How to Catch ‘Pokemon GO’ Shiny Grimer, Stats, Chances, and More

shiny grimer

For a limited time, players of “Pokemon GO” can catch a glimpse of the poison-type and sludge Pokemon Shiny Grimer as it pops up all over the map. Although it will only be available for 60 minutes during the Spotlight Hour, capturing this rare Pokemon is worth more than 60 minutes since you cannot see or capture it anywhere.

Grimer is one of the 151 Pokémon that debuted in the Kanto region during Generation 1, alongside Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. While it is true that the sludge Pokemon has most certainly been captured before, maybe hundreds of times in different areas, this is the first time a shiny form of the Pokemon has appeared in the augmented reality game.

Shiny Grimer has appeared in ‘Pokemon GO.’ Have you been able to capture it?

If players are willing to get in their cars and explore the real world, anyone can catch Shiny Grimer in “Pokemon GO.” If they can’t go out at this hour, they can always use a location spoofing app to sneak around during the day and find Shiny Grimer.

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Now that “Shiny” Grimer is getting so much attention, it is more likely to appear in the wild and populated areas. However, this does not lead to a higher chance of encountering the Pokemon.

According to Gamepur, you only have one in 500 chances to see him. Still, he’ll be more visible than usual during this feature presentation.

Guide to Capturing Shiny Grimer in “Pokemon GO”

The goal of capturing a Shiny Grimer is simple. Still, it may prove challenging for players to do so due to the Pokémon’s continued elusiveness and low population. To make Shiny Grimer easier to catch, trainers should use as many Razz Berries or the Golden Razz Berry as possible when they encounter one. Users should also consider the Pokeball type they should use for their CP.

Shiny Grimer may flee or hide if you strike it with too many Pokeballs, so aim carefully. 
However, there is still potential that Grimer will be located during the highlight of the day (6 PM to PM local time).

Extra Characteristics of Shiny Grimer?

Shiny Grimier has the potential to develop into “Alolan Muk” if enough Grimer candies are gathered from it in the wild and brought back to trainer. 
Although you don’t need any certain number of Shiny Pokemon in order to evolve into given Muk, it’s always good idea to have few extra, especially if the CP is low.


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