous devices to ensure smooth running and fix it.  

Enter the code via Minecraft  

The Minecraft error code becomes visible only on PS4 accounts, so if you have a new Microsoft account, you will have to try a few times before accessing the game. While doing this, you will come across the Microsoft log in Error Code. 

To enter the code through Minecraft:

  1. Visit the Microsoft access page and bookmark it using a PC or mobile.
  2. After this, go to the Minecraft Error Message display and jot the code down.
  3. Copy and paste the code on the Microsoft page.

This method is called “The Brute force method.” 

Once done, you can access Microsoft, and through that, you can visit the Minecraft Store.  

Also, you can get Coupon Codes for Microsoft that are available on specific websites.  

Re-download Minecraft 

Lastly, if other methods seem to fail, you might need to reinstall the existing version of the game through the Game store. If you already purchased the game, visit the game store’s website and go to the download section for your device. From there, click on the “Download” option and install the latest version available in the store of Minecraft.  

Conclusively, not playing Minecraft smoothly can be frustrating for players and brings the overall experience down to zero. Therefore, we have provided you with a guide of quick fixes that can help you fix the // remote connect errors for a better experience and uninterrupted play. With our set


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