Snapchat Stickers 101 – Using Stickers For Your Branding and Marketing Campaign


    Many people consider Snapchat a social media platform used mainly by teenagers and twenty-somethings. From branding experts, marketers, individuals, and even creepy Snapchat users cannot ignore the reality that the mobile-only app has over 300 million daily active users worldwide. 

    Snapchat is now one of the most popular internet advertising platforms.

    Snapchat’s uniqueness is its selling feature. Users can create and share stories for 24 hours in their and their friends’ feeds, a feature that Instagram and Facebook have also included.

    Snapchat’s stories are unique in that they go beyond taking photographs and videos. Users can personalize them with a variety of Snapchat stickers, some of which they can create themselves. This is a unique opportunity for marketers to reach a larger audience in a more tailored way.

    It may be as simple as it appears. This article will show you how to utilize cute Snapchat stickers in your marketing campaign, how to add stickers to your snaps, and how to identify the many sorts of Snapchat stickers.

    What Is a Snapchat Sticker and How Do I Get One?

    Cute Snapchat stickers are images that can be added to photos (“snaps”) or videos shared using the Snapchat app. These can be visuals that Snapchat has generated or graphics that users have created. SnapChat emoticons, GIFs, and Bitmojis are just a few of the Snapchat stickers available. You can edit and make them according to your campaign, theme, or idea you are working on. 

    For example, freaky Snapchat stickers can be perfect for your Halloween-themed brand campaign. Funny Snapchat stickers are perfect for catching your audience’s attention. Are you getting the idea?

    What Are the Benefits of Using Snapchat Stickers?

    People have been using stickers to communicate with one another even before social media. Stickers are used to convey one’s personality, creativity, and ideas. Funny Snapchat stickers are a fun and cost-effective way for big and small businesses to gain new consumers and spark conversations about their brands.

    The same effect may be achieved with social media stickers. For example, Instagram’s Support Small Business sticker has aided in the development of emotional bonds between users. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger users send about 400 million stickers per day. Kim Kardashian even launched her own Kimoji, which made $1 million in the first minute of its release.

    Snapchat features all of the sticker types you can think of, from 2D photos and GIFs to Bitmojis. As a result, Snapchat is the ideal platform for launching your sticker campaign. Snapchat stickers enhance your snaps and allow you to promote yourself by allowing you to create your own stickers within the app.

    Furthermore, Snapchat is used by 48 percent of 15 to 25-year-old web users in the United States. This means that adopting and developing Snapchat stickers and Snapchat memes can make your brand more accessible to a younger market, which has been attracting an increasing number of businesses due to their enormous buying power.

    So, where do you begin? First, acquaint yourself with the many Snapchat stickers and Snapchat memes available.

    Snapchat Stickers: What Are They and How Do They Work?

    The sticker drawer on Snapchat organizes stickers by type. As mentioned above, you can go for funny stickers for Snapchat or freak stickers for Snapchat. By swiping on the icons, you can change the sticker category.

    The following are examples of Snapchat stickers:

    • Recent searches or stickers that you have not used in a while

    • Suggestions for stickers

    Snapchat suggests these stickers based on when and where you shot your image. There are additional stickers that display current information such as the time, temperature, or location. For example, 2D and 3D stickers, GIFs or animated images, and Bitmojis are all suggested stickers.

    • Stickers with Bitmojis

    A Bitmoji is a digital avatar or virtual image of oneself that you may customize to your heart’s content. Bitmojis allow you to dress yourself in clothing that best reflects your personality. Static, 3D and animated stickers are all options.

    To make a Bitmoji sticker, follow these steps:

    1. Select from the sticker drawer, then press “Create My Avatar.”

    2. Use the menu at the bottom of the screen to customize your avatar. You have complete control over your avatar’s appearance, hair, face, and even body type.

    3. When you are satisfied with your avatar, press “Save.” Then tap once more to see your avatar in various poses.

    • Cameo

    A cameo is your selfie on an animated GIF, similar to a photo stand-in. Cameos can even be made with the help of others. The idea is to develop a one-of-a-kind sticker that makes other users giggle or turns you into a Snapchat meme.

    It is simple to make a cameo:

    • Scroll to the bottom of the sticker drawer too. This will bring up a selfie mirror for you to use.
    • When snapping your selfie, follow the app’s directions. You can take a selfie with another user by selecting.
    • Click “Save” whenever you are satisfied with your selfie. All of your cameos will be listed under. You can share it with the people in your circle and friends and select which of them will be able to see your cameos.
    • Stickers with your own design

    Snapchat lets you make personalized stickers by cutting an object from a snap. The cut-out object is instantly saved as a sticker, which you can use again.

    To make your own funny stickers for Snapchat or freak stickers for Snapchat, follow these steps:

    1. Tap at the bottom of your screen to take a picture.

    2. On the right side of your screen, select.

    3. Outline the object you wish to turn into a sticker with your finger. This will remove the distracting background.

    4. When you pull your finger off the page, the image you just cut out will appear as a sticker and be saved under.

    5. Use emojis or standard icons on your smartphone and other social media platforms.

    Now that you have learned about the many sorts of Snapchat stickers, here is how to use them in your snap.

