Octopath Traveler Walkthrough and Guide


You’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking for an Octopath Traveler walkthrough. This guide will teach you about the game’s plot as well as the numerous careers and courses accessible to you. It will also discuss each of the characters’ distinct boss combat methods. You’ll know how to deal with the most dangerous foes. But the Octopath Traveler walkthrough has more to offer!

Character classes

Octopath Traveler Walkthrough has a variety of character classes. The main protagonists each represent one of the eight primary classes, with their own set of side occupations. Characters with secondary employment get access to class perks. Players may have many secondary occupations on their characters, but they cannot have the same one on all of them. Secondary courses also do not provide access to extra Path Talents or Actions. All of the character classes in Octopath Traveler Walkthrough are listed here.

Another option is the Scholar class. This character class concentrates on the study of the arts, as the name implies. The Scholar can lock down adversaries while they’re broken, in addition to wielding elemental magic. They only utilise staves, and Cyrus is given this role by default. Other characters, on the other hand, may get Scholar talents by visiting the Scholar Class Shrine. You may easily personalise your characters for this class this way.

For gamers who like melee combat, the Rogue Advanced Class is a unique option. This character class combines physical and magical powers, allowing them to do immense damage. All four elemental attacks are available to this character type. Its Divine Skill provides a massive bonus. It has exceptional powers including Ignis Ardere, Glacies Claudere, Tonitrus Canere, and Ventus Saltare, which deal Fire, Ice, and Wind damage to all foes.

The Sorcerer has the most basic damage, while the Starseer offers greater versatility. This class, however, is neither a top-tier damage class nor a league above other support classes. This class has two options: Ophilia and Alfyn. Many people, however, place the Starseer on Cyrus, yet the Sorcerer is a superior persona. Ophilia is the greatest option in the end.

The Dancer is a character that helps out. A bow and daggers are available to the Dancer. The dancer’s physical assaults are poor, but its magical strikes are devastating. Even the most challenging boss fights may be made easy by a dancer’s ability to heal other characters. They also have their own shrine, which allows them to access their secondary class. Dancers are susceptible to physical assaults during fight, but if one of their party members is very powerful, they may utilise a buff to heal one of the other party members.

Character jobs

Deciding on a career class is crucial in Octopath Traveler Walkthrough, since the game allows you to select from a variety of occupations. Understanding the differences between job classes is vital since some are more suited for specific sorts of characters than others. Through numerous character occupations, characters may be taught to specialise in one or more skills. Furthermore, certain vocations need just particular sorts of equipment, such as firearms.

If you wish to employ elemental spells and do a lot of physical damage, the Scholar career is a fantastic choice. Most races can do this profession, although a magical character is best suited for it. Aside from that, the Warmaster job is a strong secondary career with no constraints, making it appropriate for any character. The H’aanit and Sorcerer occupations are the other options.

There are numerous fascinating side occupations in the Octopath Traveler Walkthrough game. You may give the Cleric profession to a natural Warrior called Olberic or an elf named Ophilia in the game. You may build a Paladin by equipping a Warrior with a Paladin profession or by combining a Cleric and a Warrior. To get a job, you must first unlock it.

Secondary occupations are available to your characters once they complete the Shrine of the Thunderlord. When you wear these occupations while visiting a shrine, your character will get slight stat boosts as well as different appearances and weapon kinds. The secondary occupations may be equipped in any sequence, and you can swap them out when you wish to concentrate on a certain skill or class.

Having a second job may help your character’s overall performance tremendously. They’re essential for long-term character development. These professions may also be incredibly useful to party members who need assistance. The Runelord possesses a Transfer Rune that boosts the impact of specific support abilities. In one action, a cleric may even resurrect a fallen party member.


Questlines for Octopath Traveler Walkthrough aren’t always linear, despite their turn-based nature. There are eight different storylines in the game, each with its own emotional journey and satisfying finale. The tales are also intertwined, implying a bigger story. Regardless of these changes, the game’s side missions are a great method to level up your characters and get the best gear.

Octopath Traveler Walkthrough, unlike other RPGs, has eight alternative tales to follow, making it a game worth playing several times. These tales, unlike World of Ruin, do not alter the game’s main concept or disclose huge narrative twists. Finally, they’re just fun things to do. The eight primary quests are listed below:

Although the main questline is the most exciting aspect of the Octopath Traveler Walkthrough, there are other secondary missions to do. Players may go on adventures, kill opponents, and collect things. These side missions might be difficult, requiring you to go to another town in order to get the information you want. This results in a game that is both enjoyable and tough. Octopath Traveler Walkthrough’s narratives also provide lots of opportunity for players to connect with different NPCs.

There are also several side missions in the game. Although the player is not required to finish every side mission, the additional time spent doing so is well worth it. There are a few pointers for accomplishing these side tasks as well. They may be found in the game’s wiki. Just make sure you read the instructions before getting started. And don’t forget to put these suggestions to the test before you start playing!


Another important part of battle in Octopath Traveler Walkthrough is character skills. Characters from the H’aanit race have their own beast mythology and may catch and employ animals in warfare. Therion characters may debuff and steal goods from their opponents. BP charges may be used to improve these character abilities. Boost points may be used to do more damage and exploit opponent vulnerabilities. They may also use BP to increase the damage of their talents.

Combat in Octopath Traveler Walkthrough is built on a turn-based system, with Boost and Brake systems supporting it. Every adversary has a certain quantity of natural armour. Breaking this armour may increase your damage output. You must assault the enemy’s weak point until its break shield is depleted. Before attacking an enemy, you need spend a few minutes learning about their numerous vulnerabilities. Even the most insignificant meetings may be entertaining if you can locate them.

In Octopath Traveler Walkthrough, there isn’t much to complain about in terms of fighting. The game’s characters are well-developed and have a lot of depth. If you’re searching for a hard game with a lot of diversity and pleasure, Octopath Traveler will not disappoint. It’s a delightful throwback for lovers of earlier games, but getting accustomed to it may be difficult.

Combat mechanics are similar to those of SaGa Frontier, yet there are notable variations. You may pick from a variety of characters in the game, each with their unique tale. These characters’ minor plot aspects may overlap or include characters other than the primary protagonist. In Octopath Traveler Walkthrough, however, this is not the case since each character has their unique tale. In this game, there is very little character crossover.

Octopath Traveler Walkthrough’s fighting has a variety of techniques, but despite its flaws, it’s still an entertaining game and a terrific way to spend $60 on an RPG. It may also be played on a PC, PlayStation 4, or Google Stadia. If you own a Nintendo Switch, you should absolutely check it out. If you haven’t played it yet, you are losing out on a fantastic game.


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