SMS Marketing Software And Services in 2022 – 10 Best Picks


This piece will detail the best and most trustworthy SMS marketing software. Although we rely on email, text messages are more reliable since they offer rapid interaction and clear information. According to a poll, SMS marketing is more effective than email marketing. Emails tend to be less read than text messages on a mobile phone. It also makes it easier for the user to identify the desired content. When it comes to marketing a business, text messages are one of the most efficient methods.

What Is SMS Marketing Software and How Does It Work?

Using SMS (Short Message Service) marketing software, you may send text-based promotions to your customers. Additionally, you can use this service to inform clients about new features and improvements. There is a wide range of tools that may be used for SMS marketing, and this service has been dubbed “text marketing.” With this text marketing software, you’ll have access to a wide range of features that can help your business grow.

How Can I Use Marketing to Send Bulk SMS?

Your time and goals will be better served by using bulk SMS than any other way. SMS blast software might help you get your message out to a larger audience. In order for them to appear in your contacts, you’ll have to fill out the required fields on your computer.


There is no limit to how many urgent texts may be sent utilising our SMS software, whether it’s Black Friday bargains or the most recent development you want to share with your customers. SendInBlue allows you to send bulk SMS messages to all of your contacts at once. Select the messages and the contact list from your data set. Sending a specific message to a select group of people is possible thanks to contact list segmentation. A feature that adds personal information to the contacts and separates them from the groups is available. Analysis is never complete without taking into account the most critical variables. Check out online software for jamming as well.


TXT180 is an all-in-one SMS marketing software solution. It will make it easy to keep track of all of your contacts. The user interface is intuitive, and it provides a variety of text message themes for you to choose from. When a customer signs up for a campaign or programme, an autoresponder can be used to send follow-up messages. In order to deliver messages at a predetermined time interval, scheduling a message using this service is quite simple. A daily, weekly, or monthly basis is possible. Clients can always reach someone by phone or email.


Trumpia treats its consumers with the utmost professionalism. Any size business can benefit from this service. Every time a new user signs up, the signup data is used to produce automated notifications. It is possible for appointment reminders to connect with someone or to deliver mass messaging at a predetermined time. Messages can be sent and received from your cell phone as well. Another excellent text message marketing programme has all of these features. Using the two-way texting feature, the communication can move from one end to the other.

Slick Text

One of the best SMS campaign tools is Slick Test. You’ll be able to learn how to get the most out of the service with this tutorial. When you submit a query, it automatically generates an answer for you. Users can respond with an answer or a question using a two-way message function. Using the MMS feature, you may also include a text message. Send a recurrence of the text message at a predetermined period of time. The mobile app for this SMS blasting programme is also available. This makes it easy to utilise wherever you are. The database can also be integrated with the user’s email address. Check out the Best Webinar Software as well.

EZ texting

Using this software, you may promote your business by sending text messages to customers. For new users, EZ texting offers a straightforward user interface with step-by-by-step tutorials. Embed images into your SMS campaign with this feature-rich app. Customers can count on it to be available around the clock, which makes it a no-hassle purchase. The notification text for several messages sent in a single message can be a mass text alert in this case. To improve sales and keep your customers engaged, you can utilise promotion texts to send text messages to your customers.


Whether you need to send 10 or 10,000 texts, Textedly is the tool for you. This is another another text message marketing application that is hosted in the cloud. Variety of plans and services for a variety of business types are available to customers. If you want to send texts manually or automatically, this app is for you. The link check-through is one of the nicest advantages for users. The graphs it creates for text performance help them better understand their clients. With the tools provided on this site, you can effortlessly track your SMS campaign.


There is no limit to the amount of phone numbers you can add to a text message because the contact list is unlimited. You can use this software to send both SMS and MMS messages. Several useful characteristics of professional texting might assist you in the marketing of your company. Any questions your clients may have about the support you provide can be answered with this. As well as creating polls and receiving a report, the SMS blast software is also capable of doing so. This service makes it simple to find and schedule SMS messages. It’s simple to use it to categorise contacts for a particular type of SMS to send. Additionally, it offers text management features for managing SMS subscriptions. Check out our list of the best illustration and drawing programmes.


More than 200 countries use Sumotext’s SMS marketing platform, which has been around for more than a decade. In order to enhance revenue for your company, you can use SMS blast software’s bulk SMS messaging feature. Engaging with customers is made possible through personalised communications and a two-way conversation. It will also assist your brand acquire the trust of customers by offering a low-cost service. The user-friendly layout makes it simple to keep track of your progress.. A delivery notification is provided, as are subscription data. In addition, a keyword report is offered to assist you better understand the increase in traffic.

Simple Texting

It’s really easy to use this text marketing programme for your business thanks to Simple Texting. You can schedule a drafted text for any date and time you like. Another unique advantage of Simple Texting is that it can be quite valuable to your team. Each conversation in the service has an area for sharing notes. As a result, you can post comments exclusively accessible to the members of your team in private chats. To save time, create a template for your most often used messages. You may also use this SMS marketing software to deliver images and PDFs.


An end-to-end marketing solution, Bitrix24 is a one-stop shop. Several handy functions are included in the SMS blast programme. It is, therefore, one of the most effective ways for businesses to market and keep their customers engaged. It can also be used on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac computers.


In this way, the best software for bulk text message marketing campaigns was compiled. It’s useful because of the delivery notifications, subscription alerts, contact management, and a slew of other functions. The polls and easy-to-use interface will make it easier for your customers to grasp. If you have any questions, you can contact the services’ support staff.

To promote your business, which SMS marketing software would you want to use and why? Please share your thoughts in the space provided below in the comments section. Keep up with the latest tech news by subscribing to our newsletter.


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