    How to Include Stickers in Your Snapshot

    • Take a photograph

    To do so, simply launch the app and tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen. Instead, press the top right corner of your screen to take a selfie.

    • Pick a sticker

    Tap on right side of your screen after you have snapped your photo. This will open Snapchat’s suggested stickers right away.

    Finding the ideal sticker may take some time, depending on the message you want to express through that image. Use your search bar located at the top of the page to find any term or caption that would fit nicely with your photo. For example, to find freaky stickers for Snapchat, look for the word “freaky or freak.” This will instantly produce a list of freaky stickers from Snapchat.

    Cannot decide on a single sticker? Two or more should be enough! Other features that can be added to your Snapchat sticker include:

    1. Resize. Pinch it to the size you want with your thumb and finger.

    2. Move. Drag your sticker to the desired spot in the photo by pressing and dragging it.

    3. Delete. Drag and drop your sticker to the bottom of the toolbar, where it will display.

    Here’s our photo with the sticker we chose:

    • Submit Your Photograph

    If you are satisfied with your photo, simply press the bottom of the screen to send it to My Story. Then, for the next 24 hours, your picture will be posted to your and your friends’ feeds.

    To send a snap to someone on your contact list, hit the “Send To” button in the bottom right corner of your Snapchat screen and choose a recipient. However, always keep tabs on your privacy to save yourself from creepy Snapchat users.

    Just half of the battle is won when you know how to apply stickers to your snap. You will also need to determine and figure out how to employ Snapchat stickers to boost your marketing efforts.

    How to Make the Most of Snapchat Stickers for Your Business

    Make your own Freaky Snapchat sticker packs.

    A digital sticker is the most effective way to send a message. To raise awareness about social concerns, brands create social stickers that can be used across platforms. Snapchat has created stickers to commemorate a variety of causes, including International Week of the Deaf and Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month.

    Use Bitmoji to Make Your Experiences More Engaging

    Bitmoji is used by 70% of Snapchat users, making it an attractive marketing investment. Businesses may get momentum with users by using Bitmoji fashion to let people feel the brand in the digital environment. Ralph Lauren and Levi’s are two of the most well-known fashion brands that have made their clothing available on the app.

    Currently, only significant businesses are able to provide this experience to Snapchat users. However, this raises the possibility that consumers will be able to try on things from manufacturers of all sizes using Bitmoji in the future. In the meanwhile, you may use your Bitmoji to personalize your Snapchat conversations and offer a lighter side to your brand.

    With Cameo, you can create an out-of-this-world opportunity

    Snapchat Cameo is a terrific alternative to Bitmoji for expressing what your brand is all about. WWE, for example, took advantage of this Snapchat function to allow fans to “become” WWE Superstar Sasha Banks for a day.

    Cameo was also used in “The Me and You Show,” a 10-episode sketch comedy from Saturday Night Live’s Zack Bornstein. Users might take on any role in the show while accompanied by a companion.

    Stickers with your own design

    Using your own personalized sticker to market your goods may be the most straightforward approach. Simply photographing your goods and adding them as a sticker in your snaps increases recall and strengthens your brand. For example, you can use them when marketing a product or thanking customers for a review. For example, adding a Snapcode to your profile can help users access your profile more quickly and see your personalized freaky Snapchat stickers and freaky Snapchats more clearly.

    How to remove stickers from your Snapchat account?

    Stickers on Snapchat are not based on scientific principles. With a number of options to choose from, it is customary to rely on trial and error. As a result, you will want to erase stickers before publishing them to your Snapchat story on a regular basis.

    If you add a sticker, then change your mind and want to remove it. Then, simply drag the sticker to the right side of your screen and release the mouse.

    While the trash can is not always visible on the toolbar, as soon as you slide your sticker over it, the trash can will be visible on the taskbar.

    To remove your sticker from your computer, simply place it over the trash can, and it will magically go.

    Stickers are a terrific way to inject personality into your photographs and create one-of-a-kind images. Even more so, now that you have the power to make your own stickers, there is plenty of room for photo manipulation that will impress your Snapchat clients as well as buddies.

    It is widespread knowledge that millennials are a fast-paced generation, which explains why they are frequently bored. Keeping today’s kids engaged and away from monotony requires new inventions and unique concepts.

    The good news is that the social media sphere is brimming with possibilities and potential for disruption.

    All you are required to do is come up with unique and real ideas that address market gaps, and your app will quickly gain traction, benefiting you in innumerable ways.

    That concludes our discussion on Snapchat Stickers.

    We are confident that Snapchat will be around for a long time and that it has the ability to enter other countries more extensively than it has so far. However, if Snapchat continues to improve, it will be difficult for its competitors to match its market reputation.


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