Military Games That Are Based On Actual Military Missions – 5 Best Picks


Intriguing gameplay mechanisms are a hallmark of the best Military simulation games. Win battles and go on to subsequent assignments require a well-thought out plan. Intense gameplay and action are both common features in these kinds of games. Their awesomeness is heightened by the presence of explosions, gunshots, and combat. It’s possible that you’ll develop an attachment to your side. As the game goes, losing soldiers will become more and more painful. It’s possible that your sense of duty to the world extends to helping to restore order after a crisis.

For those who enjoy military-themed video games, Charter Spectrum cable may have included an abundance of war documentary series. It’s likely that this information will assist you in winning games. Here are the top five military simulation games for you to enjoy.

Medal of Honor

Fans of war simulation games flock to the Medal of Honor franchise. The game’s upcoming release in 2010 will be based on the Afghan invasion. From the Bagram Airfield, the game will begin. After that, you’ll need to go into Shahikot Valley and undertake special missions there.

To a large part, this is a recreation of the real-life Operation Anaconda. Thousands of military, special operators, and guerilla warriors are all involved in the operation. However, the names of essential characters, such as troops and units, have been changed from the original. There are startling parallels between incidents shown in this game and real-world ones. An example of this is the Delta Force ordering airstrikes.

Some of the events from this release were included on the 2002 Medal of Honor: Frontline.. DVD. In addition, the D-Day invasion and Operation Market Garden are included.

Call of Duty 2

The World Wars are a popular setting for many video games. The war scenarios of Call of Duty 2 are realistically depicted. For the most part, it’s centred on the conflict in North Africa. The Rangers, for example, were present on Ponte du Hoc during D-Day.

You may be required to defend Pavlov’s House in other game versions as well. There’s also a decisive strike on Berlin in there somewhere. Many of these events, however, don’t take place exactly as they did in reality. There’s a world of difference between “Operation Pegasus” and the real-life event of the same name. The attack on the Eder Dam is also unrelated to the Dambusters.

Battlefield Vietnam

Battlefield Vietnam is a game set during the Vietnam War, as implied by the title. With a lot of gun action, it’s no surprise that the game was first launched in 2004. At times, the game plays like an arcade title. The Ho Chi Ming Trail and the Siege of Hue serve as good examples of this. In any case, you’ll have a good time in these locations and with the activities. Other options include the Patrol Boat-Riverine and the Riverine Patrol Boat.

Company of Heroes

Warcraft III: Company of Heroes also has military-themed objectives. In order to win conflicts, you’ll have to develop a well-thought-out strategy. It all starts with a landing in Normandy, followed by a drive through the German capital of Berlin. After this point, you’ll be in charge of the 1st Infantry Division’s units. Additionally, the 101st Airborne Division will be under your command as well.

Because of this, participants can do anything they want during the conflict. Upgrade your units as you see fit or improve the engineering capabilities of those that you already have. There is a lot of variety in the maps, so you’ll need to plan ahead for each one.

Ultimate General: Civil War

Ultimate General: Civil War is another another standout in the genre’s long list of standouts. The action takes place during the American Civil War. Union and Confederate are the game’s two campaigns. Most people are familiar with Bull Run and Gettysburg but there are also several lesser-known battles such as Chancellorsville and Cold Harbor.

A lot of thought has gone into the game’s mechanics. In each combat, your army size is determined by your tactics. Even in fights where your side has historically had bigger troops, you may have a lesser army if you’re underperforming. Consequently, each battle must be taken seriously. It’s possible that you’ll lose battles that your team actually won!

Military strategy games have never been better than in these top picks. Prioritize strengthening the characteristics of your soldiers as you plan your battles. Don’t let them down!


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