Samsung un75mu6290f: The Budget King?

samsung un75mu6290f year

After testing over a hundred Samsung TVs, the visual quality of Samsung televisions ranges from decent to exceptional. Samsung’s LED televisions have a reputation for having excellent gaming capabilities. 

Samsung un75mu6290f has the best HDR performance so far, with the ability to get bright enough to make little highlights pop out even more than on conventional Flat panel displays, making this a great TV. Like all Samsung TVs, it supports HDR10+, but unlike Dolby Vision, the most popular HDR format with streaming services, it doesn’t support HDR10+. Samsung un75mu6290f can send Dolby Atmos signals to a soundbar or receiver that supports years.

Best Mid-Range model?

The Samsung un75mu6290f is the best of the upper-midrange models. It’s the best of Samsung’s 4k TVs and shares that distinction with the Samsung QN95B QLED. The un75mu6290f is identical to the QN95, except that it has a slightly stronger processor and an external One Connect box, which moves the inputs to a separate box and simplifies your connections. s

A wide variety of options make this a great TV with something for everyone. It’s not nearly as impressive as the Samsung S95B OLED display, but its LED-backlit LCD provides an excellent darkroom experience with deep blacks in a pitch-black room and barely any blooming around bright objects. It’s ideal for watching HDR movies due to its wide color range and excellent peak brightness in HDR.

Reflection Handling

It has excellent reflection handling and soon gets bright enough to fight glare. Hence, visibility isn’t an issue even in the brightest environments, making it an excellent option for watching shows in bright rooms.

The ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ technology included in this model from Samsung ensures a stable picture regardless of the viewer’s position, making it a fantastic choice for large gathering spaces.

However, the improvement in viewing angle comes at the sacrifice of contrast, making the TV’s black levels less impressive in a dark room than in other variants. All 3x HDMI and 2x USB LAN make this TV ideal for console gamers like Samsung’s other high-quality offerings. It’s powered by the Tizen operating system’s 2022 update, which has many streaming apps and a user-friendly design.


Despite Samsung’s reputation for high-end products, this TV provides acceptable overall performance at a reasonable price. With the display of E-Manual, Embedded POP, 120 Motion Rate, and Resolution of 3840×2160, the Samsung un75mu6290f TV delivers admissible overall interpretation.


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