Some of the Best Examples of Mobile App Test Automation Tools


Modern and diversified technologies will be crucial to the mobile testing approach. It is possible to deploy testing procedures in a variety of ways, and there are several cheap mobile app test automation solutions to choose from. If you have a limited amount of time and money to evaluate the applications, then some of the tools may be useful.

Mobile app testing methodologies may be handled and implemented using some of the world’s best testing technologies. As a result, if you’re an expert in mobile app testing, you may use any testing tool to come up with creative new ideas.

Test Complete

Using this app, you may conduct a variety of repeatable UI tests on the mobile platform. You may use it to try out hybrid mobile applications since it is backwards-compatible. As a result, the applications may be used for both iOS and Android app development. As an alternative, you may use it on actual mobile devices or emulators as an automated testing tool.

Test Complete has scripts for automated testing. It’s also possible to use other scripting languages, such as Python or Javascript.

Test IO

You may use Test IO to test out your mobile applications in real time. As a result, the business’s mobile app runs well across a wide range of operating systems. It is impossible for expert testers to keep up with these tools, which are constantly ahead of the curve. However, the adaptable testing measures of the Test IO will comprehend the different wants and fundamental requirements of the customers in order to provide findings quicker.

When requested, you may quickly and easily reduce the QA bottleneck by using this testing tool. The app’s primary goal is to meet or exceed your expectations.


Espresso, a mobile app testing tool developed by Google, is included with the Android Studio. It’s designed to be a one-stop shop for everyone who wants to test their Android applications. Because this tool can only develop Android UI tests to support function improvements, the work is still constrained.

Espresso will also make use of Kotlin and Java for its test creations, as well as a basic API that can be customised with relative ease. Espresso Real devices and emulators are used to run the UI testing. The primary objective is to have a better understanding of the project’s development! In addition, you’ll come across an embedded test recorder. Recording the tests instead of writing lengthy codes is what it does.


Appium is a popular and effective mobile automated testing solution that is utilised by the majority of professionals. It is a useful tool for testing mobile and web apps. It’s a good fit for a number of hybrid applications.

This tool does not need any changes to the app codes while being used for mobile testing. It’s because the utility may be used on both iOS and Android devices. To further enhance the usability of applications, Appium is designed to do automated functional testing.


Xamarin. is the name of this application.

UITest is a framework that can be used to test UI acceptability in mobile applications for Android and iOS. Apps on iOS, Android, and the native platform may all benefit from this powerful testing tool. Cross-platform testing procedures will be supported by it. C# is utilised to write the test scripts in this case. This mobile automated testing tool’s most promising feature is its ability to connect nicely with the majority of Visual Studio products.


A testing tool, Robotium is also designed to run automated tests on Android applications. It is mostly used for testing Android applications in a black-box mode. For the creation of certain of the test scripts, this tool will make use of JavaScript’s capabilities. Among the other requirements for smooth operating are the Android SDK, Android development kit, JDK, Eclipse for the test project, and so on and so forth..


It is solely for iOS testing that this tool should be used. The Xcode IDE may be used to design and perform UI tests for iOS applications. Using this easy-to-use programme, iOS app developers may get the results they need to fix any inconsistencies. The framework, on the other hand, will enable testers to document processes rather than write code. The execution is lightning-fast, and it was designed with Apple devices in mind.

So, don’t spend any more time and sign up for one of these automated testing programmes right now.


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